All you wanted to know on Ranbir-Deepika's 'Tamasha'

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Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone are looking forward with anticipation to the release of ‘Tamasha’- their forthcoming romantic drama directed by Imtiaz Ali.

While glimpses of the film have emerged through leaked pictures & videos, there are some details that we’ve got from our inside sources.

‘Tamasha’- has autobiographical elements of director Imtiaz Ali; these elements are not obvious and not about physicality or vocation, but of personal experiences. Ali had recently divorced his wife, Preeti, and had fallen in love with a Pakistani actress (Imam). He spoke of breaking free of social constraints and conventions during this period to quite a few people close to him. This free spiritedness translates onscreen in ‘Tamasha’.

In the film, the Tokyo connection plays out in the context of comic books, which become tools of story telling in the film. The city is considered the Mecca of modern comic book forms- Manga, Hentai & Anime. Deepika’s character is a fan of Asterix comics in it.

Story telling and stories are key to Ranbir Kapoor’s character, who breaks free of expected professional and social norms to pursue his passion for telling stories. The element of busking (street singing & performances) which is integral to European cities features in it. Ranbir’s character will also be mouthing famous Bollywood dialogues in a few scenes.

Now we know the film’s team won’t like us revealing even this much; but if anything, this only whets our appetite for more.


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