Priyanka Chopra's first live performance makes international headlines!

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Priyanka Chopra could not contain her excitement as she tweeted, "Omgggg!!! My first live performance on the homepage of Yahoo!"

Priyanka has not only made it big with the international tabloids but has also struck a chord with Hollywood heavy weights.

Milo Ventimiglia, who features in her single could not stop gushing about PeeCee, “I’ve always admired the vibrancy and depth of Bollywood films, so working with Priyanka was an amazing and enriching experience. She had such a clear and unique vision for the video, so it was really cool to see each of those moments come to life in the form of a mini movie. Her passion, talent, and beauty are inspiring, how could I not fall in love with her."

Priyanka, who is the international face of Guess, had recently teamed up with Bryan Adams for a brand photo-shoot and Adams, who seemed to be bowled over by the ‘Desi Girl’, gushed, “Priyanka is down to earth and funny and really made me laugh. We had a great time working together on the GUESS campaign. Collaborating with Priyanka would be interesting .I'd be happy to try and write a song for her. Maybe for a Bollywood film…who knows.”

If that wasn't all ,Priyanka was also invited as a key guest at the Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas ,where she was welcomed and hosted by Britney's parents and other members of her family who were present to attend the show in celebration of the popstar's mother's birthday.

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Dis iz realy amazing dat priyanka is nw globaly respectd..
Nd i hope she gets a big movie der... Coz m sure she'l nail it wid her acting skills!!

Well I am not a very big fan of her music and i haven't seen any of her movies but I admire her for making it big in international music all by herself. I am not an indian either but you guys are so u should be proud of her rather than fighting over one heroin or the other. Grow up guys. They don't even care even of u shed your blood for them. Just be happy that people like them have made your country proud in many ways.

Kareena fan's please tone it down with the jealousy and pray that Bebo gets a movie soon. Not just so called rumors.

Not everyone has a "Sugar Daddy" in the background who buys film offers and deals with advertising agencies. What do you think why Priyanka so greatly cares her affair? He`s crazy about her. This promotes her career immensely.

Therefore Kareena has a cool and loving husband and a happy marriage. Priyanka only has an old wrinkled lover and a cheap affair. In a few years we will see whats`s important.

kudos to her for trying...what has she got to lose? nothing!!

She is everywer...popular ppl dont need 2 give proofs to ppl...d ppl who should knw n love her r doin ua not loving dsnt mk diffrnc..
Luv u PC...jz way 2 go...keep up d hard work n spirit...u r awesome...

Get it girl!!! Rock on!!

I am so proud of her. All the best pc for the full album.

you`ll never see a full album, all her songs failed here!

She cracked the top 40 both in the US and Canada with Exotic on Itunes. Her songs sell enough in India. Her label has made over 15 cores with just three singles. And that is amazing for a new artist and she has almost 50 Million views on her VEVO channel again something that does not happen for most new artists. Also, they probably have not spent too much out of pockets for the music videos because all of the product placement etc and her label has been smart enough to put her on platforms that will not cost them money because it provides something for the companies as well.
Her album is already finished. So don't worry, it will be out soon. Oh, I also forgot to mention that her Vevo channel has more subscribers then many of India's top networks and Exotic was on the top.20 most downloaded videos on Itunes US for around 2 weeks.

I wish my songs failed like hers also.

Yo Girl. Keep rocking. Mwaah! :*

This babe works sooo hard and it always pays off.

Wow pc you go girl, dont be like other wannabes who with mere beauty try to let other down, showcase your inner talent to d world.....


Her marketing team is really good. Her attending a britney concert is nothing special. She makes mediocre music at best. But i hope to see her improve and make headlines for real. Any commercial, any news story she's been in has been paid for by her label and its actually how hollywood works i.e. you pay someone to promote you and your talents. Despite the promotion, she still isn't a household name in the US and it is likely that she won't ever be that.
To all Indians, i get that you want to support Priyanka but, you don't do it by making it seem like she is the greatest singer who ever lived.

oh PC don't be so desperate to be on a music page of yahoo. kevin spacey attended iifa and tweeted about everything else that week except being starstruck at meeting famous bollywood stars. your bread and butter is always going to be bollywood, you can make cheesey autotuned vids with famous singers, but you will never have the vocal chops of an adele, beyonce, rihanna, mariah, lorde etc

She's definitely one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. And is marketable too, coz she is willing to be sexy and push some boundaries, unlike many other bollywood actresses.

