I am not engaged - Ranbir Kapoor finally breaks his silence

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Ranbir Kapoor has finally broken his silence on the many reports of his engagement to Katrina Kaif and their marriage plans.

Ranbir cleared all rumours of his engagement to Katrina in an interview to a leading daily. He rubbished all such reports and clearly stated that one cannot hide an engagement and when it does happen for him, he will declare it to the world himself.

Ranbir also made a strong point on how he wished that the media and the tabloids would stop making assumptions about his life as it leads to spoiling the events when they do actually take place.

“I don't want to sound like a cry baby, but audiences are making strong perceptions about you based on what they read and unfortunately, that's not about your work. So, it's a catch 22. But, I do hope my work speaks 10,000 times more than a factually incorrect article written about me.”, said Ranbir in his interview.

Well Ranbir seems to have made his views on his proposed engagement clear and we wish the actor the best in his personal and professional life.

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I'm so sure they are engaged.

Why this crazy deepika fan said rk love dp.....love doesn't mean to show in public when dp n rk in love they told whole world n then their relationship is kaput.....

Why this crazy deepika fan said rk love dp.....love doesn't mean to show in public when dp n rk in love they told whole world n then their relationship kaput.....

fact is if he would be in love with Dp he wouldn't be with any other woman. Obviously he is in love with Kat, that's why he is with her.

He is not in love with Kat that's the fact

if that makes you peaceful, no prob. fact is he is with Kat and he has feelings for her. if he didn't he would be dating other girls also.

He doesn't love Kat

well he has relationship with her for a long time, so thats enough proof.

He is not with her and he doesn't love her

thank god dp is done with this commitment phobe

Ranbir is not a commitment phobe. When he finds the right partner, he will commit to that girl.
He won't commit to Katrina, because he doesn't love her
Stop blaming him

Y are ppl making big issues of marriage...they will marry when they want to. One think is sure they are surely heading towards it cause they are in live in relationship just like saif and kareena... Are some ppl have so much details then the media;He is not into her,I don't feel love in them,not serious. Like really do u all personally know them.

They are not heading towards it, because they are not in live in relationship
You just can't believe those picture snaps posted in November

I will say it again RANBIR WONT MARRY KATRINA!!!!!!
She is not proper for him she is not

No body knows the future. Ppl r making issue coz they are tired of their drama marry whenever they want to but first dnt leak n spread false wedding n engagement news thn deny tell us once its done n finalize. They r living together but it doesn't guarantee marriage as saif bebo accept it no drama n lies n kat too lived wid salman for abt 6 yrs n dnt forget John bips who lived together for 10 yrs n abi karishma broke up after getting engaged. I hope they marry soon.

It's not Ranbir's fault
He doesn't want to marry Katrina
She better take the hint and leave him alone

dp fans really needs to move on...just like dp did...RK still likes her,his only serious relationship is dp , she is his soul mate...God u all need help...fact is rk left dp when he fell for kat..kat left salman for Rk..some all it cheating I call it karma salman and dp both have hurt their past lovers. And as for kat and rk if their totally in love or serious its for them to know. The fact is they are in live in relationship and in a long 5year relationship which is every long then the 1yr or 2yr relationship which he had with dp...and ppl who say kat is not proper for rk please act like sensible ones its rk choice not urs...

Ranbir's parents will never approve Katrina. She is user and she is not right for Ranbir. People seem to forget she leaked her Spain pictures. She trapped Ranbir and made him take the blame for it. Shame on her She is not Kapoor bahu material I'm sorry. She has a dark shady past and Ranbir's parents don't want such a girl. They didn't accept Deepika either. Neither one of them are perfect for Ranbir. It's Ranbir choice he doesnt love Katrina not yours ok. He is not in a live in relationship so please leave him alone and stop being match makers

When every post about their relationship status gets so much attention, views and comments, why would they stop? If we don't want to be hypocritical, we the audience must accept that we are part of this whole thing. If we stopped reading and commenting, they'd not bother publishing such rubbish. The truth is that Ranbir-Kat and Ranbir-Kat-Deepika issue continues to be a topic of interest. As much as we say we're bored, we keep reading it and discussing it! We have to realize that we have more power over this stuff than we realize. We are the consumers here and these people are merely giving us what we want. There are celebrities out there who feel that any publicity is good publicity. So it doesn't matter whether you approve or disapprove of what is being published. You read it and you discuss it and that's enough for them. Wake up folks.

