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Watch the first look motion poster of Roy

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Here is the first look motion poster of Bhushan Kumar’s ROY starring Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandes and Arjun Rampal. The motion poster will be followed by the trailer, which will be launched tomorrow.

The movie has Ranbir playing the role of a thief named Roy. Directed by debutant director Vikramjit Singh, Roy is scheduled to release on February 13.

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It reminds me of SHABD the 2005 movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Aishwarya Rai and Zayed Khan.

Saw the trailer. Amazing.

People who say Ranbir has a cameo role are wrong! Ranbir is playing a thief that's a big meaty role bigger than Arjun Rampal!

YAY I can't wait!

This looks interesting.. I have been wanting for a suspense film in a loooong time! Tired of all mindless rom-coms...

Yes, Ranbir is doing a supporting role in Roy. He confirmed that himself a few months ago

Is that jackies arms comming out of arjun's eye haha

The right eye of arjun's look like a cigarette comming out lol

I hope it does not turn out to be another Shabd! That was so bad!

Cameo? Lol, do you even know what a cameo means? I don't think Ranbir is going to accept 10 mins role. This is a supporting role just like Saif Ali Khan was to SRK in Kal Ho Na Ho. Arjun has the lead role while Ranbir has supporting role. So I will still say he has a big role in Roy.

i love arjun......glad to see him after a long time.........

They are misleading the audience showing as if Ranbir is the protagonist and with lead role....he is not...Its gonna backfire after the initial weekend.

In Hollywood this is not a big deal, but here it is a big deal. I think it is good that Ranbir is doing a second lead or a cameo. There are no rules such as that they do only main leads. It is the role that should matter.

Ranbir has a cameo..he only filmed for this film for a week....Arjun shot for almost 2 months...So he has the max role and Jacqueline has double role, I hope its substantial and important.

Looks interesting. Cant wait for the trailer.

Arjun Rampal is the main protagonist while Ranbir has a guest appearance . The makers are promoting Ranbir like it's his movie & the audience will also go expecting it to be a Ranbir starrer . It's going to backfire on them.

We dont have any screen writer? All have been death?!!! Thanks to mr amir khan who given idea to bollywood industry valas. Amir khan , salman khan , hirtik roshan, sharukh khan how many thief rules we will get to see. And i have read some where arjun is playing rule of director in film how much director's rules he will play looks like it's mix of ome shanti ome and dhoom series. in bollywood every one follows others success methods no creativety and uniqueness , and i have to say all actors do hard work but again only unique and new things get value and appercation and they will be trend for others to follow but you always give appercation to whom set trend(amir) not they person (ranbir)follow the trend and idea and who starts copy others. Any way trailer is have been out tomorrow hope it will be a super duper even the idea of story of the film is not new. Will see it for great performance of ranbir. Pv post.

Ranbir is the only selling point of this film , who would watch a film with Arjun Rampal as a lead hero now ?

Why are they trying to sell this as a Ranbir kapoor movie? he's doing a cameo na?

Not cameo , he is Supporting Role Maybe

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