When Ranveer got over-enthusiastic during the Deepika-Ranbir 'Tamasha' shoot

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We know that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were shooting for their Imtiaz Ali movie 'Tamasha' in the beautiful island of Corsica. We also know that Deepika's alleged beau Ranveer Singh joined his girlfriend there for a few days. Apparently, Ranveer being Ranveer, created quite a buzz on the sets of the shoot.

News is that Ranveer took a keen interest during the movie shoot. The handsome hunk placed himself right in front of the monitor and cheered heartily for his girlfriend every time a shot was 'okayed'. What more, Ranveer also offered his valuable suggestions and inputs to director Imtiaz, leaving the filmmaker perplexed and a tad annoyed. A source is also reported to have said that girlfriend Deepika herself was pretty embarrassed by her guy's meddling and over-enthusiasm.

However, it is interesting and sort of sweet to know that none of them, including Deepika's ex Ranbir, made their displeasure known to Ranveer. They apparently went with the 'grin and bear it' policy until this energetic guest left them to shoot at peace.

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a lot of ppl are saying rk doesn't have time for this, let me tell you, ranbir makes time when it comes to deepveer, he's not over dp and he hates rs for driving her away from him, he thought she won't fall for another guy, the way she fell for him, now that she's falling for rs real hard, he's taking it really hard, but all i can say is, stop with the childish attitude rk , grow up and move on, god knows she has

Hahaha look who is talking? So acc to u deepveer fans they have been togther for the past 2 years but this woman has been using his name since much longer. For ur satisafction lets just exclude what they said abt each other during YJHD promotions. Now pick any other interview of her & see how ahe goes gaga over him & their so called SPECIAL bond which apparently his wife/gf will also have to deal with :O
She keeps inviting him to his parties-kabhi house warming, kabhi success party but he doesnt bother to give her even that much of attention & u say Ranbir wants her back?!!!! Hahahahah!

Another deluded deepveer fan who are trying hard that Ranbir gives some attention to their favs bt sorry u and ur favs ain't getting it. How many times in a day do u keep satisfying this baseless thought of urs that ranbir cares about either deepika or ranveer! If at all there is anyone who is yet not over its ur miss deepika. Her atrocious comments like his wife/gf will have to deal with our SPECIAL bond...i get Butterflies in my stomach...saying i love u ranbir during iffa award...i wanna be the first girl that ranbir directs n blah blah blah. Even after this do i have to explain who is behaving childishly?!

you keep throwing thatat her and you never mention that rk himself said that he agreed with that special bond comment during his besharam promotions, she said i love you to him, he said i love dp and will always love her, why only focus on what dp says and not what he says

As i said correctly u are actually deluded. When asked about her comment during besharam promotions he clearly said 'I dont know [of any such bond] but for me my wife would be the most special'
This is what he said & if u still dont believe me then google it up!
& lmao he also chose a 5 yr old over her so take that ! :p

i know for a fact that deepika truly loved ranbir, and it was (and maybe still) hard for her to move on completely, and above all the break up wasn't mutual it's hurtful enough to realise your love was maybe one sided, and its hurtful more when the person you love hurts your dignity and end things in the worst way that can exist. to get over all of that completely isn't easy, so i do understand that deepika was angry at first that's why she gave some bad comments on ranbir, and i do understand that even now, in a moment of weakness, if some hurtful memories about ranbir rushes back to her mind she can hurts him back, it's a very human behavior, but i'm sure she is and wants to be always a good person, so she is trying her best to keep a peaceful heart and mind about what happened in the past, and she's making a real attempt to be friend with ranbir again and forgive and forget completely the past, people should just give her her time and space, also she really wants to start over and give love another chance through her relationship with ranveer, she's really wanting to believe in love again and trust again. now what escapes my mind is, how people can be so mean and be happy for someone's hardship or someone's aching heart? how people can blame someone for falling in love truly? i just find some human beings less human and heartless.
and to be honnest....sometimes the truth is far from what we see, and what we see here all, is that deepika (out of her expressive and straightforward nature) is the one who is still clinging to ranbir and not moving on, but deep down, it could be actually the opposite that is happening around...i usually get this feeling

Tamasha promotion have started, indeed full of tamasha. Dear tamasha's PR, its stupid to release such articles which turnish other actor's reputation.

