Sussanne, Seema, Maheep launch luxury boutique 'Bandra 190'

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Sussanne Roshan, Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor launched their luxury concept retail boutique 'Bandra 190' in Mumbai today. With Seema being the wife of Sohail Khan and Maheep being the wife of Sanjay Kapoor, the audience saw the cream of B-town A listers including SRK, Gauri, Salman, Arbaaz, and so on.

Sussanne's sister Farah Khan was present at the launch though her parents Zarina and Sanjay were missing. Obviously, Sussanne ex-husband Hrithik was not present, though good friends Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia were there. It was interesting to see that Arjun was there despite rumours making the rounds that he played a role in the Hrithik-Sussanne split. Sussanne also spoke about this to the press saying that they should not blame close friends with such accusations.

All in all, the event was a grand bash and everyone was there to support the three girls who were venturing out on this new endeavour.

Brands available in Bandra 190

The Charcoal Project by Sussanne Roshan, Satyani Fine Jewels
 by Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan
, and Kitsch by sisters Charu and Priya Sachdev.

Bandra 190 will also house Alexander McQueen, Alice + Olivia, Chloe, DVF, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared, Herve Leger, Halston Heritage, Jason Wu, Saint Laurent Paris, Rag & Bone, Rachel Roy, Victoria Beckham, Saint Laurent Paris, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin
 and Le Mill Edit.

This Day That Year


Sussanne why did you marry Hrithik?
He us very nice person and human being
He is quite handsome. He is from a very nice family.
We are very compatible. He is rich and makes a good living.
I love him and we are happy.

Sussanne Why you are Divorcing Hrithik?
There is no reason it is a situation.

He *Is* a very nice person.

And these ladies claim to fame is...their husbands. Can't they do something more original?! Either opening a boutique,jewellery store. Yawn.

Is this the 1870s where divorcing women need to hide from shame? lol! From the rumours it seems the marriage has been over ages ago so while the news is new for us it isn't for her. For all we know the marriage could have been over since the kites days so she can't still be mourning it or whatever people expect her to do. The announcement along with the store opening is a clear sign she wants to start a new life and she's obviously happy about that.

Her parents are clearly hoping she's going to get back with her husband. Her parent's marriage survived even after her father had an affair/married zeenat aman (and brutally beat her up, blinding her in one eye) while her mother was pregnant with suzzane. Obviously their tolerance level is crazy high.

What a mature take on the situation!

Sorry but Sussanne look even a bit affected by the spilt. And i fail to understand what could have caused her to take a decision on the basis of 3-4 months. Hrithik had his in June this year and he specially waited for her to come (She was out of the country) and delayed it by a day so that he could meet his wife and kids before he went in for an operation. She was there throughout. We have seen pictures of her at the hospital. Later the very nect month they were celebrating Eid at her parents home when they got clicked hugging each other and genuinely happy. That is why i fail to understand what could have been the reason (So strong) that they decided to spilt so soon.

Your husband is sick.. what should you do?

Split from him and launch a luxury boutique!

Specially when he is loaded with money. Can you imagine if Hrithik had done to Sussanne what she did to him.
sussanne has a personal agenda Arjun Rampal this woman is very head strong. Now it is all about Sussanne only.
every one else move to side please.

These ladies remind me of soapies that I'd watched "Footballers Wives" & "Desperate Housewives". Here it's "Actors' wives", while husbands are out there doing what they do best, wives busy themselves with projects. Suzanne doesn't seem like an unhappy person who separated from a husband of so many years, so like "don't care a damn attitude".

All I see is three women with no real skill, using their families names to promote themselves.

I think both the families tried to intervene...did they seek any marriage counsellors help???? y not...u try ur best to keep ur marriage for the kids..

Saw her interview at this launch...the reporter asked her if she was afraid (of future probably) and she said she that only people with something to hide are afraid and she has nothing to hide, so she's not afraid...
also she said she wants to be known for her own merits and not by a label as someones daughter or someones wife.

She looks very honest and extremely strong, level headed individual. I for one believe that she is not the one who's caused this marriage to break.

PV pls post.

no matter where I reach I still want to make my parents proud by saying I'm their daughter..she doesn't want tat????u call it strong???its not called strong it is head strong..chewing gum.trying to act cool..too much for a mom of 2..u canl handle this split with dignity.I sense attitude here..sorry I don't vouch for her."mujhe itni hindi nahi aathi"these are the words of wannabe teenager not a enterprenuer..

Oh bequiet! Justo because she is mum of 2 she can't be strong...she has to be head strong. How you people sit behind the computer and judge.

U talk as if she's disowned her parents! She says she wants to earn her own name, and not just be knows as Sunjay Khans daughter. nothing wrong with it, in fact its commendable. RD BUrman's dad had once famously said that earliere they used to call Pancham his son, but he was so proud that now people call him Pancham's father. IE his son has not rested on his fathers laurels, instead he made his own name and dad was more proud for that.

I am from B'lore like Suzanne. MUslims here dont speak hindi, its more like the hyderabai urdu, which is very very very different from hindi or pure urdu for that matter. So nothing wrong with her saying she's not fluent in hindi.

FYI she was raised in mumbai

Sussanne doesn't seem even one bit affected whereas Hrithik is looking terrible. He really values relationships ans what Sussanne is not realizing that after a few yrs she ll freedom, business, friends, parties but no stability n a life partner to count on.

How do you know? Are you God?

Why Sussane's family members are nowhere to be seen except Farah? What happen to her parents and bro ?

WHile its nice to see a women working, venturing out. its sad that she shows no grace that she just announced her split. and sorry but in her video you see her arrogance, chewing gum , rolling eyes, laughing? come on?RED
sheis wearing RED? what abt netural colors? professional look? rather than this happy look
sussane comes across as selfish, now that she has her own crores she doenst need hrithik,or her parents welath.
dumped hrithik, when he is SICK? that talks abt her
her girlie gang encouraghed her to get a divorce , can tell her parents dont support her decision!

sussanne will still get 750 chores from Hrithik. he has properties worth on his share for 1500 crore. Only plus His parents have more.
She has made very calculative move she has two boys and 13 years of marriage she will get good Child support and Alimony.
Hrithik just bought her two houses on her name only one in Singapore one in Bandra Bombay. Sussanne had everything she decided it was not enough. Hrithik also paid for all her 3 stores why do you think she announced on Dec 13 for split her stores were taken care off

I hope Hrithik finds some one or even Diya Mira mature companion. Sussanne dresses and act like a teenager.

Red velvet dress like Scarlett o'Hara ! I love Suzanne's spirit. She is not going to be taken down by naysayers like you. Why should she run and hide when she did nothing wrong.

agree with anon comments-- real housewives of mumbai right here! Also, sussane looks like she's lost a lot of weight :/

duniyan ko apna bana ker chod diya un ko tanha

The shop is in line with European sensibility for cold countries. I don't know how much will it suit Indian homes. Nevertheless I love the antique pieces and its a beautiful store by three beautiful ladies.

I have said this before and will say this again that money doesn't buy you style. All these women dress like teenagers.

Suzanne looks beautiful, these pretty frocks do her petite figure justice and are such a refreshing change from the torn jeans and black vests that she prefers wearing...

Ex-husband? When did they divorce???? Sorry Bolly-Freak but that's a news-fail as well as a report-fail, hon.

Really if Hrithik-Susanne split is quite because of Arjun Rampal!!! Really I cant understand why she is putting so many fake stories as she break up with Hrithik long time ago just before the release of Rampal Inkaar! She looks dumbo, its nice to see woman oriented, working towards their own career and something fresh, Hrithik has always support her on that note! This time its not Hrithik affairs as he was working towards his films. But seeing whole dramas here, its Sussanne entire fault..may be this time she cheaT!Your husband almost lost his life and you are stick to splitt!!!!!!!!! How disgusting!

the store looked like gibberish, that is what she copied from multiple Paris trips //

Suzanne is shining! Good for her. People never expected her to be so strong .
First Kalki, now Suzanne... the industry women are taking bold steps now and not just looking the other way anymore. Kalki is lucky, she never got to face such scrutiny.

