Rani Mukherji, Pam Chopra, Karan Johar at Vishesh Bhatt's wedding reception

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Rani Mukherji attended Vishesh Bhatt's wedding reception in Mumbai today. Also seen are Pamela Chopra, Karan Johar, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

Mukesh Bhatt's son Vishesh married girlfriend Kanika Parab in Udaipur this week. They had a grand reception in Mumbai today.

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Reading or viewsing news about celebrabity is nice. And especially for girls this is something very important. But I like to read sports article better

Is she pregnant?

I'd love to see Rani & Akki in a film together.

Rani looking fat, Akshay looking old

Yay #1 post! I think. This new layout still confuses me.

Omg her and Akshay look so good!! They SO need to do a movie together!!!!!! Like the chemistry in that picture is amazing! Can someone please start this trend on Twitter so that Bollywood hears this?

Rani is sooooo beautiful but why does she wear clothes that don't flatter her figure, i wish she wore more fitted outfits but nonetheless her smile is so beautiful that it outshines the outfit

honestly speaking,looking witch.

That outfit is so 90s just atrocious!!

I thought it was Shobha De!

gorgeous rani

this new site doesnt work, it sucks! cant see pics in a group everything is screwed.urggggg

you should also mention akshay and anil kapoor

I am lattu for Akki's smile.................. he is looking deeeeelishhhhhhh!

He has such a sweet smile. It's easy to believe that this is a guy who enjoys life.

Guys change this new theme n switch to old one.....for mobile users like me for every posts it shows only first two pics.

Ok How have Akshay and Rani never done a film together? They look so cute together (as an onscreen jodi).

I love Rani and I think she is so beautiful but she has the worst dress sense in the industry. Pleeeeease get a stylist. And loving the cuteness overload with her and Akshay. Reminds of the pic of them at the Filmfare awards a few years ago

So beautiful but horrid dress sense. Her and Akshay look so freaking good. Wish she'd done Heyy Baby, Bhagam Bhag or Bhool Bhulaiya. Rani said each time Akki said yes to a script, she said no and each time she said yes, he said no. BOTH OF YOU SAY YES!

RANI is not pregnant it is her awful out fit. Actually she is loosing weight and suppose to loose 12 KG before Jan 2014.
She is shooting for a movie Mardani direceted by same guy who made Parineeta produce by Aditya Chopra.
she wants to surprise you with her new body she is camouflaging now by wearing loose clothes.
2 Diamond bracelets in her right hand are given to her by Aditya. Every one at Chopra camp calls her Bhabhi.
She dominates at Yash Raj studio like she is a owner. Aditya and Rani spend lot of time together in UK and USA stay as husband and wife in a hotel. Well if her family is okay with it why you are bothered.

I'm sorry... But here Rani looks terrible. I usually love her in Sabya's sarees but this outfit is just too bright and garish for her! The makeup is pretty lousy too....

But Anil Kapoor on the other hand...He looks damn fit! Looks younger and more energetic than Karan Johar. Now this is what you call sheer dedication to stayin and looking healthy !!

this is sabya? i don't think he will make an outfit this horrible

Rani looks pregnant. She's beautiful and Akshay is handsome. Please do a movie together. Akshay please stop working with co-stars that don't know how to act, they ruin your movies

Akki looks dapper! KJo should make a good movie with Akki, his potential is enormous yet he only get's stuck with crappy comedies..
Rani is my favorite female actor to date. There will never be another endearing, soulful and powerful performer like her... if there is one thing i dont like it's how she is so secretive about this whole Aditya deal. I wish she would just say it out loud and move on with her life. Bless her.

awwww akki looks so good. rani looks super cute. hope they work together one day

Rani, wtf are you wearing? Big NO! But her and Akki look amazing together. Over the years, I've accepted they'll never do a film but I can still hope. Too cute

I so want to see these two on screen. If they look so good in just a photo, imagine what they could do in a full fledged film, with a good role. The roles Rani was offered op him were mostly crap so I don't see that changing. Love how they're smiling at each other. Would love to see them together


These two would make the most awesome couple. They need to make a (sensible) films ASAP. They look seriously good. Rani looks great, Akshay looks good too. Karan, get them on your show together!

gorgeous rani


Rani & AKSHAY! Make a film, damn it! This is like my dream couple. They look good! And Rani isn't pregnant, she's just wearing an awful outfit.

ummm why is rani dressing like that these days..is she pregnant? she looks 10 years older! rani should learn how to look younger than ur age from kajol.

Akshay looks handsome! Rani looks huge now!

greatest actress ever..

Akshay looks dapper !
Rani and Akshay together in a movie please

All look great. Ähm and where is "Pam Chopra"???

Akshay's still got it but Rani just looks weird!

kjo has gained a lot of weight

Rani looks stunning! Have her and Akshay ever worked together? They look good in the pics here!

Akki and Rani look good together. Hard to believe they never worked with each other.

I think Rani's pregnant. And even if she is, I bet she'd deny it saying oh I'm not with Aditya blah blah blah.

My sister said the same thing when she saw the pics. maybe they really are married already. By the way its their life, if they'd rather keep their wedding private( knowing Mr Adi Chopra doesnt like to be seen of course he will not invite press to his marriage). I love u Rani and wishing you the best!

Rani is so good at acting, she does not turn it off in real life. You can't tell if she's being sincere or fake.

She is sincere. She's been friends with Twinkle for years and her and Akshay have always been fond of each other.

Can Rani please just admit that her and Aditya Chopra are in a relationship or married? It's obvious that they're involved from the ring she has been seen wearing and the fact that she goes so many places with his mom, not to mention the Shatrugan Sinha incident earlier this year. Don't get me wrong, I love Rani but this is just getting ridiculous, and to be honest there's no need for the secrecy. He's already divorced, there's nothing to hide.

can someone please tell me how to view the pictures?? i open the link and i only see the description. no pictures :(

Is Rani pregnant? Because she looks it here. Don't get me wrong-- she looks beautiful. Radiant, happy and content.

Akki and KJo look deep in conversation. KWK invite discussion?

And I'm surprised KJo came with this group of people? Not his usual gang.

Yeah kind of a random set of people to be all hanging out together, although I would pay good money to see Akki and Rani costar in something (preferably something not awful).

Don't know whether he and Kjo are discussing KWK or whether to go ahead with Punit Malhotra's Gutka after GTPM underperformed at the box office.

raniiiiiiiiiiii the queen of bollywood Love you

lol still dream it

take a walk weirdo

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