Gear up for Ranbir-Deepika’s ‘Tamasha’

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After giving a super hit movie in 2013, ex-flame Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are teaming up again for an upcoming movie directed by Imtiaz Ali. The movie is called ‘Tamasha’.

The former couple was applauded for their great on-screen chemistry in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and many a filmmakers wanted to pair them for their movies.

With the duo coming together again, the audience is surely in for a treat.

The ex-couple began dating while shooting for ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’, but parted ways after two years. Even post their break-up in 2009, the two have maintained a cordial relationship, putting their past behind.

In a recent interview Deepika even admitted that she is excited to work with Ranbir in yet another film and also called him a great friend.

‘Tamasha’, which was initially titled ‘Window Seat’, will be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and is said to go on floors in June.

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what about bajirao mastani?? even that was a rumor and i doubt that even this is rumor.

again a rumor, she is not in it, its all rubbish.

The promotion of YJHD was over the top annoying! As long as these two stay normal and don't give out annoying mushy statements about each other, I will be happy to follow it and watch it!

Bakwaas title and overrated couple! I didn't like them in BAH already... But I like Imtiaz Ali's movies a lot... So I guess... I need to chill and wait. xD

its mean if some sly ppl says that Ranbir needs deepika to cash her popularity. Even with a simple actress and faulty movie he opens his Besharam 20cr. So better movie with a decent actress will do even better.

Ranbir shud change his co star. Mishty will be better or kangana.

Who is mishty?

She is the new actress from the new movie Kaanchi

"Window seat" was a better tittle. Tamasha sounds like a typical bollywood masala movie.

Kjo will do anything for promotions. Imtiyaz Ali is decent person in dat regard.

RK wants to cash in on her popularity, DP seems more famous and in demand than him right now . He still needs a good costar, director,music and storyline for his films to work. He cant carry off a movie on his own , remember Besharam?

I think RK has proved he can act one movie doesn't set u off. Pls don't compare with deepika!!! She cannot act at all in all her movies so far she hardly has any meaty roles, she can't dance either! Yes I Hve seen chennai express n ram leela they were ridiculous! I still dont understand why she won prizes for them!!!showing off ur pretty face and slim body only gets appraisal from guys hence the blockbusters does not deserve awrds!!

like salman needs and ranveer sing right from his debut and srk also.

Love u Rk

Blockbuster king Rk rokz again.
Can't wait for this movie

Ok but plz dont pull the YJHD promotion drama , KJo used their past to promote the movie , which was really low of him .

Another all time blockbuster is coming....Rk-Deeps rock again

Ranbir kapoor looks like a prince.

Ranbir kapoor is the most good looking actor i hv ever seen in my life.
Pv pls post my cmnt.

Finally! They found a perfect title.

Why do u people bother wasting time analysising if they have good chemistry or not??? YJHD was an all time blockbuster that clearly shows a lot let time come and people will decide if Imtiaz next is a hit or not...truth is most of u will go and watch the film anyways so chill

Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala??!! oh no!! Hope the Director is good enough to save the film!

What's wrong with sajid nadiadwala? He's given some big hits and his next is with salman khan

Ranbir Deepika are the most cutest couple on earth....

RL failed to match box office of yjhd coz of any factors one thing its intense love story so u don t expect chidren with their parent s going together plus a very manipulative marketing statergy by producers....but in today s world audience can see everything.. they are not fools ...with a powerful medium as internet and educated masses they should be forth right about the product ......where as ram leela is that underdog film made with pure passion .....genuiness .....powerful and impactful performanaces which leave u spell bound and wanting for more because of the purity of emotions between the lead pair and sanjay leela bhansali......and that is a film which can even watch after 20 years and be left mesmerised...and box office for this movie was huge for the kind of film it was india and overseas...having said that their is nothing wrong in above pairing both are great actors and we should respect their professionalism and with a great director like imtiaz ali it is great....and look forward to their film leaving behind their personal equation...

Hahah is that u Ranveer PR

I Think someone is insecure with TwoState success. So early promotions are started. Wait and watch!!

