"Saiyami Kher Is My Sahibaan,” Rakesysh Mehra Confirms

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It’s final. After months of intensive search and rigorous churning Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has finally found his Sahibaan for his love tale Mirza Sahibaan.

She is none other than Saiyami Kher, niece of the very talented actress Tanve Azmi and grand-daughter of yesteryears’ leading leady Usha Kiron. Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra makes it very clear that Saiyami was not chosen for her illustrious acting lineage.

Says Rakeysh, “We’ve selected Saiyami for her ability to project the delicacy, strength, turmoil and resolve of the character. Just like Harshvardhan, it didn’t matter where Saiyami came from. She had to prove herself capable of carrying off the character.”

Rakeysh confesses the decision wasn’t easy. “We searched for our Sahibaan for months. We finally shortlisted three girls, all strong possibilities as being the final choice. We put all three under rigorous training. That Saiyami finally got the role was a matter of just a slight edge. All three were almost equally competent. And I know the other two girls are also going to be major talents in our cinema.”

Saiyami’s aunts Tanve Azmi and Shabana Azmi seemed unaware that Saiyami had been finalized for the coveted part opposite Anil Kapoor’s son.

“I knew she was under consideration. But I wasn’t aware she has been confirmed. That’s terrific news,” said Tanve.

Saiyami has been searching for the right break in Bollywood for two years now.

She even did a Telugu film entitled Rey with Ramcharan Teja’s nephew Sai Dharam. But Rakeysh’s film is Saaiyami’s break into the big league.


google her pics.. she is HOTTTTTTTTT

ARE U SERIOUS?? they took 8 months to find the lead girl and THIS is what they got??? such a let down and awkward pairing!!!

wow what a way to justify nepotism...bas inhi me talent hai baaki sab me nahi

Um noooo she can take several seats.

Jesus again? Seriously? Cast a rank newcomer who has theater experience. For both leads. Oh my god I can't stomach another idiot star kid. Kangana. Huma. Anyone. This industry is going down the tubes.

Yeah right! Her launch has NOTHING to do with her being a star kid! *eyeroll*

comment: If the three girls are all talented, she got it because of her connection. It could be the producers doing, signing someone they know. Nepotism is one thing but what is more bothersome in bollywood is how one actor or actress has 3 to 4 movies a year! I mean if Natalie Portman or brad Pitt has 3 movies every year, I would be tired of watching them but bollywood audiences are nuts. They worship acirs, so I don't blame the producers or directors. Also hiring star kids, Indians are obsessed with pedigree. So what are they gonna do? It is business at the end of the day!

There is no surprises at all.....everyday i mean everyday we see a new star kid been lauched.. ...this is not ending here the list goes on and on.
sridevis kids shah rukh kids juhi sanjay kapoor suniel shetty jacky shrof salmans nephews all the kapoor cousins khannas bachans khans....god knows how many.
My only question is if they really want their kids to do films why dont they enroll them in acting schoolss and see if they r really talented and can compete with the other students there and emerge themselves from the lot. Like any other profession. If my father a doctor , engineer ,lawyer I cant be a that just like that....need to go coll and study exams and all that. Then y not for acting. Infact they r earning a fortune with that profession.

Sonam, Harsh, Parineeti, Alia, Varun...their last names have NOTHING to do with the infinite opportunities they get :)

also sonakshi

it could be diana penty ,amrita rao or shuruti hassan...!!!

Mirza was done by Gippy Grewal. Awesome direction & the movie was really good. Its going to be hard to beat.

Mirza? That Gippy Grewal-Honey Singh starrer? Hard to beat? HAHA! That film was trashed by the critics and audiences alike. It's probably one of the worst Punjabi films ever made. All it had was hype, hype and more hype. No substance. That's why it crashed from day 2 onwards.


Waiting for the day when brother and sister in real life play husband and wife. Bollywood in a few short years = INCEST at its best. No damn doubt.

You all need to stop letting your kids go to acting school. Because there isnt a future much for them when you all consistently support nepotism

She? really? Even Jennifer Winget (Kumud from saraswatichandra on starplus) would be a HEAPS BETTER CHOICE.

I would give Diana Penty another chance any day, compared to this girl.

omg I'm sick of this. all the newcomers are related to some bolly star. so whats gonna happen to people that are trying to hard to get a break in Bollywood, but not related to any star?
i think i have to boycott Bollywood now

And this is where all will lose interest. Whatever bwood

Amrita rao can do sahibaa...she was great in vivah

she can play vamp character not saihba....amrita rao is a sahibaa kind of girl!!!!!!

wrong choice...why dont they give chance to tv actors....like sanaya irani,drashti dhami,jennifer...they are so beautiful...more inocent looking and prettier and excellent actors than any of them sonam,parineeti,shraddha,saiyami,sonakshi.....i would never get why?

Looks are that of a vamp. Would be good in that.

Bollywood Dynasty. Soon we will see cousins kissing onscreen and saying its just for the camera. Cause industry will be full of cousins and nobody else. No new comers. Respect the non filmy bunch even more now. Cause these Bollywood babies are privileged and snobby. Take a look at Sonam Kapoor. "It feels great to be an icon at my age!" WOOW!!

great story to fool people....like all other star also gets roles because of thrie calibre

*star kids*

She is good for grey roles/vamp but definitely not for lead actress, specially when we are looking for an innocent delicate face.

cute??out of your mind yeah....if photoshop cannot make her look pretty in the above picture do you guys think makeup will???

I don't think she is pretty at all !!

Yeah she doesn't look that much better even when she smiles...

So sick of Nepotism, it hasn't ever been this bad until now.

She's debuting in Telugu with a C-grade star kid. She looks a little masculine looking in those trailers, I was hoping they would select someone more delicate and pretty for Harsh. Sigh.

Rakesysh Mehra has never made a love story and by taking two unproven talent this could become an instant flop but if the music is really good and the youngsters are surrounded with veteran actors then maybe it will survive at the box office. Anyway for me right now the one who is getting a great launch is Tiger Shroff and Kriti in Heropanti.

Another kid with lineage entering bollywood. Does he really think we are going to believe that she was taken as the actress purely on merit? Honestly bollywood is going down the drain. We need new people!!!!

She's pretty and harsh is handsome

she's cute!

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