Go PC. May all accolades come your way. Not a big fan of her music but a fan of all the hardwork she puts into everything.

So proud of PC! It's heartwarming to see her getting the recognition she deserves :)

SO proud of u pc!! Isn't Milo's comment so I love that PC not only impresses with her talent, but also her personalit, which everyone seems to love. She has got it all..and she works hard for it. Wishing u more and more success in everything u desire PC.

How some Indians wish so desperately for Bollywood stars to get recognition in the West is cringe worthy. Examples- Priyanka Chopra making 'waves' with her music, Aishwarya Rai being considered as the next Bond girl and her so called Hollywood crossover. Everybody in India has access to something called the internet now a days. Who?! Where?! What?! and embarrassment is exactly what such false news in India about such desperate Bollywood stars leave us with.

Don't be silly, every star wants recognition on the global scene, Indian or not. Once you've conquered the local scene, where else do you go from there but beyond borders.

Wanting recognition is one thing, but falsifying facts or making up altogether false rumours for publicity, like all of the above mentioned is quote another

It's sad because none of it is ever true! No one...NO ONE in the west(that's not a desi) knows any of the Bollywood stars

Can't wait for the album and tour. Keep rocking PC!

I find it amazing that people, women in particular, on here seem so quick to deride a girl who, lets face it, has worked hard and has made it to a place (or zone as karan johar would say) that a few can only dream of (anywhere in the world). India should be proud of her. Keeping ALL dislike aside (mostly for rumoured reasons) just acknowledge the fact that this girl is successful. Lets face it, it is easy for girls like Katrina (who lacks talent to be honest, just seems to bat her eyelashes mostly in movies) to make it in the East then for a girl like Priyanka to find success in the west. That too for singing, a field that is saturated.

Why should I support someone whose music I find mediocre at best? Doesn't matter if male female or an alien, if I don't enjoy their filims/music/whatever why should I support them? Oh and really nice talking about supporting other women and inserting a dig at Katrina in the process, that too because she's white and you don't like her acting. Pretty hypocritical. You think Katrina can't act, well I think PC can't sing and her songs are crap.

I'm not a great fan of hers but you have a good point and so i agree with you

Couldn't have said it better myself!! Women need to support other women, especially ones that work really hard and make a name for themselves on their own. People like Priyanka, Aishwarya, SRK (a man, but it was a good example, LOL!) are so inspiring because they laid their own foundation. Putting her personal "whatever" aside, Priyanka constantly amazes me with her acting in so many varied roles - Aitraaz, Fashion, Kaminey, Barfi, etc. I think she's a wonderful representation of an Indian woman on the international stage! :)

The version from "Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me" is better.

She should focus on hard work and avoid negative behaviour from other critics.

good for priyanka! Atleast she became famous through her own hard work unlike Ash who used people to gain fame and attention!

Pc career on decline. I say over. PR is active now, sign of desperation.

Milo and washed up Britney Spears are Hollywood heavy weights? OK lol
Priyankas music career is so sad

Milo is not a Hollywood heavyweight at all,I agree. But you really serious about Britney not being one? Like WTF seriously!!!She has sold over 100 million albums,had 22 Billboard top 10 hits & several #1's(eight approx. but I'm not sure),one of the highest paid & most powerful celebs in the whole world & the best-selling female artist of the century. She may be as you say "washed up" now but she continues making headlines everyday. Like her or hate her,that girl is the biggest popstar(male/female)of the last 16 years save Beyoncé. So yeah not calling the Princess of Pop a Hollywood heavyweight(whether washed up or sane)is a joke! Thanks for the laugh LOL:-D:-D:-D:-D

That was like 5 years ago. And please point me to a headline she's made today?

If this is a "sad career" how I wish god grant me this kind of career where I will have name fame money and all the recognition in the world. But you know what, you are simply jealous and this super SAD. Period.

She has none of those things for her singing, which is what we are discussing here. But nice try.

Thanks to her PR.

I saw her on the homepage and Yahoo and I was like PC is on here again :D

Well done Priyanka. Her new Beats By Dre commercial was also aired in the USA during the big season finales of major Shows. That means Millions got the chance to see it :) So proud of her success.

I feel sorry for the millions who had to listen to it. Last time she was booed.

You should be...she is paying you for that!

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