God pls save us from deepika's tamasha. She is still trying to get back to ranbir that is why releasing such lame articles. Girl i knw ur ranveer is no match to ranbir bt tht doesn't mean u'll do all this. Pls get over him

And you stop singing the same PR tune . It can be even Ranbir's or the movie's producer's PR. After all , the producers will gain most from DP-Ranbir gossip

Firstly the title suits the leading lady of the film very well. Secondly, rather than the plot of the film or anything, what the film makers are cashing on is the coming together of two exes. Offcourse its a safe option, YJHD worked, also did Ek tha tiger. I know deepika and ranbir both can act, but after YJHD, I think ranbir should be paired with someone like Alia while Deepika should be paired with..maybe Hrithik or someone like that..

Just a suggestion..if u don't like them together dont go n watch it..there are millions out there who are dying to watch them together...They do have a beautiful chemistry..... That's YJHD made the business that it made.... N Despite having RS DP supporters here RL failed to match upto YJHD in BO ...

ppl who r posting that its a stale pair and are bored of them. i am sure they are the ine who will watch the movie at very first day... pv please post this.. ppl need to grow up let then work whats ur concern in that nobidy is asking u to act u ryt

ppl who r posting that its a stale pair and are bored of them. i am sure they are the ine who will watch the movie at very first day... pv please post this.. ppl need to grow up let then work whats ur concern in that nobidy is asking u to act u ryt

" putting their past behind" - Oh really?

I am super duper excited for the movie.. No matter what U say, Ranbir-Deepika have a sparkling chemistry n I am sure this one will be another blockbuster for them... I hope they dont mind about some of the narrow minded people comments here n come up with more movies together.. :)

should cast with shahid..this is fun though srk n karan in between

Perfect Title I must say.

Real tamasha indeed Deepika will create during the promos. God help us all!

stale pair with no chemistry and lame PR tricks

well, i think ranbir and deepika share the best chemistry off screen, i feel it, a lots of people feel it, and the both of them approve it, but only them, can explain the root of this chemistry. on screen, deepika's chemistry is best with saif, srk, ranbir and ranveer, but to be fair, it's a little more revealed with the last two. but still it's interesting to see deepika and ranbir's pairing again, because i think things have changed for them lately, specialy for ranbir, and it can affect their work. also, i do feel, this, can be their last time working together, even if the movie become a hit, because i feel ranbir is distancing himself from deepika for the sake of his relationship with katrina, and i had a feeling when i saw YJHD that he couldn't give his all (couldn't let himself be) in many scenes, i suppose it was very difficult for him to separate what is reel from what was once (or still) real, same for deepika (after all we are just humain), but for me that shows more with ranbir, i just felt it more with him in many sceens. also i suppose he realised that deepika generaly has great chemistry with all her costars (slightly more with ranveer, and i felt he didn't liked this one more), so she can't be for him what Nargis was for raj kapoor, the Nargis he wants, has to have a magical on screen chemistry only with him. it's just a personal point of view. having said that, i feel ranbir -in all his movies- always searching for a spiritual experience similar to what he had experienced during the making of rockstar, and i hope he will experience that again, and this time with deepika in their movie with imtiaz, i feel it would have a great impact on them as humain beings and as actors, at the same time, maybe such experience will add that so awaited -on screen magic- to their couple. and yes i didn't like that title " tamasha", window set was better

DP seems to have great chemistry with almost all her costars . Ranbir has very good chemistry with DP but surprisingly no chemistry with PC and Kat . With BV , his chemistry with Anushka will be seen

agree with many thing, but Ranbir and Deepika don't have best chemistry off screen. When there's best chemistry offscreen, reel becomes real and you fall for the person without even knowing it, and you know the man whom she is dating now. She did a whole movie with Ranbir, still that didn't bring them any bit closer. The chemistry Ranveer and Deepika show in one interview wins over 5 interviews of Ranbir-deepika.
Personally, i feel Ranbir also looks good offscreen with katrina, n i think they are gonna marry..i know many don't like them together but they know best for them.

Ranbir broke up with Katrina it is the fact. Why is that so hard for you rankat fans to comprehend!

Katrina does not look good with Ranbir at all!! Ranbir will never marry her!! Let me marry Ranbir please, I will keep happy forever.
I will

True . But have to admit that RK-DP have way better chemistry than RK-Katrina. I feel RK and Katrina lack chemistry and look bland on and off screen

I agree with you. I don't like Katrina at all!
I'm happy Ranbir broke up with her.
I'm not trying to offend anyone over here, so please don't attack me!

I agree and disagree with you somewhat. Agree in that Ranbir is desperately looking for his “Nargis” and he thought he and Deepika would be the Jodi no 1 for this generation. Sadly for him it hasn’t worked out that way. There’s more excitement about Ranveer/Deepika as a pairing and like you said, she also has good chemistry with Saif and SRK.

I totally disagree with you about their offscreen chemistry though. At the time they looked a bit uncomfortable but looking back now they were actually very awkward and stilted with each other. Tolerating each other more than enjoying one another’s company. I think this Imtiaz film will be the last RK/DP collaboration, neither of them is particularly keen on the other and they’re doing this film more for Imtiaz and the prestige he brings than anything else.

I do wonder about RK saying openly that DP is his Nargis; how insensitive can he be? Nargis caused his grandmother and his father and his siblings untold pain and suffering when they were growing up. Raj Kapoor’s affair(s) did serious damage to the family dynamics. How he can easily toss her name around and even want ‘Nargis’ for himself (offscreen too) is baffling. Just goes to show just how emotionally detached and uncaring RK can be.

they were uncomfortable yes, and very awkward yes, but that was because they know they have that deep and natural chemistry between them, and they were afraid that shows a lot, and were conscious that can be interpreted the wrong way (or maybe the right way) by the media because of the relationship they had in the past, also because of their partners, specialy for ranbir he wants things to work with katrina he wants to be faithful, he wants to surround to a woman, to feel that he's a good humain being, and correct that casanova image he had. deepika in the other hand, wants to move on, to give a fair chance to an other man, to trust and give her all again to a man, simply to believe in love again, and in some way i felt they were afraid too of their feelings to rekindle again (or maybe just to show), all this reasons make them uncomfortable and awkward around each other, i actually felt they sort of hold on a lots of things inside (in terms of the deepness and the extention of their relationship, how open they are with each other, how comfortable they are) hoping they can appear just like profesional friends so they can control the curiosity that people may feel about their relationship and huns lead them to focus only on their work, but they faild to cover all of that at some point. and this is why i feel this will be their last pairing together because even if they do 100 films -the way they are with ech other- comfortable or uncomfortable, truly or just pretending, moved on or not, they will be asked mostly about their equation and relationship always.

i think ranbir is indifferent to who is gonna share the space with him in a movie (female actors i mean), but he was chocked by the excitement an the challange he felt when working with deepika at YJHD, he didn’t expect it, she matched him exactly and perfectly, that’s why he felt she is his Nargis (and i was talking only about films, i dont think he wants a nargis also off screen, i think he wants a wife who is -hopefully- his nargis at the same time, in terms of chemistry), but seeing the chemistry between deepika and ranveer, he wasn’t ok with it, he is not sure he is her raj now, or if he is, he doesn't want -and in anyway- someone else to share this space with him. This is an other reason why he seems more reserved about working with deepika in the future, i feel he tries to work with other femal actors (anushka, katrina again to be sure, and recommended Alia for his film) to see if there is any chance to feel that same excitement and complementarity he felt with deepika, or it’s just about deepika. But maybe if he feels the same things again when working with deepika in imtiaz’s next, and their chemistry off screen beats all the chemistries she had with her costars, and the movie became a hit, maybe ranbir will think about working with her again, if not i feel he prefers not to do because of all the reasons i listed.
Actually beyond, being happy or just indifferent, enjoying or just tolerating , saying the truth, lying or pretending, hating or loving, when ranbir is with deepika i feel he is alive, that’s what comes to my mind everytime i see him with her, i feel he reacts he feels he expresses directly or indirectly ,he hides and hold on somethings sometimes but it’s also expressing (deepika may know when he do, and he knows that she may know, and vis versa), i think all of this is very important for ranbir as he is a detached person , with other people i feel he is rarely interest to the point to react to something, he is more in his world, except when he is having fun with friends he’s kind of letting himself go, for deepika i feel she’s more herself when she’s with ranbir, she is not deepika the actor, the star, the badminton player, the daughter of parakache padukone, when with ranbir she’s more deepika the girl, the humain being with all the qualities and defaults that comes with , and i feel it’s very important for her –as a person who had or still have some confidence issues- to be accepted and loved just for being herself.