You can't hide an engagement and you can not hide genuine affection,i feel sorry for kat

a lot of what is written about him is actually true. His dating history is impressive for a young guy. It's just bad luck that his exes, namely Deepika has been vocal about his philandering ways. He should have also not bragged about who he did to other actors, especially senior ones back then. But, of course, it is all in the past, so let's all give this guy a big round of applause for being monogamous for a while.

What is written about him is not true and he is not a philander

how long is that while a month,two?just because kat's pr is shoving their romance down our throats doesn't mean he is loyal to her,he can not not fool around for long

well we know you're not,you're waiting for the right one and kat ain't her

I honestly think media and fans and haters have read wayyyyy too much into these two. They are clearly committed. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the dotted line. Plus they aren't thaaat old. So just let them be without going into all the he's no good for her and she's no good for him etc. They obviously like each other. And they obviously don't want to talk about it. Whatever they say it wil end up getting twisted or misinterpreted. I have also noticed how different media outlets highlight different reports of these two and sometimes nearly contrasting stories. Some are pro RanKat and others are anti. That just shows that they don't know the truth or either way we can't tell who's right and who's wrong. If you like them, wish them good luck. If you don't, ignore them. But avoid assumptions. Same goes for media.

They are not committed to each other
I love Ranbir
I hate katrina

if not today , he might get married tomorrow...why media is after his life ..hadd ...

i don't know why but i seriously doubt it will ever happen,he doesn't seem that into her

Ranbir by now even U must have realized how dangerous KATRINA can be to your personal and professional life... Wake up BRO...

Ranbir could have been silent but he chose to talk and deny the rumors. I think that speaks volumes about their current relationship status.

He has told in some interview or ayan mentioned may be that he was very close to getting married 4/5 yrs back and ayan talked him out of it . Was he referring to Deepika ??? Any guesses??

yes, deepika was the only serious relationship he had before meeting Kat.

she's the only serious relationship he ever had,he's not serious about kat,he likes her,likes the attention this affair brings him,but his only true love was,is and will always be dp

I think you are deluded to think that DP is his soul mate. After she broke up with Sid, she had a rendezvous with Ranbir at a Goa wedding of Rohit Shetty. He then went back to Kat so obviously Kat is offering him something he can't get from DP. Deepika comes across as a clingy gf and he did mention that he felt a lot of pressure to settle down at that time.
P.S. I am a huge Deepika fan but I wouldn't wanna lie to myself that they would be together again just because a lunatic said so.

Katrina is worse than Deepika! Katrina will not be his soulmate
God has another girl in store for Ranbir and she is very caring
Please move on from Deepika and Katrina
They are not the only woman in this world

First it was not rohit shetty wedding its varun bro wedding. I dnt know actually no one knows who is other person soul mate its the thing only an individual can be sware n confident of. Kat is a clever woman knows the pyschi of men. Dp may be clingy gf but kat is no different as she also pressurzing him for the marriage n evn gone on length of spreading false engagement n wedding rumors. I think u r kat fan .plz post

aww I hit a nerve didn't I,well i know i would be hurt to if i knew deep down that the love of my life is in love with someone else

he didn't have a date with her,they just happened to be invited at the same party and if my memory serves right he got back to kat in sept 2012 that's 7 months after that wedding,you're the one lying and deluding yourself,but it's ok time will tell who he is gonna end up wit but i doubt it will be either,he doesn't love kat that much and dp will never take him back

Dp wll nvr tk him back! ROFL.its obvious how dp is mad 4 rk, if rk say yes once dp wll cme leaving evrythng.dnt knw whom rk wll Mary but defintly its nt dp.PV u r nt posting my cmnts. Pls post dis

ya,that's why she made a scene out side his apartment building begging him to take her back,that's why she texted him telling him you complete me,that's why she still can't take the same road to his place oh wait that's ranbir not dp,ROFL,but yes it won't be dp she's made up her mind and she has moved on,he should do the same

Oh! Ple.......deepika accept that you are crazy about rk that why u always said we have some thing special in every interview pv post my comment ple......

