Leaked: Ranbir and Deepika's 'nagin' dance for 'Tamasha'

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Here is a treat for all you 'Tamasha' fans. A video leaked from the sets of the movie is making the rounds. It has Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone performing for a sort of a funny 'nagin' dance. Can you tell what is going on here?

Ranbir and Deepika are shooting for Imtiaz Ali's 'Tamasha' in a beautiful island Corsica, which is to the South of France. On this particular day, the ex-love birds were seen practicing for a song sequence.

Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Tamasha's music is by none other than music maestro A R Rahman.

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0 chemistry between them. why work together?

Tamasha is leaking like 80 years old granny.

very pretty deepika.

So damn cute!

but no one is talkin about expendables 3 leak lol

Ranbir is an excellent dancer. They are great together.

The dance is pathetic !!!

LMAO at how epic & hilarious this is;-);-);-) And they look like they're on good terms(atleast professionally)& having fun-which is what matters at the end♥ But how is all this stuff getting leaked? I've been to a few movie shootings before & they don't even allow outsiders to carry their phones inside or even if they do,you have to switch it off all the time. Hmmmm.....Imtiaaz better perk up thr security on set,its nice once in a while to get a sneak peek but it gets too much after sometime & ruins all the suspense behind a movie.

deepika looks damn cute. her legs are pretty and face is gorgeous, love her smile

how bollywood movie scenes are nonsense!!!!!!

the song remind me of the "hawa hawa" song from Rockstar, and deepika's laugh OMG, she seems enjoying herself, and ranbir...how he enjoys it when deepika is impressed by his antics, ahhh this two!!!....they just enjoy every single second together! even when they are pissing off each other or ignoring each other or when they are tired, they seem enjoying just the fact of being together wherever they are and whatever they do. one feels they are fully themselves around each other, and they are so cute to look at.

With several awards last years to her credit..it is safe to say DP is a fine actress. And here she is acting as part of her script to laugh and dance and be merry! Otherwise they seem to be cold towards each other!

yeah i know, it's just seems that the laugh was from the heart, and that she was really enjoying doing the scene. professional actors say that it's easy the bring a scene where you cry and make it looks real, while it's very difficult to bring a laugh scene and make it looks real, and deepika's laugh seemed really coming easily and real, either she is really a great actress, or she was really feeling like laughing. why do you think they are cold to each other?! please elaborate.

Through media reports that DP asked for separate accommodation and both of them are ignoring each other on sets!

No doubt they r one of the best jodis but still why people bash & hate ranveer singh & deepika padukone jodi?? Deepika look good with every actor,I will be open that i am deepveer shipper but i don't hate rkdp jodi they r also good jodi,some r telling that ranveer came on set & making uncomfortable for ranbir & deepika how? Why? Please tell me,i think people still can't accept that ranveer & deepika r in a relationship,deepika has visited him in barcelona & katrina also came to meet ranbir,people should see rather than assuming,ranbir & deepika hv moved since 2010,during yjhd they hv remain friends but people were thinking they r coming back,no offence but it shuld be clear,just respect everybody & stop bashing each other & plzzzz stop these fanclubs war,god bless u all!!!!

Katrina never went to France
Deepika and Ranveer are not dating either

Cobra Deo ad :D versus Nagin Dance

it's kinda funny because it seems there is such a tension between them in some other leaked photos, but yet, when one is giving an act the other gives exactly the right response to it, it's like they are reading each other minds, or are feeling exactly the same feeling at the same time, they get each other simply, you feel they are on the same page. And they have this kind of rapport on screen and off screen, they may deny they enjoy it, they may act like they dont enjoy it, but deep down they know they really enjoy even just being together . this is i guess what people call chemistry, i wonder where it comes from when two people don't really get along and they "supposedly" don't like each other, i think to have that kind of chemistry with someone you need to have a deep understanding with him, maybe they hate to hear it, but they know that they have a special chemistry between them. it's not understandable but yet it's there for all people to see.

