“Happy Ending” has a disappointing start

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Saif Ali Khan, Govinda-starrer “Happy Ending” did not have an expected start. The movie failed to lure cinegoers and earned Rs.13 crore in the opening weekend.

The movie, which released on November 21, collected around Rs.3.75 crore on the first day. It picked up the business on the second day, Saturday, and earned around Rs.4.25 crore. Sunday too was a good day, as the movie raked in Rs.5 crore.

“Happy Ending” received mixed reviews from the critics. Looking at the figures it seems that word-of-mouth also did not help the movie much in the first week.

Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, “Happy Ending” also features Ileana D’Cruz, Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir Shorey. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Preity Zinta made cameo appearances in the movie.

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Ileana never has any sizzling chemistry with any actor on screen,y?

Retire STOP boring us

there is like no absolutely no chemistry between saif and illeana. he looks so old and bored. govinda and kalki are great but they cannot save the movie alone

Just like fakerina,saif exposed

So where is kareena's star power. thought it could have save it. Sorry for saif thought. Box office collection is unpredictable sometime. GTPM too met similar fate.

Saif has been expose now. Even sonam of all people kubsoorat collection is better.

That is a lot less than Mary Kom. He should go back to doing movies like Omkara. At least he could call himself a decent actor and be done with instead of trying to chase stardom.

Indeed! Not only Mary Kom, films like Finding Fanny and Mardaani had better opening week-end collections than Happy Ending. Women-centric films like Mary Kom, Finding Fanny and Mardaani's opening week-end collections were 31 Cr, 20 Cr and 14 Cr respectively. Saif is just an over-rated actor who rides on the power of female actor in his films.

This despite bebos enormous star power? Hahahaha ! She jinxed the film.

Another flop for Saif after Bullet Raja and Humshakals. Made on a budget of 56 Cr (as per wikipedia), the movie has collected ONLY 17 Cr in 5 days. FLOP! Happy Ending has given Saif a Sad Ending of his career. Saif don't like watching bollywood films and for his information neither the audience love watching him in bollywood films. LOL! You better pack your luggages and start doing cameos in Hollywood flicks just like you wife is doing in films these days! #WannabeHollywoodActor

50 crore budget and film didnt even make 20 crores first week, huge flop


I like Saif but his career is in trouble. He needs to do a serious role that requires acting skills. Saif should stick to roles for mature men- not roles for 21 year olds. He needs a quality film like Omkara or Parineeta. If he must play a playboy, he should show himself as an aging playboy dealing with the realities of approaching middle age when your looks begin to fade and there are few potential wives interested in him. PV please post.

The main track is cliched, boring and predictable! Two indian best seller writers holding reading sessions for the amrikans and behaving cooler than the US writers; isnt that made many times over?? Saif... time to pack your bags and leave.

Happing ending will be flop or average.

it's epic disaster

I haven't seen the film but from the trailer you can see that it is the kind of role he should have been playing ten years ago. No matter how much he thinks of himself as a cool, westernised guy, the reality is that when you see him on screen you don't believe that all these young, beautiful women would be falling head over heels in love with him - it's almost as if he's living out a fantasy on screen and it was the same with Cocktail. Also, I think the constant self-praising and praising of each other that him and Kareena indulge in - along with putting down the Indian film industry as if they are too good for it - is perhaps alienating the audience.

Saif 4 flop in a row now kabir n specially katrina should worry as one more flop is coming n phantom doesnt have a male superstar lol

kill dill was soooooo much better.....dis was a bore

The common man cannot relate to his movies about rich, nri playboys .

Hope RIMA KAGTI drops him from her movie.. I don't want him to ruin another movie

what happen Mr angrej.. learned ur lesson or not

disaster:- Monday collection 1.50 crore..even worse than GTPM

So what is the start is disappointing ..end will be happy "Happy Ending"

thats very very little...Saif's popularity is fading..or has faded already!

its just like bachna e haseeno.....but boring...as usual saif is d commitment phobic dude i wonder y he loves dis kind of role soo much

i thought it would do better the kill dil actually, im surprised. saif is losing his star power

audience has spoken…nobody's that interested in saif ali khan anymore…his time's up!!

What's up the these dumb Bollywood movies with English name:
Happy New Year, student of the year, happy ending ... Etc

saif looks old and bored in the movie. kalki and govinda are the saving grace

Star power is missing. He should have hired Preity and Kajol to be his heroines.

The movie was fine, just needed to be marketed a bit better. It wasn't really a love story - story about man childs isn't for everyone. I remember watching the trailer for i me aur main and decided I couldn't watch this movie as it marketed itself as a story about a manchild. I don't know about the rest, but I think relationships are complicated and it's always painful when your with a dude so his insensitive, behaves like a manchild. In this movie Saif was meeting so many women and they all ended up falling in love with him and he did not reciprocate. Falling in love for most people is a big thing and it was trivialised in this movie and I found that weird and uncomfortable, but I still consoled myself it's just a movie.

Govinda and Kalki are the only saving grace of the movie

Oh no, I watched it and I liked the movie. second half was a little slow. sad for Saif.

A person (saif) who takes proud saying that he doesn't watch hindi movies wants his production ventures to be successful. why?? If you aint intrested in watching hindi movies then why you are here. Just go to hollywood n become a angrez..They will show you your worth.

It's same as bacha e haseeno same story but boring

Ouch for the nawab and his begum. Lol

I'm glad i downloaded it. Total waste of time and money.

i watched it...its fun..especially Kalki and Govinda ..paisa vasool..will watch it again for the music..

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