Priyanka, Alia, Hrithik attend a wedding in Udaipur

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Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Hrithik Roshan were three stars who dazzled at the wedding of NRIs Gaurav and Hina in Udaipur. The stars also performed at the event leaving everyone mesmerized.

In one of the pics, you see Hrithik performing a table-top dance. Sweet!

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PC looks gorgeous in red lipstick.

Looks like SRK was at the wedding too

I am so amused by people who think it is wrong to perform at weddings, get over it. If I had that kinda money, I would want my favorite bollywood actor to come to my wedding too? Not that I would do that, just because I believe a wedding ceremony should be rather personal, but no shit others don't feel the same way and that is completely cool.

as much as i love PC and HR i really wish movie stars wouldn't ever resort to performing at weddings...

i just love hrithik roshan..
he is my favourite SUPER HERO forever...
Love you Hrithik

PC has so much money and still feels the need to go and dance for money.

whats your problem if celebrities perform for their fans its a great thing i feel

Four sweet natural looking girls and one plastic doll. Great pic ;-)


HAHAHAHA @ your display pic

Aalia looks gorgeous her smile is beautiful.


PC is so freaking gorgeous.

pc has started to look old .. !

Hater gonna hate and your idol is gonna potate,

no fan of anyone but seriousley joke of the year!!!!! she is young and looks exactley the way she's supposed to look. no one will remain 18 forever. think before you write nonsense.

So has ur idol :)

These bollywood stars earn so much money doing movies, product endorsements, photo shoots, award show hostings, making appearances at functions, etc, etc. Do they really need to degrade themselves by performing in people's wedding (albeit the fact that these are millionaires/billionaires we're talking about). Are they that desperate for money? This is one factor that distinguishes a genuine actor from a mere celebrity. These people are the latter.

obviously, some people would do anything for money!

The girl in the pics is on cloud 9 :)

They performed at a wedding. Who cares? What am more interested in, is how rich are these NRI's? :P

Well it's good Priyanka is amassing as much ca$h as she can since she is due for retirement any day now.


I don't know why you are laughing because I can't even remember the last time Kareena gave a hit without the Khans.

Kareena's retirement day will come very soon. Now it has started. Getting thrown out of films, her contemporaries leaving her behind, movies getting flopped back to back, and giving desperate statements everyday like I look more hot now, I dont want kids and blah blah blah. Thankgod she married to a rich guy like saif to spend on her that day.

I thought Kareena already retired. I mean even Katrina is doing better than Kareena.

"We shoud try and eradicate illiteracy from our country."
Educate yourself, an honest advice and stop getting a butt-hurt by every single comment.

Look at yourself first.

A big thanks ;-)

so true, cause she can't act well, its a known fact and unless she stars an affair with someone well known in hollywood, her music hobby is going kaput!

you wish...

Rich NRIs paid their favourite Bollywood stars to perform at their wedding, so what? They were paid to be there, deal with it people it's a big business the world over, even Madonna would perform at a wedding for a fee.

Some people are complaining about them performing at wedding. Whats wrong I it?? If they are cool in performing at weddings whats the prblm with u guys.
P.S. pc and alia look gorgeous.

They are being paid to entertain the guests. Western popstars do it too. Who are we to juge, they can buy an apartment for crores just with a 2 hour appearance :-/ .

Hrithik did not perform at the wedding. He just attended it … get your facts right. He has till date never performed at any wedding or priavte function and that is why i respect him.

I dislike actors performing in wedding for money hrithik needs only now because his wife'll get half of his fortune after divorce.

Hrithik did not perform at the wedding. He just attended it … get your facts right. He has till date never performed at any wedding or priavte function and that is why i respect him.

I see nthng wrong in that..they are entertainers...can entertain anywhere....n y not if u r paid a hefty amount for a dance...anybody would do that...that's easy money...who doesn't like that...

O MY GOD priyanka looks gorgeous!! hrithik i like ya but your hair do someting about it. like alia too. seems so much fun!!!

Here you can clearly see how gorgeous PC is compared to some one like Alia. PC is a WOMAN whereas Alia looks like a Child. She must feel extremely lucky to be a star kid. I hope that this was a friends wedding. I love SRK, PC, Katrina and Hrithik but its tacky when they perform at strangers wedding for money.

so what was your point actually? you wanted to prove that pc is much more beautiful than alia? yes alia looks like a child coz she is a child compared to 32 year old pc !! they are beautiful in their own ways. Why compare their beauty?
ps: i am pc's fan and not alia's

First of all get your facts straight: PC is 31, its Kareena, Rani etc. that are older. Alia is not a fricking child, I think Bebo needs to educate you as well. And what beauty comparing are you talking about? I dont even categorise Alia in the category Beauty. There is a huge difference between Cute, Pretty and Beautiful. E.g. Parineeti is cute, Shraddah is Pretty, Deepika is a beauty.

lol what made you think that i am bebo lover? neither have i spoken any ill about PC nor told that alia is prettier than pc! anyways i dont need to clarify you on this! the thing is why cant people need to compare the actors all the freaking time? you hate alia, i get it! neither do i like her but cant people just look at the wedding pictures without comparing them all the time!

Being a pc fan u should even know her age. She is 31 not 32. ;)

Compare photo of Priyanka when she was 20. Even with her first job already done by that age she looked nowhere close to how Alia looks right now.

priyanka looks hundred times better more gorgeous sexier hotter than alia

Pulease! PC was always a beauty.

This Priyanka was beautiful.

PC has always looked exotic. At 20, Alia still looks 12.

lol!!!!! pc was always hot and gorgeous. alia is weird looking. u must be her pr

"Actors" performing at private functions for money.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement