Vishwaroop ( Trailer + stills )

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Story of Vishwaroop : The story takes place in 2012 in the lands of America (USA). Vishwanath, affectionately known as Wiz is a dancer of Kathak and' Nirupuma were married. Wiz runs a dance school in New Jersey while his wife graduated from PhD. After three years of marriage, decides to divorce Nirupuma Wiz. According to her every man has a flaw or weakness while Wiz did not find it particularly strange in view of its behavior. She decides to hire a detective to monitor her future ex-husband to find a real reason for his break .... Unfortunately for her, she enters a living hell for the research of a detective chambouleront life not of her but also those of the American ... The rest is to see the movie !!!!


Kamal should stop trying to compete with younger actors, he should realize his age and should do roles that suit his age and experience(?? not much compared to Sivaji, Kamal is best at copying Hollywood movies He looks really old, at least choose ladies who are in the same age group.

Kamal should not direct movies, he is not a good creater. He is one of the best actor thourhg.

flop..looks like 90's movies


Idiotic! Kamal Haasan looks like an old gay guy..


Looks horrible!!

Looks interesting and you can tell it's not Bollywood. The women look like real women who live in the States, not club hopping bimbettes in a ton of makeup who dress like they are trying to hook men at a bar even in sub zero weather. No, Indian women, even in the US don't look like teen hookers as a matter of course.

what a joke of a trailer!

I am lost...What was that?

The written introduction is not at all clear. What's the meaning of 'chambouleront'? Looks like another terrorist saga ! Kamal Hassan looks horribly old next to both the young women.

Something is off looking

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