Ranbir-Katrina on the cover of Masala Magazine

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Real life couple Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are on the cover page of Masala magazine. This special feature is called '2014's Hottest Newsmakers'. Infact this special story shows the highs and lows of their lives.

Clearly, 2014 has been a landmark year for them as the much in love couple moved in together after a lot of speculation.

In 2015, they will be seen together in Jagga Jasoos.

This Day That Year


Superstar n cute couple of bw......:-*

They broke up

Hy guys i am frm nepal.katrina n ranbir has huge fans following in nepal. i really hope they will visit nepal in near future......love u both alot

King n queen.. Love u so much

Katrina will never ever be the Queen!

Katrina will never ever be the Queen!

Hot n royal couple of bwt......they gonna have super cute baby

Royal really i dnt think they evn know meaning of it coz royal ppl doesnt fell to down n sell their love life to be in news n blame others

what were the highs of 2014 for them? i can't recall one

Yay... Love you both.

Worthy of MASALA mag..

Love ranbir&katrina 4ever

They indeed bollywood superstar couple.............both are very successful they will soon replace abhi n ash.....

good one they deserve and the credit goes to over hyper active and overused them pr coz of for this year Ranbir was a silent year, Katrina too failed to create any magic with Bang Bang. While they failed perofishnaly to impress, pr has to give update personal information to gain attention and eyeballs towards these two specialy both of them are facing strong competion pressure from their raivels sides. Pv please post plz.....

More interested in Aishwarya's story!!!

Oh, guess what ? Rankat for the 1000000th time in the news this year !!!!!

these two are such a joke

Bollywood power couple ....more successful n always be happy love u alot amen:-*........

Katrina is breath takingly gorgeous

Lot of speculation haha wrong it should be lot of drama lies n tamasha

Ranbir kat r the most private people in bollywood everyone should learn from them how to protect your personal life

That was sarcasm right?

Yes of course yar

they both deserved only masala mag totally worth

Aishwarya Rai

Best couple ever


Katrina looked like an absolute goddess in this song.

The powerfull couple of bollywood they are brangelina of bollywood

Listen they are only friends, not GF and BF

Ran-Kat low point : Deepika threw a success party last year for being part of four 100-crore hits and critical acclaim and Ran-Kat together came up with only a house-warming/christmas party this year...LOL

Not 400 cr I think it is three 100 cr film. Kat has only 1 film which is 500 cr worldwide

Kindly name that 500 cr movie if it's dhoom3 then sorry as she was there as an item girl and only in songs where as bang bang is nt 500cr worldwide. Dp had 400cr movie in 2013 and 200 cr in 2014

Dp got hit only coz of big famous male actor

Every heroine in bollywood gets a hit bcoz of famous male actors...but no one can get anyone critical acclaim..that you have to earn on yourself

Ok katrina but u seem to have forget this is just similar to ur own case isnt it? Only difference is that dp can act n u cant. Plz post

Yes of course just like kat who got hits only coz of big famous male actors. Its sad but true

Her role may be small but c is 1 of the audience puller n do got hit only coz of the big actor.lol. n pls don't talk about dat disaster hny wid over promotion n which fell drastically after just 3 days! Katrina didn't do item song in dhoom3 , she dance so well without side dancers, most of the audience watch it only 4 her

Role lol kat did an item no yar item number means u r nt in the movie but only doing 1 or 2 songs n no one can deny she danced beautifully but after 1 year of hard work it was expecting as dhoom3 took 1 year to complete n kat didnt sign any movie coz of it as shexwas working on it. Just watch dhoom2 bips has more screen space n role than kat. Ayan her bestie also make fun of her lol. Hny is one of the biggest grosser of this year bb is in 3 check on pv. Every movie dp or kat got hits coz of big male actors its true
Pv plz post

Hny is the disaster every1 knows it. Kat has most hit movies with small or big actors whereas dp wid big actors only, accept or not it is true . and kat dance beautifully in other song also when c was busy wid her works, n m nt tkng abt dp's dance, just 1 word robot dance in films n awards. N dp is just avrg actor

It was 250 cr in india not 500 cr and happy for cameo she is done what prude.

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