Ranbir Kapoor & friends have fun in France

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Ranbir Kapoor is currently shooting in Corsica for Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha along with Deepika Padukone. With girl-friend Katrina Kaif away, looks like Ranbir is having a gala time in France.

He was spotted having a fun time with choreographer duo Bosco-Ceaser. They were also seen enjoying adventure sports and exploring the cool waters of France.

Well, good to see that boys are having all the fun!

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i think Ranbir just can't be rude, so he is just tolerating kat.

like salman bhai said : "have fun, keep going"

whatever man!

Many set pics of Rk these days..what happened to the private guy all over sudden? Nice pics though

My thoughts exactly! Dude's all over the place
Isn't this the same person that said his life was a "reality show" or suchlike?! :):)

Lol at the comments below. No one is put a gun to Ranbir's head. If he doesn't want to be with Kat then he wouldn't be moving in with her. Yeah, yeah I know you will deny that they are or will soon live together but just wait and watch because pretty soon that will become a confirmed fact as well. But then again some of y'all are still in denial they are a couple so nevermind. LMAO.

I agree I dont like katrina n dont want ranbir to marry her as she doesn't deserve him n to me is just using him bt he loves her want to b with her n according to latest update ranbir tokd a daily newspaper k marriage will happen sometime soon mein budda ho ra hon so I feel its a hint as stardust editor as tweeted k rk finally popup the question kat agree getting hitched by the end of this year n katrina also nt signing any new films so he us happy with her dats y building home with her n moving in otherwise he would have left het

Ranbir is always happy when Katrina is not around ... He looks miserable when she is with him. And some delusional people call that "love". Katrina - if you really care for him, just leave him alone and let him be happy.

That's so true
When she is around him he is not happy
You can tell he smiling here

He ALWAYS has fun when he's away from Katrina

"With girl-friend Katrina Kaif away, looks like Ranbir is having a gala time in France."

-------------------------------> Maybe he's having a gala time with Ayan Mukherjee away. ;)

Ranbir Kapoor is one hell of a charming guy. He is magnetic and extremely charming, no wonder all girls drool over him.

Ranbir never used to post any pictures of him on sets having fun or with his friends because he is such a "private" person.

Suddenly, after Ranveer's holiday/shoot pictures, we see more of him...mmmmm...

Exactly, I felt the same too :)

Haha loool! Probably his pr or manager told him to do this to be more 'seen' to go like a la Ranveer/priyanka...

This dude seems to be all over the place lately!

His natural ease, smile and fun nature comes out when Katrina is not around. It says a lot.

i think before marriage Ranbir wants to have a time of his life and not miss out on any bachelor fun hangouts. It seems true seeing these pics that he is going to tie the knot by end of this year after BV releases or atleast be engaged. On the other hand we cant deny that he looks so sad with Katrina when he is seen with her. Everything looks all confusing. A CHAOS THEORY like movie in the making in real life. Pv plz post

Seems like they're having a great time. Really like Ranbir's bandanna. ;-)

"With girl-friend Katrina Kaif away, looks like Ranbir is having a gala time in France." LOL what are you trying to insinuate?

His smile says a lot. He is happy when she is not around him.
She can't be

how can anyone call him good looking is beyond me, its sad how success makes a man good looking not his actual physical appearance

That's not sad at all. What would be sad is if people only got judged for their loooks and outward appearance. Shahrukh is not conventionally good looking but thank god people gave him a chance in Bollywood because the man has so much charm and presence that women go crazy over him. Same think with an actress like Meryl Streep who may not look like a beauty queen but thank god Hollywood gave her a chance because she is so elegant and talented. People who meet Ranbir always mention how charming and polite they find him. But if we we are talking about just looks, I think he is good looking in that way as well as do many other people. Tall, slim but muscular, knows how to fill out a suit, eyes that can express a lot, athletic as he often plays sports, and ahem...have you ever taken a good look at those hands?

Their is a pic where is is texting katrina

He was not texting her yaar

Gosh, was Ranbir holding a board saying'' Hey Now I am texting Katrina.'' Their joint fans are the bigegst fools.


seriously i have seen a pic n posted it too but pv didnt approve it he was chiiling at beach holding phone n typing

I have also seen that pic of ranbir he is sitting little far on the beach char and only the back side of his phone can be seen how can you say the he was only messaging katrina he is a big star lot of people everyday message him on his phone family/friends/Bollywood people etc,why katrina only?. stupid rankat fans like you only began with spreading the rumors.Pinkvilla please do post this.

having the time of his life. I wish I had the money

yeahhh. He looks happy without Katrina. Good times ahead ;) No wonder Deepika wished the bestest year for kat :p

Hmm yr kitne maze hn in stars k kam ka kam n maze bi itne. Ranbir is really enjoying. I remember salman words on kwk to ranbir"have fun" n to katrina " make sure he doesn't have fun" lol by the way there was no need to drag katrina name here its useless plus she is nt away London n france r nt too far

Salman didn't meant ''water sports'' when he said ''Have fun'' to Ranbir.

So what does he means?plz tell

Ranbir is such a free spirited guy, How will he cope with the cold and stuck up Kat.

Exactly what's the point to include katrina kaif here. She didn't even visit him in Corsica. It's just katrina kaif over enthu PR team.

Ok what was the need to mention Katrina kaif here ???

What are u a Police, to keep a tab on what to mention and what not. Focus on your comments and life. Don't dictate.

they get money as soon as they mention them together

ummm... they are NOT friends. Just choreographer and their assistant

5 dislikes?? Seriously?? Why are people so delusional??? Just because you work with stars doesn't mean that you are "friends" with them.

Ranbir in a beard
One reason to watch it :P

Where is Deepika?? I think she maintaining a distance with ranbir. i have seen lots of sets pic of Tamasha. But there were no single pic that Ranbir Deepika in the same frame..

That must be the new strategy of Tamasha PR team. no ranbir on deepika's pictures and no deepika on ranbir's pictures. It kinda increases curiosity.

They are really following DDD strategies here..;-)

After they copied Bombay Velvet and got Virat-Deepika there ;)

Who is that girl?part of the cast and crew?

arre ye toh same ladki who was clicked with Katrina but was thin then !

No that girl is different

very smart, she is not going to become fat in 2 days, I assume you have not taken selfie or close up. take your picture from normal distance and selfie see how your face bloats in close up.

plz chup karo rankat fan. that photo of Katrina and bosco assistant is of months back from bang bang initial days.you know right from how long bang bang began shooting but waa being held up she is the same girl and had a nose stud then. so plz check your facts. mine are checked !!!

you think I am dumb, looks like you are.

she is a choregrapher who is part of bosco's team

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