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Here is the review for the movie Entertainment. Watch out this space for more updates!

Rating:1/5 Review By:Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi

Entertainment is a painful exercise to sit through and when a cute retriever with all the fuzziness cannot retrieve you from boredom, blame it on the film. Akshay Kumar was almost as bad as his Once Upon Aye Time In Mumbaai Dobaara performance. As for the rest of the Entertainment team, filmmaking isn’t as trivial as they think it is. Slog for it in their next film and probably then there will be some stars for them.

Rating:1.5/5 Review By:Suhani Singh Site:India Today

Entertainment does have some well-meaning attempts to give a better status to dogs than Bollywood has bequeathed them.
Entertainment may assure viewers early on that no animals were harmed during the making of the film. But after 2 hours and 20 minutes one can say with certainty that an animal looked thoroughly bored during it.

Rating:3.5/5 Review By:Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

Akshay returns to the comfort zone [comedies] and expectedly, is charismatic, charming and vibrant. His faultless comic timing coupled with the enthusiasm with which he goes through his part is worthy of immense praise. Tamannaah is endearing and though she’s paired with Akshay for the first time, they compliment each other wonderfully well.
On the whole, ENTERTAINMENT is a joy ride that lives up to its title. Go, laugh out loud and get entertained!

Rating:4/5 Review By:Gayatri Sankar Site:Zee News

Akshay Kumar is back to enthral the audiences with a simple yet “entertaining” film – ‘Entertainment’. And make no mistake; the film is very much unlike the slew of comedy films we have had in the recent past. ‘Entertainment’, for a change, comes across as a clean film with a message that each of us will most definitely appreciate.
Nonetheless, they do succeed in sending out a message strong and loud enough- to treat animals with respect and love. If you like watching clean films and wish to take your family along for a movie, then ‘Entertainment’ best suits your requirement.

Rating:/5 Review By:Deepanjana Pal Site:Firstpost

Fat jokes, dogs attacking crotches, mistaken identity, puns — all you get in Entertainment are overused tropes and terrible clichés.
It says a lot about how starved for real entertainment this country is when Entertainment, with its stale jokes and stupidity, gets a laugh.

Rating:1/5 Review By:Rohit Khilnani Site:India Today

Akshay Kumar is impressive as always. He is in good shape and he plays his part with sincerity. Tamannaah does her fair bit in the scenes that she has. The funniest is the comedy king Johnny Lever who never ever fails to make you laugh. Rest of the cast is wasted in inconsequential roles.
Don't go by the title, it's sure called Entertainment but only if that was enough!

Rating:3/5 Review By:Subhash K. Jha Site:IANS

In the hilarious opening, where in a product-endorsement spoof with Riteish Deshmukh, Akshay establishes his character as a rogue and a charlatan, the film hops skips and jumps through hilarious hoopla, sometime generating a reluctant laughter in the audience, at other times leaving you a little numbed by the fatuous flavour of the farce.

Holding the film from falling apart is Akshay Kumar. Sporting and sometimes sparkling with his comic timing, he helps the audience to over over the serious silliness of some of the material in the second-half where, in a style of cat-and-mouse game of "Home Alone" and "Dunston Checks In", Akshay gets even with two bumbling comic villains played with anarchic gusto by Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood.

Rating:0.5/5 Review By:Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN

Anyone who's ever got a bad review tends to believe that movie critics don't want to enjoy a film. That they go into a movie thinking of new and different ways to shred it to bits. That's not true I can assure you, and I've been doing this job for over 15 years. Watching bad films is exhausting, and writing about them even more so. Movie critics - just like everyone else - want to have a good time at the movies.

Rating:1/5 Review By:Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

The debutant directors have written such films as ‘Golmaal Returns’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Housefull 2’, so the dialogue, laced with Bollywood jokes and a running Ekta Kapoor gag, comes as no surprise. Neither does the discovery that the film lurches from one scene to another without bothering too much about plot. When all you want is for your actors to mouth a line, a story is pointless extravagance.

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Just another Humshakals . Why are the writers so awful in Bollywood. They need some training on what is funny. They need to hire writers from hollywood for comedies.

I saw the movie yestesday( unlike most people who have given their review without watching). Well I did not like the movie much but I did not dislike it also. For me it is an average movie with some funny lines and some boring scenes. However it is not as bad as most critics are saying. Atleast it is far better than Humshakals and kambakt ishq. Akshay kumar, Sonu sood and krushna's acting is nice. They play their part well. Someone below commented that Tammanah was just for skin show. Well I do not think so. Her screen time was equivalent to that of kareena in 3 idoits and 10 times more than katrina in Dhoom 3. She even gets to act in number of scenes as well as features in all four songs. For me it is her best bollywood movie till date( after disaster of Himmatwala & Humshakals). I have to mention that the movie has some unrealistic scenes (like Johnny Levver drinking a bowl of poison & still being alive or Akshay kumar getting electric shock and still remaining unaffected). However it is a bollywood movie, that also comic, so we are use to ignore such things. The duration of the movie could have been shortened by editing few scenes. My final verdict: If you are getting bored at home & do not have any happening place to go or interesting thing to do, then you can go and watch the movie,'Entertainment'. It is not very enjoyable but still not boring. Basically a pass time movie. A One time watch but still watchable. Please post.