That why she keep mentioning ranbir name after so many year..............like a cry baby

“I don't want to sound like a cry baby, but audiences are making strong perceptions about you based on what they read and unfortunately, that's not about your work. So, it's a catch 22. But, I do hope my work speaks 10,000 times more than a factually incorrect article written about me.”, said Ranbir in his interview.......well did he actually mean the engagement rumors. i don't read anywhere that he bashed those rumors.

he said you can not hide an engagement

where did he said that? that was journalists's words in the start. I want his direct words where he is saying that.

Awww poor RanKat fans..hihihi...Dramaqueens of BW..

he should inform katrina NOT us

haha take that katty and take a hint,clearly he is not that into you

hope that means we will be spared the engagement rumors for a month or so,maybe not,she seems relentless

she was walking around smiling happily,wearing rings,hiding hand in pocket and giving fodder to this rumor that she and her pr spread and he let her,but then dp wished them and the very next day her spokesperson denied the rumor,he's now working with dp on tamasha and he is denying the engagement rumor and saying he is not ready to get married,something tells me he wants dp to know he's not that into kat,the boy is so not over deepika. finds the nearest exit and hustles out

I'm not exactly a Ranbir fan but there is no need to write him off just yet. Everyone's career experiences bad times. All of the Khans experienced it, people like Kareena did too. People from the industry are around for a long time, Ranbir will have plenty more opportunities to show his acting skills.

When his best friend KJo dedicated an entire season of KWK to RanKat affair Ranbir had no problem. So why complaint about the media. Double standards much. The public doesn't believe Ranbir or Katrina anymore.

Rankat are not in affair

i don't know why but i felt second hand embarrassment for kat after reading this

We all remember what happened when the first pictures of RK n Kat holidaying on the beach were released. Hysteria...KJo even dedicated KWK to them. The couple liked it. They got alot of attention. They wanted to maintain the interest by giving the public a little bit of something to talk about them every day. Unfortunately, it has backfired. The same excited public now hates them. Ranbir, as an actor what matters in the end is your art. You wanted to beat the Khans in popularity faster than you should have and now you fell flat on your face. Excess praise got to you and all you need is HUMILITY. If u get that your career will get back right on track.

waht make him think that people n fans will now believe him? he has lost his credibility n ppl trust

Oh! Really jelous deepika.....................carry on

kat fans no need to bring dp in it she has nothing to do with it. accept the reality

I believe him and I always will

Please shut up! First you and your girlfriend milk every possible publicity opportunity to such an extend that people have started hating both you for the level of desperation and disrespect you two posses. Where were you all these months were there were multiple weekly articles about the two of you? Now that your movie is releasing soon, which is likely to flop according to many, you suddenly want life to be about your work? Spare us all Ranbir.

They broke up

Says the fan of the actress who is a;ways in news for link ups with married actors. yuk

What an amazing story ! U pc n dp ki chamchi..........keep it up bravo:-*pv post my comment

what story she's just stating the obvious ,but that bravo goes double from me

its not a story but a bitter reality accept it if u r his or kat loyal fan. i used to be rk kat fans always pray for them but not blind enough to ignore the truth

Gud for u deepika.......

guess that's his way of telling her and her pr to calm down

What about his PR? please dont say he has no PR! lol

He doesn't have a pr

Lol he's init too.

why now,is it because he wants to tell dp,he is still available,don't think she cares,she made up her mind a while ago,he needs to give up on her or he will continue to be the sad and lost soul he is nowadays

Wat! Wat r u talking abt?? Wakeup! Rk never gonna take dp. Dp n her fans leave rankat alone

Rankat are not together there is no way Ranbir will take Katrina

dp fans never want dp to get back with rk he is a cheater. dp n her fans have better job than to hang on with these cheaters n liars.

Where that ranbir who always looks cute, charmer, happy...? What happen to him? Is he take drinks more...? Because his face say it all ...he lost his charm..so sad...