and again it's just a personal feeling and personal opinion

Nah, they were awkward because they're exes and they're not really each other's type of people anymore, if ever. The attention didn't help but there's no special connection there or any old chemistry just waiting to be rekindled. It's nice that they're cordial enough with no hard feelings that they can work together and hopefully it'll be a good film by Imtiaz but that's all they are, professional colleagues. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lol.Its Prakash not Parakache , he played badminton for India and padmasri winner, shame on you , you dont even know him

Ya , he was uncomfortable around her . What guy can look into the eyes of the girl he cheated so badly on and still behave normally ,

Ranbir did not cheat on her!

Ranbir himself has admitted to cheating at least twice that I know of and I don't even follow his interviews that regularly.

As for their off-screen chemistry during YJHD. I think people are reading too much into it. They had to sell their chemistry for movie PR and so they spoke of being friends. But from reading DP's interviews during Ram Leela she was promoting YJHD during the day and shooting for Ram Leela at nights which she said in itself was a very draining film. Through most of her YJHD interviews she was sleep deprived and it shows. She looked disinterested. Compare that to how she was during Cocktail, Chennai Express, Ram Leela promotions - there is a marked difference.

cant imtiaz's films

Imtiaz why not just pair deepika with Shahid!? U worked w him n know he can his stuff. Plus deepika n shahid are already friends or friendly at least. Imtiaz seems to liking to pair real life couple or then couple -.-

No Shahid!!!! Ranbir is way better than him.

Ugh. I've had enough of this pairing and the ex-relationship drama used to promote their films together. Separate, I like them but together... no.

I hope they doing do a YJHD-like promotional campaign. Looking forward to a good movie, Imtiaz, Ranbir and Deepika are all talented. :)

NO PV JUST NO. Deepika is having time of her life at IIFA. And we do not want someone like Ranbir to steal her Thunder. The film hasnt even started shooting. When the time comes, we'll bear with it.But right now let deepika have her moment. Seriously, post some Rankat thing if you want.

Deepika only talked about this movie in recent interview. Obviously insecure of the praise Kangana and Alia have been getting this year.

cant wait to see them together.

The actor and the actress don't care about this film. neither the director nor the producer. Except few, we fans don't care about it either. After seeing Ramleela and her chemistry with Ranveer onscreen and OFFSCREEN, i understand now what chemistry is. Deepika's chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor felt like a big joke to me. Before watching RL, i thought they had a chemistry!
-I can safely say that Ranbir regrets signing this movie (heard he wanted Alia to play the role). He knows Deepika's reputation has crossed his own in popularity. If there was conflict between them during dating days (both are hot headed, strong type not willing to bow down), imagine the mess today
-Deepika doesn't look interested either (AD story). She has a wonderful boyfriend now who adores the path she walks on.
-Imtiaz is a cool guy and he doesn't care either. Probably getting fed up with difficulties, he decided to name it Tamasha.

The main problem is KJo sold the YJHD movie by playing DP might go back to RK and ppl were curious to watch how can ex-couple act together. But today, everyone knows:
Ranbir Kapoor is dating and going steady with Katrina kaif and probably loves her more than anyone else (KWK hints)
Deepika is dating Ranveer Singh and going steady for a year or so.

Boy o boy, this would be an awkward shoot for both, including the director.

