Tamasha Plot: Ranbir is a nomad and Deepika a comics series buff *Spoiler Alert*

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We saw pictures and videos of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone dancing through the streets of the beautiful island, Corsica. They were shooting for their Imtiaz Ali movie 'Tamasha'. While we started to wonder what could be the reason behind all the theatrical costumes and the nagin dances, a tabloid has come up with the plot of the movie.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Ranbir Kapoor plays a nomad in the movie. Apparently, Ranbir's character is that of a free spirit, who does not have a permanent home but goes wandering in the streets of Corsica. He likes to make people happy and sing songs for them. It is here that he meets Deepika, who is a fan of the French comics 'Asterix'. She herself sets out on a journey following the trail of a character in the series. The two lead stars share their love for the comics and adventure, going out exploring life.

Well, you can guess what happens next. Apparently, the title of the movie is based on Shakespearean monologue, 'All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players'.

Exciting or not?

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hasn't he played 'nomad' in almost every other movie? same with deepika's roles...
they're all typecast - only kangana ranaut and few other actors manage to do radically different roles

OK GUYS this is what happes in India. The kids who were 13 years old when LOVE AAJ KAL released will be now 19 when this movie release. They dont need any plot or anythig, just some hot stars, some catchy music, and showing some romance would do to bring them to audience. India has ton and tons of young girls and boys , so makers just exploit it to make some quick bucks. Once they make a name for themselves, the rest of the journey is going smoothly for another 10 years even if they make crap.

Everything is there to make another Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani. Only an item number by Madhuri Dixit is needed for that best of luck kicking. Ranbir & Madhuri's chemistry was crackling in Ghagra.

Imtiaz + Ranbir & Deepika + AR Rahman. What more can we ask for?

Sounds fun! For those complaining that this is just 'another Imtiaz movie' and they 'wont be watching the movie' and blah blah, have to realise that this movie isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, however there are many who love Imtiaz's style of movies. So frankly if you don't want to watch this movie, then don't. But personally I can't wait since I love his bright, beautiful, energetic and life affirming movies! Also, Ranbir and Deepika are great actors and the music will be great because of A. R. Rahman, so I feel that this film will be a huge hit!

Ek tho Imtiaz Ali movie upar se Ranbir aur Deepika, its like Sone pe Suhaga.. Can't wait... :)

I bet this movie will be rock solid.

move along folks, nothing new to see here...

I doubt the plot is as simplistic as this piece of news presents it. It is bound to be complex and intense. Looking forward to the movie and this wonderful pairing.

Refreshing. so tired of our Kicks, Bang Bangs and Dhooms.

yea also chennai express and happ new year crap

not at all refereshing if you have watched imtiaz alis films

I think Imtiaz Ali is better than this. he will give something different.

Imtiaz Ali's way of story telling is amazinggg n his films are always a visual treat.... Now that it has 2 beautiful actors Ranbir n Deepika in it, it makes it more exciting n interesting.. Haters please go away n dont ruin the excitement unnecessarily by ur oversmart comments...

People are tooooo judgemental here.. I am pretty much sure by the looks of it ki it's gonna be a huge n phenomenal hit..

I suspect this is going to be lyrical and romantic. And there will be some serious intensity.

I don't know... Exploring, nomad, travelling - they're all there in all of his films. It's just a mixture of Rockstar and Highway. I expected the storyline to be more intense. Very much like YJHD, and if it is I am not going to watch this film. Let there be a twist somewhere.


Who cares about the plot in an imtiaz movie...its just about how people find themselves when they fall in love..His only saving grace is that he cast Ranbir and Deepika..


I think this movie is not going to work. Hopefully last movie of Ranbir and Deepika together.

Hi katrina

another article about deepika today

The movie looks interesting! And don't even talk about that it will be a hit or flop. If a mindless Dhoom 3 can be India's biggest hit , then this movie still has a good director and two phenomenal actors!

I liked the title Window Seat a lot better, it sounder prosaic and intriguing at the same time. Tamasha I hope is working title.
And I suspected the first time I saw the pics with Ranbir's clothes and the rocky walled set that the movie will have some late medieval/Shakespearean elements, maybe enacting a play from the era. (As You Like It , from which the quote is taken out, and Much Ado about Nothing have two of most liked Shakespearean heroines: Rosalind and Beatrice, respectively.) But Deepu loks like a dream in these stills. I'm sure even if the movie won't be a major hit, she and Ranbir will have great chemistry/interaction onscreen.

seems like no one is interested in this tamasha i think the theme of ranbir playing a nomad was explored in rockstar considering he was kicked out of his home and also yjhd in which he travels a lot so nothing intresting in that now coming to deepikas character at first it sounded interesting that she is a fan of this comic but how else can her character devolp will it be about ranbir like it was in yjhd cause in that movie it was how ranbir was detached and his story of how he fell in love with naina who waits for him and from what little i have seen or heard this also feels like that where ranbir is trying to prove himself and then fall in love in process of entertaining people i dont now how many agree with me but this is what i concluded

oh man this going to flop very badddddd. not wishing but this has no chance at all.

Absolutely excited ! Something different . Given how talented these two are, it's going to be a good movie. They have a magical chemistry.

It sounds very unexciting.

Imtiaz needs to stop remixing his own movies , it sounds like mixture of Rockstar, Love Aaj Kal

SPOILER ALERT - reveals the *details* of the movie which may ruin the experience for future audience who have not come across the film/movie

SYNOPSIS - gives a brief *overview* of the movie to let the audience know what the subject is

Sounds like a snooze fest. Imtiaz's stories are bewildering and somewhat boring. How many more ways can two people meet and fall in love?

seems like no plot to just showcase some great locations and rich costumes. Funny thing is bollywood movies are all about making others happy but I rarely even get a 'HI' 'HELLO' from them when I see them face to face on streets in daily basis.

It is exciting. Looking forward to this film.

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