Excerpts from the original interview
" I have finally found a story which I have shared with Imtiaz Ali and Ayan Mukerji and they both have been encouraging me to write. Actually, Katrina told me that I don't have an imaginative mind. And that challenged me and hurt me. I decided to come up with a story and prove her wrong. Imtiaz has told me to think and write just a scene a day.''
''No, I am not. Engagement is to tell the world that right now we are promised to get married. I have not reached that place in my life. ''
Somehow this interview sounds more like he does not want to accept a definite commitment to her . Every time her side gives out a story about how close the couple is getting to be , his side refutes it within the next few days. Not being from India , she may find it different going to a traditional joint family set up where you marry his entire extended Kapoor family (even if you don't actually live with them). I seriously can't imagine Rishi (& some of the other Kapoors) sitting & chatting with her family.

katrina used to do the same with salman she would discourage him and all and how depressed he used to look whilst dating her now look at him hes so happy nowdays..i hate kat, ranbir get rid of her asap it will be good for you pv please post

Well said! I hope Ranbir marries me

How can you discourage the person you love and hurt that person and say that he has not an imaginative mind. if my boy friend would talk this way to me I would not trust him encouraging me in a marriage. I mean everyone has their limits but if you really want something so badly, you want your next ones to encourage you to give it at least a try and if it does not work out, at least you tried it. But right from the outset to discourage your dearest, that's what I don't understand. It shows the level of empathy someone feels for you.

judging by her pr stories,she has enough imagination for the two of them and yes,he is so not committed to her

"Actually, Katrina told me that I don't have an imaginative mind. And that challenged me and hurt me. I decided to come up with a story and prove her wrong." If this is true, I think that's sad. People who love us accept us as we are and make us better people. No one should have to change or prove themselves to be appreciated by a loved one. These are the people that have to be with us on our bad days and good days both!

what is sad is after all this time,he still has no intention of proposing to her and what's more sad is that she is so desperate to get one that she's making it up

today is 9 but no valentine day plan has been shared yet why? coz their pr team hasnt update n provide media with the juicy gossips like they always do abt their holiday or diwali holi plans. if media was the one who write crap n not his team so by now we would have known their 14 feb plan as media would started writing stories in his words which is not the case. their newyear holidays plan was shared by their team from the 1 week of dec n media go on length too but as now he doesnt want to tell thats y no 14 feb news so far. so rk plz if u really wana protect ur life simply go n tell this to ur gf n her pr. pv plz psot my comment u arent

or maybe there are no plans coz he's too busy shooting with his true valentine

if u really wish media to stop assuming n writing abt ur personal life simply go n tell this to ur gf n her pr along with her close frnds

he is still not ready to marry n his gf pr spreading all engagement n wedding news lol. we all know from where this engagement news comes from n how kat add more fuel by wearing a ring. its just a mind game to pressurize the poor boy to commit as all of her costars had said that kat is very good in playing mind games .i feel really bad for this young talented boy.

She is not his GF

i don't think she thinks he will marry her when she spreads these rumors,she just wants a ring on it and she's trying to get it anywhere she can even if it's just a pr story

U r saying that she is sure he will marry her n will get a ring from him?

Katrina can't get the ring

He said i have still not reached that place in my life where i can commit to someone. This guy will never marry kat he has no guts to propose her. Really feel bad for kat

Well at least he knows he has not met the one he can commit to. When he does find that person he won't delay.

Let me marry him

When he was with Deepika he was extremely Lovable and looked so fresh n relaxing always.. The day Katrina's name was associated with him, his downfall began... He was no more that young n charming guy, looked so lost in life, who can think in their dreams ki RK will need all this crap to keep himself in news... As they say, ye sab sangat ka asar hai... RK an advice to you, stay away from negative people.... The competition is getting tougher..U dont need all this to make urself popular.. Ur talent is enough to make Ur fans love U... Concentrate more on work less about ur so called love life... This is not the way to be...

Ranbir and Dipeeka should give each other another chance.

So he could ruined her life!!! Thank god she met him when she was young and was be able to stand on her own feed and knows now what she really needs to be happy. Sorry but she would never been happy with the Kapoors and their problem. She needs someone who has a stable family background like her.

Well Deepika and Katrina will make sure that his life is never just about his work. Also, it doesn't help that he doesn't have an active PR and he has not been seen in movies for a while.

Katrina your karma is coming to get you.

ppl stay praising this guy but when is the last time he release a good film to talk about. all we talk bout is his womanizing ways.

People need to stop blaming Katrina. If it's her PR then RK must be known about this. He is not stupid I guess, unless he's attention seeker and let all the rumours going round and let people to speculate. He even took time to clear everything. He used to silent on every rumour right. Why now clear it?