Rubbish article ! ranveer went to corsia on tamasha shoot in mid of July , and then he went to shoot for an ad in romania with arjun in August and , this negative news came after , more then 3 weeks , like 25 days later , ask why these publisher take soooo much time to publish this negative news late . , he's energetic , enthusiastic behaviour has been always shown in a bad light , some ppl are seriously after ranveer . and those who are saying that why deepika is with him , she's in Love , and when a girl is in love she love the guy the way he his , and we fans love him every inch of him , first go and judge ur self in a mirror .

Somebody said it right. A big flop joke no actress wants to spend even 5 minutes with!

well the queen of bollywood has been with him for two years, who cares what you think

Queen of bollywood! Who? Deepika? Hahahha...

What does Ranbir have to do with this attention seeking actor? This guy ranveer is anyways infamous for his public manners!

I still like Ranveer better then Ranbir... At least he try's 2 make an effort to go see her in Shoots and gives her attention and time , encouragement unlike Ranbir who just cheated on her with god knows how many girls and then lying and sneaking around behind her back and putting "low battery" On names for girls in his phone that he was fooling around with so if they called or texted that would pop up... Well all I have 2 say is Deepika enjoy Ranveer clapping and Praising u he just means well

Ranbir is way better than Ranveer
I don't know why you have to criticize Ranbir all the time
Let me tell you Ranbir is not a cheater
The battery low thing was just a joke on KWK (2010) Ranbir said it was just a joke.

We already have got proof of ranveer's loyalty through Anushka & i dont understand why do u have to repeatedly bring Ranbir's name in every Ranveer related news. Insecure much?

And yes anon repeating it again that RK doesn't need to take permission from deepika to go on movie dates with katrina. This is a free country. He has all theright to make plans for himself irrespective of when deepika is throwing a party or not!

His girlfriend has an over enthusiastic PR. So his over enthusiastic act has not come as a shock to me. And it's normal for Ranveer Singh to feel insecure about Ranbir. I mean we all know how Deepika gushes over Ranbir every time. She just can't get over her ex boyfriend. She did not used to let him go. Reasons better known to her & her fans. So all these must have sent her dangling boyfriend into nuts. Deepika should not be be embarrassed though. After all she has chosen to dangle with Mr. Singh by her own choice.

pv please post this. Don't ignore. Thanks!

I love your comments @bollydeewana. Bang on! :)

Thank you sweets :)

Revenge from Ranbir for DP bringing her bf to the sets , Katrina was there but she didnt come to the sets and make things awkward

Katrina was never there
PR made a colon version of her to fool all of you
to think that she was there when she wasn't

so according to your analyse, we should wait now, for a revenge from deepika?!!! .....AWKWARD !!!

First of all ranveer singh had been on many film set of deepika,so no complain from other & why from this? i don't think so he will do anything like this,he is a very professional man,i don't know nowadays so much negativity about ranveer is going on,i think this story r made up to create some hype for their project.Ranveer is energetic but that doesn't mean he behave badly,he will not do anything which will hurt deepika for sure!!!!

Lol this story is about as true as Ranbir planting this. As if RS and RK didn't have better things to do. Peoples' imaginations are amaaazing.

Old interview of RK with Deepika, he sounds so cute (unlike now).RK - I was ur fan until u started dating Kat ! Such good chemistry between Deepika & Ranbir !Now I love u Ranveer Singh

Maybe he was like that before people starting shuving cameras in his face, in his privat time with his gf, in shorts, trying to kill him by chasing his cars. Everyone bwood star changes over time. It has nothing to do with katrina. Why dont u grow up and take ur numb brain elsewhere. U think a man who is a ruler in a whole eternity has such low will power that a woman can influence his mind and his behaviour. No. Katrina made salman a better person. If katrina is soooo bas and deepika soooo nice then why is it taht kat is always the person who never says anything bad. Why does crap always come out of deepikas mouth.

And please..,ranbir doesnt need brainless fans and he doesnt need to have his life an open book for girls to later on say he is a olayboy and se it as a fard to act the victom.

he said in a zoom interview,when asked if he's with someone"why talk about something, you're not sure of", that's the real and only reason, why he's not talking about katrina, he's not sure about her, which is weird, he's known her for 5 years, they have been dating for 3, yes they are off, more than they are on, still he shouldn't take that long, that's not a good sign now is it?

