Deepika Juggling Between The Big B & Ranbir

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It almost looked like Deepika Padukone would have to drop out of Shoojit Sircar’s Piku. According to sources the dates in August that Shoojit Siircar had finalized clashed with Deepika’s lengthy schedule for Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha.

Says the source, “Because of the extended time frame for Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet Ranbir has been pushing ahead his other under-production films, namely Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos and Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha. Finally he found time to begin shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s in August. Deepika had no choice but to adjust her dates accordingly. In the process she almost said no to Shoojit who, poor guy, has been facing heroine problems on Piku from the start.”

Shoojit apparently insisted on Deepika’s presence in his film. Resultantly for the first time in her career Deepika would be shooting for two films simultaneously.

Deepika confirms she’s shooting for Imtiaz Ali and Shoojir Sircar at the same time in August.

It isn’t easy being the no.1 Bollywood actress.

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Good news, now Big B's film will be a sure success, Deepika also knew that aur kuch na ho toh Amitabh Bachchan films bar bar dekhne ke layak films hote hain & Deepika ko freebie acting class bhi mil jayega from the institution himself. She cant play a single role convincingly.

and she has time to dine with ranveer let's not forget that. *sarcasm* we get it she's a busy bee, back off P.R people!

"Resultantly for the first time in her career Deepika would be shooting for two films simultaneously, It isn’t easy being the no.1 Bollywood actress."
Then i suppose DP deserves and award for this because no actress in the history of Hindi cinema has done this before. RIGHT? SMH.

If you're implying that's her PR speaking, it's not. Don't you think they'd remember that she juggled two movies before (Chennai Express and Ram-Leela)??

so because ranbir doesn't have time, the rest gets perjudicated. Unbelievable

I'm sorry but this news is completely pointless! Every actor and actress juggle their dates around and do multiple films at the same time, her PR needs to stop acting as if she was the best thing to happen since sliced bread!

priyanka is the best actress superior than deepika n she is the qween of bollywood n not deepika which had a great last year only she is doing fine but peecee is the best

in 2009-2010 she must have shot for 4-5 films simultaneously.

Pretty sure that most, if not all, actresses in Bollywood are juggling multiple projects, and Deepika's done this before, na?

Thanks for the information.

N this is news because? Deepikas pr need take a break! She isnt the first actress to do so.. Smh

The Queen , the Diva , the enchantress - Deepika Padukone. :) All the very best for all the upcoming roles , versatality at it's best!!


Deepika's PR doing a great job as always. She's like superwoman juggling TWO movies at the same time. What a saint! Must be the first actress in Bollywood history to do this.

The irony is Subhash K. Jha is widely known to be Katrina's public mouthpiece. Or one of them at least. But don't let that get in the way of a good whinge about Deepika.

She has been doing this from past 2 years.. DP is a super woman.. You make us proud

Katrina should really dump Subhash Jha,he doesn't even do his homework.His last few articles were an embarrassment.He wakes up from his drunken stupor and writes rubbish.He seems to be bi polar too.Sometimes I think he hates Katrina..2 -3 articles did some damage.

Why is Ranbir so disorganised? He's only working with his cronies anyway so surely they should be able to sort themselves out and take their turn with their favourite star/demi-god according to schedule. DP has juggled multiple films before but it's unfair that she should have to bear the brunt of Ranbir's date issues. If push had come to shove, I hope she would have dropped Tamasha for Piku because she's already worked with both imtiaz and Ranbir so nothing new there. But at least she's able to do both now.

Rubbish! Ranbir is only shooting for Jagga Jasoos in August.

Wow Deepika seems like back to back profits and performance this year as well. Anyway way to go girl :) But make sure to keep your reputation don't let other detroy it for you. Because Girl you have long way to go As an actress you cant hide from real world what you do from inside will show it to out side :)

Deepika has many many options to choose from,many bigger stars than Ranbir and bigger films too,Ranbir not many.Everybody can see that.LOL at the article.

Tamasha was always going to be shot in July.Deepika has been proclaiming it in the media for a year.Ranbir tried to get it postponed to November due to his date issues and Deepika threatened to drop out.Ranbir ate humble pie and agreed to shoot in July.Every body knows it.

That is the star power of Deepika!! Ranbir is sharing his humble pie with Katrina and post poned Jagga. DP is way above the league of RK and KK.

What rubbish! She juggled between CE and RL too! Infact she shot the above 2 while promoting YJHD. Check ramleela promotional interview with komal natha. Ranveer mentions how she juggled all three!

the sources of deepika pr have gone mad anurag basu confirmed that he has got dates from ranbir for jagga jasoos and it is likely to go all agust and isnt tamasha suppose to finish forst schedule during july 30 and start later other schedules

Umm she shot for chennai express and ram leela simultaneously too! LOVE YOU DEEPIKA. She will be amazing in all her films

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