"Aga Bai" Promo Hits 1 Million Views In 5 Days!

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Looks like "Aga Bai" is a super hit! The video to the funky modern number, has crossed over 1 million views in the span of 5 days. Whereas, the first song promo that was released, "Dreamum Wakeupum" is yet to reach that number.

Rani Mukerjis belly dancing has got tongues wagging. Everyone wants to see how well she has performed. How can we forget Prithviraj? His gorgeous toned body has been getting girls all hot and bothered ;)

Rani setting the screen on fire with her immense dancing, and Prithviraj's handsome looks have created a recipe of success. Here's hoping the movie pulls just as many people in!

Rani sure has left all the Munnis, Sheilas, Chikni Chamelis and Chamak Challos behind. I think we can safely say, that "Aga Bai" HALLA MACHAYE RE!

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no wonder this film flopped. The song is ridiculous. Prithviraj is not a John abraham. I didnt like the movie and songs. Its cheap and rani was annoying in this movie.

Tue, 2012-10-02 23:57 — Anonymous

Big bloody deal. In this age, it's easy to hit the 1 mil mark. Not a biggie

Go ahead! Show us how YOU will manage to do it!!

Katrina. Kareena fan you all should know that your Chikni Chameli and Halkat Jawani crossed a million in more than 10 days....so do not speak without knowing

hrithik, salman , john can move to the side the sexiest man is here.

Yea people listened to challa because of srk a r Rehman and yash chopras direction. Simple the song and movie has too much hype. If it did one million not a big deal. But a song from Aayyia doing one million is BIG DEAL hence the article. Because this is a small film with not too much hype. Every other movie was hyped like crazy heroine b/c of the whole ash and Kareena thing and chikini chameli b/c Kay was doing item after Sheila. Way to go rani!

Cheap, vulgar.

Good. The video is hot.

Rani is just awesome in Aga Bai

Chikni Chameli took 2 weeks. Halkat took 13 days. Whos the item queen?? RANI!

Way to go Rani!!!

kudos to rani n prithvi

Big bloody deal. In this age, it's easy to hit the 1 mil mark. Not a biggie

Big deal! Challa from Jab Tak Hai Jaan hit 1 million views in 1 day, go figure!!! There is never news like this on PV for SRK related videos, which hit million view mark within 24 hours...I guess a lot of people are jealous of him here!

rani is awesome! :D

Challa reached over 1 million because of KingKhan, not Kat. anyways Rani rocked in this song, I'm sure she will rock in the film as well.

Halkat jawani reached 1 million in 13 dayssss

& chikni chameli also took more than 2 weekssssss....
Plzzzz get updated first

Nd bdw v r talkin abou item songs not abou movie trailer...

OMG what happened to rani. Why did she become so despo. Unbelievably cheap

Thats called True talent :)

heroine song promos reached 1-2million
within 1-2days. ain't a big deal.

so Chikni Chameli has over 20 million views....also the song from JTHJ, "Challa" passed 1 million in two days. Im a katrina fan

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