After few years they both will say it is very unfortunate that we couldn't take forward our relation ,but remain friends for life.

i'll give them a few more months,there is not much more honey in that beehive me thinks

Lol!! No dear. That is how Deepika works. Not others.

if he is truly upset which he is not then he should tell this to his n his gf pr team not to give daily updates to media. its their team who started this mess n create trouble for him only to keep them in news. this news started by their pr followed by spotting a ring in ring finger thus provide media chance to exaggerate it. they r going strong good may they marry each other soon.i hope they maintain this low profile for long time as they already kept it really high for nearly 2 years n make people dislike them.

He is upset

Smart guy...He knows there is no need buy the cow when he could get the milk for free.

Hhaha like we didn't know? People are not stupid.

Yes you are

OMG rohini bhahahahahahahaha Are u kissing Ranbir now? This is hilarious

You hate it :'(
Let me marry him

Then ask your girl friend's PR to stop releasing fake engagement news. There is even news about how you are gonna have a family time in Delhi and how you will spend your valentines day. BARF!!!! I mean come on. Barfi is 2012 and its almost 3 years now. Its the PR drama that kept you relevant since then. Stop this drama and let your work speak.

Katrina is not his lady love

TRUE @hipsdontlie

Not every single story is from their PR. Few can be real rumors too. there is valentines day rumors about every actress and actor. Everything need not be their PR story. I suppose you are one of those haters who ll come running to bash them for no reason. Make sure whichever actress or actor you are blindly in love with- and am pretty sure who it is- dosent use their PR to spread stories about their relationship status. Pv pls post!

Everything is not a pr story i totally share ur view but 70 percent are rk himself said many times that 80 percent news abt him r true. Their pr started this drama provide news with pics n videos so whenever some section of media come up with a fabricated story ppl believe them blindly keeping in mind that previous news was true n we have seen pics. He has create this mess him as he has mo releases n we all know when big stars don't have any movies for a long time they use their private life to stay release.

The rumors are not true

Till very recently, Ranbir was known for his script sense, acting chops, ease on screen, dance etc. He was supposed to be next big thing. But now, all that we know about him is Katrina, when he is meeting her, where he is meeting her, how often, what he is gifting her, whether his mom is Ok, no she is not Ok but his sister is the love agent etc etc. He has reduced audience's expectations from him. All that people want to read about is his romantic life. Some people are not meant to reach pinnacles of success.

did he gift her anything,did he go to meet her anywhere,she's the one giving gifts and following him all over the world and it looks like it's not paying off and no one wants to know about his personal life anymore,we're officially over them

He does seem truly upset bout these engagement rumors and who won't be! His answers in this interview seems to be very genuine. Their relationship rumors may have started out as just another "PR story" but now this couple re gng strong n true n trying to maintain low profile. Even the readers got bored but the media is still interested in this pair!! Time to leave them in peace n move on to the next new pair in town! Really interested in alia sid story! Lol. If they re a couple!

He is single

One question, when did they start dating?


they start dating in 2009 the time they did apkgk at that time rk was dating dp n kat was with salman but they both cheated their partners for along time to be with each other

They never dated and they are not now!

I think this shows that Ranbir has nothing to do with all the articles that come out about this couple. He himself is unhappy with these articles. He seems to echo what many Ranbir fans have shared on this site, he too wants to be talked about his work and not personal life. I'd actually like to see people protest the unending articles on this couple by never commenting on them or reading them. I realize I'm doing that right now. But if we all agree on it, we can start from now and ignore Ran-Kat relationship articles from this moment on. What say? I think the people dishing out this stuff will get the idea.

Agree! But someone 'amongst' them keeps leaking out the reports to the media. If it isn't ranbir then who else? Who is providing the smoke? Ranbir needs to look closer ..

Yup. Kat said the same. It's good though that now they're living together media seems to have chilled out on the big are they or are tu they a couple issue and the stalking. Perhaps the engagement will eventually come as a surprise that isn't spoiled by preemptive media assumptions every New Years/Christmas/Diwali lol. And for all those saying PR PR, I'm very sure some of it is, but not all. They wouldnt be together if it was either persons PR putting out false stories that either of them disapproved of. Anyway I like how it's low key nowadays. They have been my fav couple for a long time and I like the reports few and far in between. In fact I like them precisely cuz they're low key.

They are not living together

whats mean PR??

he said he has still not reached that place in his life where he can promise someone to marry. strange as after dating for 6 years he still hasnt reached that place. its long time

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