Oo really??? Honey alllll of these u mentioned is only happening in ur head!!! These guys barely dated for a year nd ranbir constantly cheated on her by having one night stands with several girls(clearly he never really loved her) until he found Kat nd got attached,eventually deepika found out nd their relationship ended..ranbir nd kat has been goin strong nw for 4yrs as opposed to d one year he spent with dp(its glaring he loves kat,cos obviously dis is d lngst he has stuck with someone).......what am tryin to say is dat rk nd dp hav moved on since 2010 nd u shld do the same!!

You are wrong!

@ the diva (I 'll leave the patting to others) - that means that many affairs more in those years with Katrina. you don't believe me? Ask Ayan Mukherji. (Doesn't say much abut the guy himself!! cheating on his girlfriend, ex tho she maybe now!)
And no, these are not things that happened in my head.
I enjoy the entertainment in these discussion forums from the groups of the said stars. So thank you for that! :)
Peace out.

Stop over analysing. They are actors & the dance you saw was a trained act. I think Ranbir has great chemistry with Katrina & PC as well. Nobody is reading the other's mind. LOL

depika doing nagin dance ha ha ha IRONY!!!

hi sonam just watched bewakoofiyan now

Actually sonam did mention on KWK, that she reads pinkvillla.

ranbir's really good at quirky dancing! and deepika's squeal was so cute!

deepika doing nagin song! irony #ifyouknowwhatimean

It's not leaked, released for publicity.

pics are fine. why are they leaking videos :(? you lose interest in the movie if everything is released before hand. And this hair style doesnt suit ranbir

This is not Ranbir but Prabhu Deva

I feel both Rk and DP don't want media attention on them and their personal equation. I think they are very friendly and comfortable with each other on the set and also after that.

That's fun. but why do you spoil it? save it for the movie.

Gorillas dancing

I feel like laughing at some comments which are claiming RS brought happiness in her life n all... How do u guys know about it.... U should not decide the situations going by media reports... DP could be happy because she is at the peak of her career also na.... I don't think she needs someone like RS to make her happy...

We are noone to judge who should DP marry n who She shouldn't...If I go by this video I don't feel any awkwardness between RK DP.... They seem normal to me atleast... Neither RK nor DP have said they are dating RS. Ya Kat openly....We should not impose our decision on others.... Let them decide whom they wanna be with...

Ranbir and Deepika look very cute together i am waiting for this film the song looks cute...i always thing this way that you can look hot with a lot of people as hotness is built by bold scenes but cuteness is something u cant build.

They're so cute haha

Looks awesome. But I'm not liking this new strategy of releasing stills from the set way way before release. Too much hype isn't good for a movie :/

Omg wtf!? haha

How can anyone hate them,, Its highly impossible especially after witnessing the kinda chemistry they have together... Its Mindblowing.. RK DP ur gonna rock itttttttttt,,,, Love U both...

Haters gonna hate.. but that doesn't stop RK DP from flaunting the beautiful chemistry they have together.. Its there for everyone to see.... I cant get enough if this video.. Its damn good..

pretty...she does look like teanage girl...

Looking forward to this coupling again. It's gonna be great. And sooooooooo can't wait to see Ranbir dancing again.

I dont think they must start leaking their vids and pics so soon. The movie is just in it's first schedule. Had this leak happened a lil later can understand. Imitiaz may or may not know it's happening but i feel it is unfair to a movie. Work of some spoil sports or sour technician. PV plz post !

You don't have to hate them onscreen. Onscreen act is not real life relationship. Another post on PV shows how discreet and dead is this relationship. Everyone can see it. Compare those pics with YJHD shooting pics; you can easily make out their current real life equations. It doesn't matter how they act onscreen; at the end of the day they go back to their respective lives. Ranbir's gonna call Katrina and be happy. Deepika's gonna call Ranveer and smile. Fans have to learn to respect their professional and personal relationships.. For both of them, it's not easy as both have wonderful people in their lives whom they love and cherish. Don't make it a Tamasha

the problem is people like you who give too much importance to real life nonsense nobody actually cares the majority who watch films. srk is married to gauri, kajol married to ajay but srk kajol are legendary people will watch their movies. nobody cares if rk dp talk or not talk what matters is people want to watch them. its you who analyze rkdp so much that you bring their real life partners in things not related to them its a film dicussion.