Sussanne should put on some weight. she was looking beautiful in that simmi garewal show with all pregnancy weight .

Even a Goodwill store looks better than this dump.

Don't worry. No one expects someone who shops at Goodwill to be able to appreciate a luxury store.

FYI, even celebrities like Madonna has shopped in Goodwill ,US president Barack Obama shopped in goodwill during his college days..there's nothing wrong with that, the only thing wrong is the way we perceive things!

ETA: To all the ppl commenting on how she doesn't look sad, happy or indifferent...why would she? this event was not held to show Suzanne, it was for an opening of a new store. Why would Suzzane overshadow it by being a debbie downer and make her friends miserable in the process?? clearly, this lady knows how to keep things separate in her life and not affect each other, something u should all take note of- it's called being a mature adult.

mature adults r also GRACEFUL> she shd have showed up looking more professional, without the laughing
u can act professional without coming across as a HIGH, arrogant-ex wife,insensitive
if hrithik did the same laughing the week of his split became official i would hav said the same

She is graceful. Just because she does not appeal to Asians like you who expect women to sit at home and cry.

Suzanne, seems like she is on drugs or she is high.

or maybe she's sad, stressed, tired...

real housewives of mumbai, and sussanne doesnt look one bit sad that shes splitting from hrithik whereas he looks devastated. I wouldnt be surprised if sussanne cheated on hrithik too.

whys she should look sad she manage to screw Hrithik for $750 Crores. that.s what she will get.
She walked out on her husband when he almost lost his life. every dog has his day. Her day will come.
Right now she is flying on her ego trip that she is something.

Ahh what are they wearing?? Why is the style in India so strange?

That store looks like a garage sale with old used items. -----Funny comment.

That's how it's done gal! Serve the divorce papers and then it's business as usual! I champion this 21st century India where intelligent, dynamic women shrug off the stigma of divorce and open up show! Money to be made for the kids, work that big-spending crowd, let them gossip - and you laugh all the way to the bank Suzanne!

most of her wealth is from her family and hrithik. her 2 cent interior decorating store is a pathetic copy of pier one from the U.S.
and people who are in love dont wear minis and go out partying like she is after a divorce. she isnt showing one bit of humility.

that's right, she should stay home moping and crying all the time. she shouldn't have a life, clearly her marriage is her life. if she can't make that work then she's a failure. it doesn't matter if she's a creative person with her own business and two kids she's raising and loves dearly, her friends and family equally love her and she them. but all that doesn't matter if she and Hritik are separated, cus how dare she not just stay in the marriage no matter how miserable she is, she's married to a god name Hritik. she shouldn't even dare think of herself as Suzzanne, she's just Mrs. Roshan, wife to Hritik and mother of his children oh and a daughter in law to his parents.

hats off. just love your reply. 5 thumbs up. I've recently been through something similar and i know exactly how much Suzanne must have taken before finally realizing that this man is never gonna change and he has shown it by giving that stupid statement putting the whole blame on Suzanne. everyone knows about his affairs with kareena, barbara and many more actresses. n how much humiliation Suzanne had to face coz of this man. I'm so happy she finally took a stand. I'm sure she's putting up a brave front but must be sad inside. sadly some ppl only believe n expect abala naaris. n will always pull down a strong woman

Susanne actually looks really good here, which is refreshing to see since for the past year or so she wasn't looking her best (probably stress from her marital troubles) She seems like she is in better spirits now.

That store looks like a garage sale with old used items.

Suzanne pls gain some weight, u still hv looks but ur bony structure makes u look sickely

Agree with you . If she gain some weight ,she will be a stunner .she has the look

Nice to see friends support her during this crisis. People handle tough situations differently, some are quite dramatic pouring their hearts out, others internalise. None can judge the level of emotions a person feels based only on the outward display of it.

She looks good but i hate her dress. Why is she wearing a velvet skirt?

Life goes and let live. Good luck to these ladies with their new project!

she doesnt seem to be upset

She looks high...

There's no going back it seems. Sussanne is done.

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