I actually liked the movie... Or maybe it's cause the dog was adorable! Plus I've always wanted a golden retriever! :(

i feel it was much better than kick tho, maybe just my personal opinion and as someone stated below akshay kumar actually would be perfect for a dhoom movie

Taran Adarsh gives at least 3 stars for every movie. I think he doesn't even watch the movies and already decides how many stars to give.

what I dont understand is that Salman's and Shah rukh's worst movies are also appreciated by people.. Raone, bodyguard, kick, chennai express, i mean all these movies were absolute piece of crap but all went on to mint lots of money.. A salman movie's trailer is released and people are like bhai chha gaye and bhai to bhai hai and kya promo hai and blah blah.. when its akshay, the first thing people say is bakwas movie hogi, is bande me akkal nahi hai etc etc.. i would anyday prefer to watch Holiday over Kick. I distinctly remember how badly the trailer of holiday was bashed on various websites.. jo log salman ke train ke aagey cycle vale stunt pe taaliyan baja rahe they vahi log akshay ki holiday movie ke liye bol rahe they aisa kahin hota hai kya ki akela banda sab karey.. ya ryt.. salman bhai to jaise roz train k aagye se nikalte hain na :/ i m 100% sure most of the people who are commenting here hvnt even watched the film and criticizing it blindly.. Akshay kumar has made some nice films too.. I agree there have been some disasters too but be as forgiving with him as you have been with the khans

The movie name should have been 'Its Boring' rather than 'Its Entertainment'... you don't get any single moment when you feel like laugh open heartdly... Akshay looks really tired here... does his part well... tammanah is like just for skin show... you can only enjoy Krushna and Jhony lever comedy in it...

Better than KICK! atleast :)

As someone mentioned below, its upsetting to see actors like Ajay and Akshay doing such shitty movies these days. If you guys look at his past movies (loved him in Dhadkan, then he is good at action & drama as much as comedy. He is also very good looking and deserves so much better. I wish to see him in Dhoom 4 :3 I mean he will just be perfect for the role.

Fiza thanks for your posts, you are always objective and polite, you do not have a negative)


but I just watched the movie tody and thought it was funny............

Am I going crazy, but I'm struggling to understand the criticism for the movie. Have normal ticket buying people seen the movie before they are passing judgements? If your a dog lover you will love this movie. The dog stole the show for me, he was adorable. After a long time a bollywood movie made me cry and those were scenes revolving the dog. I am becoming such a softie at my age lol.

Poor Rajeev Masand suffered a lot watching this movie. LOL

he probably took some aspirin right after lol

hahahaah poor thing

last nail in Tamanna's "bollywood career" coffin.

Tamannah's choice of movies - Himmatwala, Humshakals, Its Entertainment.
She's got VISION! :D

At least she's trying and not using her family connexion to get into movies *cough*armaan jain*cough* . gotta suffer a little before getting good roles, ask kangana.

The same old story with Akshay movies: he releases a good film and then destroys everything by releasing another idiotic film.

I feel sorry for Akshay's choice of movies he picks for himself & also shame that great director's & producers constantly overlook him for BiG projects. He's such a fantastic actor, with a wide range in acting, good dancer & his comic timing is perfect & natural, he's also very good looking. What a waste.

why is bollywood so unoriginal these days

Movies these days r becomin an buissness.procedure- Get out of home,make movie, create an attracive trailor,put on internet,create hype,make friends to praise it, release movie,ppl goes into theaters with expectations by spendin hard earned moneys until they get to know the actual product , the ppl who made it already got what they wanted 'crores of money' ,after release,get disappear from internet, go back in the house, throw parties , move on to next project,buissness continue .....

Why is it OK with everyone when Salman or SRK does this type of film?
God Forbid if anyone else does it then everyone is hating on them.

btw this movie is purchased by zee network, thats d reason of 4 stars frm zee news, we crously need sme unbiased reviews and real collections, otherwise anyone wil say anything fake crap and we had nthin left except believing their lies.

They should remove all actors from that poster and keep only the dog because he is the main hero. Such a worthless movie. I wasted my time and money

It is ok Akki like Sallu has his fan following. As long as film has good looking babe, rap songs and some dishum dishum its a hit.

Anupama Chopra gave 1 star.

hate Akshay movies! wish he would quit these brainless moronic movies! and yet the idiot masses will love it.

will watch this film as the public response is good

some critics need help something which entertains u cant be given 1.5 or 2 stars while other have given over 3 stars also

the movie is awesome gonna watch it again

So, it will be bashed by the critics but loved by the masses who wants to forget the daily hassles. What else is new?

Pls don't ask me for review , i hav'nt seen it yet :p

It's so obvious that TOI , Taran Adarsh and RM are very biased in their reviews

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