That he said years ago & people do their perspective over the years. Didn't ur own deepika said that she is an Indian girl & she doesnt go on dates as its not in our culture and then later went to New York with Mr.Singh. She contradicted her statement within two months! And in her latest interview she also said that she should be allowed to date guys casually when earlier she was like i never go on casual dates. We make statements keeping our current and past situations in mind. Ranbir has had a bad experience with deepika and on top of it kat is a very private person. She didnt even acknowledge her relationship with salman. Moreover Ranveer deepika too deny their relationship then why do u always target Rankat?

True, he was honest and upfront about his girlfriend back then , not like the games he is playing now , dating/not dating Kat, moving in together, beach pics etc

Ranbir is very honest
He is not dating Kat Kaif
His hints give proof that he is not into her in lovey dovey way

from deepika's interviews, it seems that all her folks think that ranveer is not the man for her, and with all respect for her and ranveer, i too think he is not the one for her. deepika is a caring person, she needs to take care of someone, it makes her happy, and it makes her happier if someone accept her caring attitude and appreciate it, ranveer in the other hand is a very sensitive guy, he likes someone who spoils him and pamper him, and he found that in deepika. also deepika is underconfident, it's a trait in her personality, she work hard to fix it, and having someone who always encourage her, and who is fascinated by every little thing about her, only boosts her confidence, also ranveer is an outsider and people in the industry don't really like him for some reason, deepika is a kind person by nature, and to everybody (until someone hurts her, then she can be really defensive), she doesn't belong to any camp in the industry, she was kind enough to accept ranveer the way he is, she didn't make him feel like an outsider. so i think ranveer and deepika mostly need each other, are serious about each other, want to work on their relationship, and they are good friends, but love?!....i don't know about love. but i have to say, deepika roll away, more and more, from her real "self" since she is with ranveer. and i honestly don't like it.

but in the case of this article, i wouldn't be surprised if it's true, ranveer could have been more affectionnate and encouraging to deepika just to irk ranbir (just like ranbir did at the NDTV award show to irk ranveer), the two men can't stand each other even if they try to show they are cool, because they are extremly possessive of the same woman.

i call what ranbir and deepika feel for each other : a "deep mess", it's a mixture of every feeling that a human being can feel, and i dont know the end of it, but i feel it's still not over for them in some way and for some reason, they didn't choose to, but they are forced to stay away from each other for abvious reasons, but what i feel is that, they always want to be together, happy or sad, getting along or not, in good terms or in bad terms, talking or being silent, it doesn't really matter, you feel, just being together is largely enough for them.

this is a personnal opinion

thank you ranbir for the insightful comment, but so that you know, just because you're not over her, doesn't mean she feels the same way,just because you think she's the one, does not mean she thinks the same, you had your shot, you ruined it.she moved on. DEAL


hi deepika get over me please i think u r sweet but still stop being a hung up girl

hi katrina, get over him please, i think ur a sweet girl, but he's not that into you, but then again, i think u already know that, but u don't have the dignity to walk away

Hey deepika Rankat have been going strong for the past 4 years while u have changed 3 BFs in that course of time!

hey kat if by going strong you mean him treating you like a door mat and you following him all over the world, not to mention that you have been off, more than on, then yes, you're going very very strong

spot on, everyone and their mom knows that she's the one running behind him,deluding herself and her fans that he's serious about her, which he's not, and he will marry her which he won't, he doesn't love her, he loves the attention he gets for being with her

Nice joke !!

1. Is it necessary that today's bf/gf has to check their love interest while they r on work. 2. R they insecure? 3. Or do they do it for publicity? 4. Do they want to spend genuinely their time with each other? 5. then why dnt they take break? 6. Or why dnt they just get married n leave this profession n lead a lovely life? All the alleged couple now in B-Town are so irritating n Attention-Seeking. They r just making fun of the term ''Relationship''.

Xactly!! As if movie sets are the only places they can meet. On top of tht they keep denying their relationships...LOL

The only time I liked him was during RL promotions... He was indeed decent in all promotional events.. I dont know what went wrong with him after that.. He acts weird, try to act funny, wears some stupid clothes(god knows Y), makes some wacky hairstyles, always jumps around like monkey... Seriously those are not likeable qualities in a Man.. It's irritating n annoying n I for once dont think DP can date someone like him... Its far from the truth..

This guy is so fake.

People are commenting that Ranbir planted this! Ha! Ha ! Ha! That's right Ranbir is jobless and as compassionate , sweet Deepika is she is doing great favours by doing Tamasha with him! I mean come on. As if Deepika and Ranveer this two extra smart are only super stars left in this country? That's right Ram leela did business of 300 cr( only film to do so) and BM is going to touch 500 cr mark. Every one is scared of this two. Forget Ranbir he is 'kis ped ki patti' in front of Ranveer even Salman and Srk and Amir get complex because of him. Right? Poor Karan couldn't get his dates so he his doing another Coffee show just to butter up Ranveer and signed him for his next film. Wake up guys two more flops and mr.super star is back to the square one.

He probably didn't plant this, I agree he has better things to do, but self admittedly he is a big gossip aunty! Kareena said on koffee with karan that she gets all masala news from Ranbir. So he must have gossiped, that' s possible right?

Exactly! This ranveer/ deepika PR or fandom whatever it is they think their favs are like gods and others are trash. Ranbir would be the last person to bother about this so called queen and her attention seeking boyfriend!

Ranbir pls stay away from these two. They are hungry for publicity

Ranveer has been on chennai express , HNY , finding Fanny and tamasha sets . All other directors only have great things to say about him where deepika was shooting with top directors and actors. All his directors and co-actors only have wonderful things to say about him. Most of his directors openly say that they want to work with him again. Farah Rohit homi all director son whose sets he visted DP, srk who was producer just love him . I have never heard anyone complaining about his unprofessionalism on set DVD. If he is mischevious SLB has many times said how sincere and commuted get is. He doesn't eve like to play pranks on set. Even Anushka keeps saying he is very serious during filming .ditto vikas bahl and motwane . And these are BIG NAMES who have said it openly .Why only these stories from ranbir Kapoor sets ? Something is suspicious and I'm not a Ranveer singh fan I'm just stating facts .

Pls tell me the so called gr8 things which the directors had to say about him Mr singh ki PR

Hahaha please watch ranveers episode of yeh hai meri kahani ..for Vikas bahl and vikramaditya..read any homi interview for FFF, see Ranveer and farah interaction in deepika party, read sanjay leela bhansali interview after ramleela in filmfare, see zoya Facebook chat, see Farhans BBC interview, see srk in star awards where he says ranveer reminds him of himself..and everyone on koffee with karan said ranbir is source of most gossip and is biggest gossip monger .. So it's not surprising if he has published this article..ranbir boring Kapoor with his boring and sleep inducing interviews .. Whose commercials no1 even remembers ..who is just too boring to even be bothered about..and the fact that you can again N again comment on Ranveer repeated shows you like your idol are insecure of Ranveer

anyone watch the interview with Komah Nahta, Salman and Jacquelin?
Jackie said lots of propoganda going on in Bollywood, celebs call journalist to gossip about other stars or start silly baseless rumours.

This guy drinks too much coffee and redbull...

I knew this. This is how they are going to sell this pathetic film. At least I am not gonna watch this film in theatre( though I love Ranbir). This guy I mean no one was ready to work with him. Even today his so called girlfriend and Pc are the only two A lister who are working with him. Forget Ranbir some one like Arjun Kapoor and Sid have better box office record than him. Irfan looked 10 times sexier than him in Gumday. He is in news all the time for his 'special ' relation with still reigning Queen Deepika that's it!

I m sorry. I think i misunderstood ur statement. I thought u are talking about ranbir. Apologies. Comletely agree with ur above statement. Ranveer is a full on attention seeker! N sry Got confused as u said 'pathetic' film.

Wow u say u love ranbir and then full on trashing him! Tell me in which way ranbir & this news are related? What does ranbir have to do with this? Its about ranveer deepika and imtiaz. Ranbir's name wasnt even mentioned yet u bashed him. U r a hater hiding in the mask of a fan. And did i hear nobody was ready to work with him??? Seriously in which world are u living? Infact nobody was ready to work with deepika after her string of flops. Ranbir gave her yjhd. When the whole industry was boycotting priyanka bcz of her affair with srk, this guy was her only friend yet u haters are behind his life. Hating him for no reason!

He may be energetic and showing his support but he is not one to meddle in a film that is not his own. BS, so whichever journalist/source who is obviously a Ranveer-hater, go get a life because your fake stories ain't going to be believed.

For those saying Ranbir planted this story...it's well known that Ranbir is one of the few actors that doesn't have a PR team. He doesn't need one. Not saying the story is true but I don't think it came from Ranbir either.

Exactly! 100% correct. But this man and his girlfriend and their blind fans are hungry for Ranbir's life. I hope RK never does a film with DP again. She is such a source of negative energy!

Exactly! 100% correct. But this man and his girlfriend and their blind fans are hungry for Ranbir's life. I hope RK never does a film with DP again. She is such a source of negative energy!

Such lies .. I refuse to believe this article ! Ranveer is a little hyper but doesnt make a fool of himself ! Ranbir's PR Machinery is running overtime and is showcasing others in a bad light! Grow up RK ... by showing Ranveer in a bad light ur not going to be a bigger person!

Typical Ranveer singh fan! U guys have such selective memory. For once learn to accept ur favs fault. Ranbir is already a better actor and a much bigger person and that is the reason why his fans dont stoop low to ur level. Let me remind u it was ranveer only who accused deepika of playing dirty PR games with him. Portraying him as a love struck puppy. Then on deepika's success bash too stories had come out that he didnt behave properly. And ranbir didnt even attend the bash. He was watching film with katrina. All this makes very evident that its Deepika's PR behind all this and also that ur dear ranveer must learn how to behave in public!

Typical Ranbir fan who think he is god! Lol ... this is funny, all of u are insecure of Ranveer !

That is no reply to my comment. Since even u know that whatever i have written is 100% true & logical thats s why u are diverting the topic and accusing me of being insecure of mr. Singh. Well i suppose u are that same guy who wrote every director has only goos things to say abt ranveer commment. As usual hiding in the mask of anon. Or are u ranveer singh himself? Pls come with a logical reply or else dont comment at all. And insecurity is what u are doing. Me as a RK fan never drag Ranveer or Deepika in a post related to him or Rankat. So learn something!

Okay Dude, I will give you an answer ! We DONOT have selective memory, Ranbir fans think he is GOD, lol! Ranbir is not a bigger actor coz Ranbir started his career before RANVEER and is today compared with RANVEER SINGH, he is so insecure that Ranbir said on KWK that he regrets passing BBB! How is Ranbir a bigger person ? He cheated on someone who loved him, made fun of his gfs on KWK! We RANVEER fans donot stoop on a low level, we are just stating the facts .. (LET ME TELL YOU I WORK FOR A PR FIRM AND I KNOW HOW IT ALL FUNCTIONS!) If Ranveer ever accused Deepika of playing dirty love games may be she did (even her PR machinery runs overtime). If he didnot behave properly at Deepika's party .. may be thats what he is! Have u forgotten Ranbir once broke a media person's camera, IIFA incident etc. Ranbir didnot attend the bash BUT purposely went out with his gf to watch a film just to steal attention away from the girl who worked so hard and threw a party! Ranveer doesnt need to learn how to behave in public .. he is just too cute which some of you cant accept coz at some time Ranbir was like that, outgoing +fun! He has bcom cold since Katty ... hope u understand. and btw, get well soon :) PV plz plz post!

Ranbir fans dont think ranbir is GOD. Neither we ground commenting or trashing anyone. We only DEFEND our fav when somebody ( mostly RS/DP fans) accuse him all the time. Dont u remember Ranveer threatned to break a fan's nose during the promotion of BBB. And hats off to ur thinking, now he has to take miss deepika's permission for going out on a movie date with his GF?! He has schedule his plans according to her convinience. Ranbir is a decent & well behaved guy which ur RS isn't and the whole industry & get this thing straight into ur head that just bcz u worship deepika doesnt mean others will also do. He can go out on dates whenever he want & kindly stop poking his name into every RS DP news! Nd yes u still didnt answer my question!