Ranbir is not dating Katrina and he doesn't love her! He is in search of his true love. I'm sorry, but Katrina is not his love that's why he broke up with her.

1000+ likes :)
I completely agree with u..

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE! Deepika and Ranbir share a better chemistry.

Actually watch the kiss in YJHD at the end between DP and RK and then watch any of the kisses between DP and RS in RL. Sorry but there is no comparison, in YJHD DP looks so stiff, her body barely moves and she just stands there and lets RK kiss her but in RL with RS her body language is fluid and she looks very comfortable kissing RS - she is very much kissing him back. Don't ask why I watched in detail, I actually only watched the movies once but could see the difference right away because I do this as my job on a daily basis (assess people's body language/behaviour that is).
At this point I actually think RK is trying to link himself to DP (through his PR) because of the IIFAs, knowing she will be getting some awards. DP has been avoiding talk about him for a while now ever since Koffee with Karan episode this season. It's KJo and other RK clans that have been bringing his name into every conversation when DPs name comes up, KJo brings RKs name up at least five times each episode regardless-its ridiculous!

yes, those kisses in their respective movies speak volume of the dynamics between them. Point i had noted

That's a really great point. Of course one has to factor in the differing relationships between the characters because they are very different. But your point remains valid, the first thing I noticed about the RL kiss is the body language of the two; they *moved together* much like real lovers do. Kissing onscreen is often really bad because the body language and movements is so unnatural. In RL, it felt very real and fluid, likely because while it was onscreen, it wasn't an *onscreen kiss*. There's a subtle difference but it has a big impact.

Wow you sound like you've sat there with Deepika and Ranbir and observed them to come to this conclusion :P

One thing is for sure after this movie no more deepika ranbir movies .. Irrespective of success or not ..Just a hunch

i think so too.... in real life, they are at opposite poles...because Ranbir and Katrina are dating and Ranveer and Deepika are dating. The only people who have comfortable relationship here is Ranbir and Ranveer and this will go on till the end, because they need each other to maintain dominance in the industry like how Khans have iron grip on Bollywood

Ranbir is not dating Katrina they broke up!

Ranbir is shooting for Roy and Jagga Jasoos in June, plus isn't he meant to be taking off to Brazil to watch the World Cup with ARK? There was a press release on that recently. How is he going to do all that and shoot for this film as well? Anyway, don't care about this pairing and not excited for this film either. A synopsis of the plot might have changed my mind but looks like they're going to try the same will-they-wont-they bs they pulled last year. Bollywood really lacks imagination.

All the best to the team :) I am eagerly waiting to see this pair again! But just one request, avoid such gimmicks to promote the movie. I don't want you guys to follow KJO aunty's strategy to promote the movie. Let your star power and work do all the talking, not your past relationship.

Obvious PR release is obvious, although I'm not sure why this is necessary as we've known about the film since the middle of last year and it doesn't start shooting till July/August this year, which is still months away. So why an announcement now? Could be the change in title but that seems minor in the greater scheme of things. Could it be that other things, or rather *other people*, have stolen the headlines and this is an attempt to steer the narrative back to the same old same old? Just sayin'.

And this is just the lull before all the Tamasha.

Haha! First off, Tamasha is a terrible name for the film. What on earth is Imtiaz thinking? Secondly, we all see what's going on here. Over the last few months, all attention has been on Queen, Shuddhi, Bajirao Mastani and now 2 States, no one even remembered this film was coming up. So desperate for publicity, the pr team has decided to hitch their wagon to the tried and tested 'ex-lovers reunite' story in the hopes of drumming up so interest. Too bad that the Ranbir/Deepika jodi already feels stale and played out, thanks to the nonsense shenanigans of YJHD promotions. There's nothing left to milk here, especially when DP has so obviously moved on and her relationship with Ranveer is as prominent in the public's consciousness as its ever been. Nobody is going to fall for this bs again. Nice try Window Seat/Tamasha pr team, both try something a little more original next time. Like say, the storyline itself?

What an apt title.

I am seriously dreading the promotions.

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