Ranbir is single now

Awesome reply anon! ;)

This song looks and sounds cute

It looks like YJHD

"LEAKED" yeah, right. Thanks PR.

PV is ranbirs PR i bet on this .because his news are always on front page and not moved untill his next nes comes....and again PV not gona post my comment .I bet PV if u have guts then put my this news and se reaction .here i not say any thing bad or use any bad word .BUT PV peple know thats it is true that PV is ranbir kapor s PR ....

Awwwww ur so cute :-)

That was really cute! :)

Loooool, I wish ppl would wait until the film released.

then it would not have been called a leak

Chemistry is not dependent on the personal relationship in real life. If Chemistry was dependent on that then some of the real life married couples wouldn't have had bad chemistry on screen and some of the single co-stars wouldn't look good onscreen with married co-stars, at the end of the day its ACTING.

So cute

I think both are doing their acting job professionally as required by the team and director.
1) How long does Chemistry last with one person, whether they are married or co workers?
1-2 years, 3-5 years??
2) Does Chemistry end like honey moon phase?
3) Does have chemistry entail sincere caring for the other person?

I think DP should do good movies with him (Happy thst she is not in Ayans movie). Their chemistry is really palpable. It is a pleasure to see them on screen. Though I prefer her with ranveer off-screen. Please RS fans dont show your spite here. Most of the DP fans are happy that DP has found her man in RS. But that doesnt mean she shouldnt do movie with ranbir. Even in case of SRK_Kajol they were married to different people but their chemistry was one of a kind. RK-DP have cute playful chemistry, whereas RS-DP passionate chemistry. RS has playful chemistry with Anushka and intense chemistry with DP. So lets be happy that they are interested in making a good entertaining movie and not worry about their past relationships.


I am appalled some shipper really want HER film to flop because they dont want her to see success with RK. Is the silly fan fights bigger than success, happiness and failure of ur favourite stars? Every hit film matters regardless how big or small star you are. Even a mindless Race 2 added to her record. Why wish bad for so many technicians and workers involved who are working a hit film benefits all. Funny thing Ranveer himself is so supportive of Deepika and wishes well for her films. Sad to see some fans being meanie to Deepika and being negative towards her films, only because she is liked with Ranbir onscreen by a lot of people.

i agree some fans are oversensitive let let katrina work with salman, let ranveer work with anushka, let ranbir work with deepika, they are all actors and their onscreen pairing is highly appreciated irrespective of what their equation is today. the people who buy tickets to see cinema dont care who is dating who and who is married to who its the film that matters. everyone acting in this industry are grown ups if their girlfriends and boyfriends are fine with their professional choices then fans should also develop some brains and stop being bitter. ..stop hatred spread love!

if they are so territorial, mean and underappreciative towards her now imagine how his fans would be if they every part ways

Will you stop praising Ranveer all the time
Yes he is a good actor not denying that, but he is not better than Ranbir

Can't wait just can't wait for this mv. *_* Deeps role looks extremely interesting!! All the best to the Queen!

I want this film to flop. That will not affect ranbir and deepika but people will stop offering them film and we don't have to go this pain. This is lame! It will ruin everything

Sad to know such small things give PAIN to your life. What a sad life. Go out and have a life of your own its nice to have joys, sadness and pain of your own than being pained about which celeb act in which film with which other celeb.

Go to a shop and buy yourself a broader mind. Clearly you are not a fan of either of them but maybe part of the stupid little childish fan-wars which happens between their jodis must be a fan of RK or DP's current partner. Every film matters, the success of every film matters in the long run for every actor. I am sure their partners are not 2 year old kids like some of you to get affected by their success considering they too are in the same profession. They'll be happy to see them success in their profession than see them failing for childish reasons.


Hellooo hater !:)

Dude , You ok !? :|

These two r too cute. But pls dont post the videos and be a spoiler.

How can act with after what she said about him

song sounds good!

PV is ruining all the fun with these posts on Tamasha and DDD.


I know right. Get ready to be bored by all these TAMASHAS and DDD until they are released.

Totally agree. Getting a bit too much now.

I can't get enough of this video!!!!!!
RKDP chemistry makes even a little clip super-duper interesting!

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