Ranbir fans dont think ranbir is GOD. Neither we ground commenting or trashing anyone. We only DEFEND our fav when somebody ( mostly RS/DP PR) accuse him all the time. Dont u remember Ranveer threatned to break a fan's nose during the promotion of BBB. And hats off to ur thinking, now he has to take miss deepika's permission for going out on a movie date with his GF?! He has schedule his plans according to her convinience. Ranbir is a decent & well behaved guy which ur RS isn't and the whole industry & get this thing straight into ur head that just bcz u worship deepika doesnt mean others will also do. He can go out on dates whenever he want & kindly stop poking his name into every RS DP news! Nd yes u still didnt answer my question!

i don't believe this is true. He doesn't interfere in his own projects so why would he in others, for example in Ram Leela- they would have to learn a script and then the morning of the shoot SLB would change his mind and completely change the dialogues and scene and Ranveer complied. This story really doesn't add up, though it fits with his enthusiastic character something seems off. I don't buy it.

ridiculous article.....

i find it hard to believe this, because i have heard that though ranveer can be very enthausiastic offsets-when the camera is on he is very respectful and professional. I heard that from Sanjay lee bansali specifically. I mean, i could be wrong but i have always heard that people find it hard that he has so much energy and is professional as well. Doesn't really make sense. But if it did happen, its very mature of the crew to just grin and bear it.

I find it hard to believe this story. First off Ranbir and Deepika are much bigger stars than Singh and they have a very successful and respected director in Imtiaz Ali. Ranveer would probably not even be allowed on set while they were shooting and even if he did act smart I am sure Deepika is not going to grin and take it, why would she, he is sort of interfering with what could be a very important movie in her career and she doesn't care ?? I dnt know, unless Masand writes a blind piece about it I am not buying it.

I doubt it's true. Ranveer may be over enthusiastic but he knows his boundaries & Imtiaz is not the kind of guy who gets irritated. I have always seen him shower love to everyone around him. This is just some wild imagination of a bored journo!

I really wish tamasha is a super flop..creating a rumor by giving negative publicity to somebody just to gain attention for ur movie is ACTUALLY unprofessional and ridiculous...there are so many pics of tamasha released and u will not find Ranveer in one single pic...there are only 2 pics of him in some coffee shop...they gave haters a chance to pound upon him...the movie and its lead is already sourpuss so they thought of gaining attention by using Ranveer's name...see they started talking abt it everywhere but such things will not make ur movie a hit...

Ranveer Singh is too hyper. He's not a super star but his girlfriend is so he needs to know his place and butt out.

No matter how supportive a boyfriend he might be, by acting like this, he is only harming his girlfriend and not helping her. She has worked really hard to be where she is today and we know that in the film industry, connections are everything. It is no good pissing off her director even if he means well.

Deepika pr when are u going to stop taking the mick out of RS. you have already made him look like a school boy i. Love with deepika plz leave some of his dignity entact

Jealous Ranbir trying to put Ranveer down!

A supporting, overenthusiastic boyfriend is any day better than cheating, sly boyfriend!

Ranveer singh is a hyper maniac.

Hmmm I dunno about this story. He has been on DP's film sets before and this is the first time that we hear about him interfering on the set. I wonder if Ranbir had something to do with this story.

you said it right he had been in her sets of other fims as well bt didnt hear this kind of news before.. if the film is not is getting enough publicity then think abt any other stategy why circulating this rubbish... TERRIBLE...!!! didnt expect this kind of cheapness..!!!

Sure Ranbir has so much time for this.

Celebrity PR seem to have all the time in the world to spread rumours. You can see that very well on PV. :)

Exactly Deepika and Ranveer's PR are there on PV all the time. We can see that :)

why is media always showing ranbir and deepika in good light and ranveer and katrina in bad light WTF this is so unbelievable first i read an article on miss malini abt ranbir and deepika playing some game (truth or dare)
and now i read this this is so bad promotion for tamasha why wld ranveer interfere this is like saying when deepika wanted to be AD on ddd shoot but in a bad way

Probably BS. I can see him being enthusiastically supportive but i doubt he'd be dumb enough to overstep his boundaries with a director on a film he's not even working on. Why did this piece of "news" even come out now rather than earlier? Not buying it.

Just goes to show how you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. IMO its a tad unprofessional to have ur alleged boyf come to your place of work, especially when its ur 'high as a kite' alleged boyf....Just saying!!!

Very annoying dude

Even though I DON'T like Deepika (and I'm a Bebo fan), I always think Deepika is way-way-way too good for this guy. First off, Deepika is excessively gorgeous and she can find a much better-looking, more mature guy than Ranveer. Ranveer has just started off and it will take time for him to reach a sort of stardom which Deepika has reached. At this stage, Deepika can find and pick any other decent guy. Ranveer looks good only sometimes, but he just comes across as immature, over-the-top, trying to act cool all the time. He needs to RELAX.

somebody give this guy Xanax

Alprazolam haha he needs it bad

Am I the only one who hates this guy?

No, you're not the only one. He was awesome in his first two movies (I actually liked him in Ladies vs Rickie Behl), and he was good in RL, but his off-screen persona is so off-putting. No wonder dear Bebo rejected RL when she met this monkey. He's such a goof!

100% agreed!!

100% agreed!!

Ranveer is so irritating. He needs to majorly calm down. What I can't understand is why is Deepika with him. Ugh.

He went to keep an eye on them.lol.

i just can't stop loving RS after SRk he is my favourite actor love u Ranveer

Deepika herself was pretty Embaraased...hahaa.. Had a laugh...
Girl..ppl like Ranveer are tough to find ...and u feel embarrased ...seriously...he is such a fun guy...much love to him..
Well Deepika all that glitters is not gold.... He is one awesome man...

Want to see more of Ranveer onscreen..

Not surprised one bit... I did watch Gunday promotion videos where Ranvir completely embarrassed Priyanka ...It was so awkward I myself closed my eyes and stopped watching that video ...This guy needs to learn demeanor ...Wonder what deepika liked in him ? Has deepika not seen Ranvir embarrassing videos in youtube... Looks like his hyper energy is rubbing on her as she also started over friendly reactions in media events.. ( Latest Fanny song release, her couple of award functions where she was running towards Ranvir on stage ).........Good lord save us...

I used to find him SO annoying and over the top, until, of all things, I saw his Koffee with Karan interview. Besides the actually funny things he said and did, what showed a glimpse of reality behind the whole boisterous personality, was when he seemed upset about Arjun sharing a personal sad story and he got up and gave Arjun a big hug. I did not feel even one second that was artificial or for the camera - it showed he is basically a genuine and caring person. Funny how after that I am not at all annoyed by his antics. This is what he is - larger than life, jigar khol, and over the top (some times). Yes, I wish he would be a little toned down but that means then he would be PERFECT and come on, that's so boring! Certain actors and their PR, who believe in portraying a doodh mein dhula hua, good boy image to hide their cheating and philandering can try to throw shade on Ranveer all they like. #rockonranveer.

I think you're mixing up being unprofessional vs natural exuberance. The latter's fine, former not so much.

Why rs interfare in dp lifes .pls man go away she desrevs more than an over reacting guy

Ranveer is one fun guy. Everytime a news about him is released it only makes me smile happily at his energy and to think people like this exist in fake bollywood. Hope DP and he get married soon and produce beautiful (like DP) and energitic (like RS) babies.

Oh God I love Everything About Ranveer Singh his energy love from ur fan Ana from Uk

I guess Ranveer is now scratched out of Imtiaz's list of actors to work with

Ranveer Singh is always on hyper mode. I trust this article as he is like this. He should tone it and focus on his own work as he might bump someone who use this against himself. And I do not want this. Imtiaz does not like interference and so does Ranbir!

Y am i not surprised..? Any girl would prefer a decent and non-embarrassing man.. He is super hot but many girls would pass..

He being enthusiastic in other events is nice. But not in others shoot. It would have been embarassing only.

ranveer ? hyper ? it's like saying the sky is blue. so tiresome watching him in interviews and movies, dude needs to tone it down a little.

Totally. He was so out of place in Anupama Chopra interview with all other biggies :D

they will do anything to make Ranveer look bad But Unstoppable Ranveer is better then the kappor boy.... Ranveer is the best good looking fun loving guy and he has Positive Attitude haters gonna hate.

No wonder Ranbir looked annoyed in the Tamasha set pics

Love his attitude

Ranveer singh is too loud and too flamboyant .... I mean there has to be a limit. I don't know why women find him irresistible. I think any woman with a sane mind would be repulsed by his antics. He comes off as immature and that for me is a turn off. A 14 year old boy trapped in a man's body .. pathetic. Act your age dude.

You said what I felt

Agreed 100%

HAHHAA LOL at the choice of pic. I can totally imagine Ranveer getting hyper and Imtiaz just staring at him like wtf. Ranveer is such a supportive and fun boyfriend, it's evident that he means well. DP is lucky gal!

Doesn't mean he has to go around embarrassing his girlfriend. :-(

Typical Ranveer .... Never fails to disappoint people with his over the top attitude..

I still haven't seen a photo showing them there together in Corsica! this is not real.

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