Rani With Family At Bappa Lahiri & Taneesha Vermas Reception

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She looks good in this saree. I like the dusky look paired wit hthe black hair. Of course her niece and nephew are adorable as usual!


I wonder why rani is so obsessed with her niece, wonder if she is the product of her affair with her married boyfriend.

Such o cheap for posting the above comments. Your upbringing is so cheap, im sure u are an expert in having affairs thats y u got the audacity to put a comment like that. Pity u

@ Fri, 2012-04-20 11:52 — Anonymous
are you sure about ur dad and mom

Fri, 2012-04-20 11:52 — Anonymous

I wonder why rani is so obsessed with her niece, wonder if she is the product of her affair with her married boyfriend.

I love my nephew and nieces very much, they almost spend all day with me, does that mean they are secretly mine? Your comment was very offensive, you're nothing but a perfect example of a jealous human being. You are an evil minded person, a low life. Thooo at you!

To, Fri, 2012-04-20 11:52 — Anonymous

Or Maybe you are the najaiz child of your parents, when ur mom was having an affair with her master.

she is looking elegant.her make up is great.i love her hair.and her skin color is really good.lots of people around the world dying to have her skin color.

I wonder why rani is so obsessed with her niece, wonder if she is the product of her affair with her married boyfriend.

May be Rani can give lessons to her sil, how to rope a rich directoe???

I hope this girl doesn't grow up and become someone's mistress and wreck another woman's home.

yeah she is looking very pretty and her niece looks so different....I would not even dare to wear this saree but I am not sure why Rani makes every saree looks so sexy.


lol y is she looking so dark.... i guess this is her real skin tone.... sad how she tries so hard to look fair in her movies....rani got a complex abt her skin tone :( bt i still love to see her on big screen

mishti is soooo darn adorable!! i love how rani is obsessed with her niece and nephew. rani and mishti look so cute together...she could pass for rani's cute little daughter :D

There are more stunning pics of Rani in Times of India :)

She is so hot and the fact she never used sexuality to stay in BW, it's her talent and beauty mixed does the wonder. Keep looking stunning rani, that's your birth right ;)

Rani does not look a day older than 28, she is quite the looker, her husband gonna be one hell of a lucky man.

Horrible sari but she looks great!


Rani is looking Favvvv :*

Rani looking really nice!
Her niece is growing up to be a beautiful lady like her aunt

All Rani can do is to share some of her clothes and some money for shopping with her sister-in-law?! Poor s-i-l, once a pretty actress herself looks like in dire need of some new and trendy suits and make up?!

She looks so elegant in that saree. Love Rani!!

SHE IS ONE STUNNINGLY HOT WOMAN! Her family looks nice too.

Aww her niece is such a sweet little princess (=

Her sis in law needs a stylist desperately

Gosh she looks absolutely divine, white makes her glow even more and her niece is a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing these pics @ makeupCritic.

she looks good
the white color totally suit her good to see rani a bit change in a good way!!!

Bappa lahiri what a name!!!! ROFL

omg!!!! she looks so beautiful

Hey Anonymous, which pictures have you seen? These are the only ones I have come across.. Please point me in the direction of the pics :)

lol Rani don't be a miser, share your beauty atleast how you keep your skin so smooth?

Ahh stunning!

@MakeupCritic.. Why didn't u add more photos of Rani, she stands out the most in the event.. I've seen whole bunch on the other site, but don't know how to add them here :(

PS: I really love ur work btw @ makeupcritic, I'm Rani's biggest fan and come here and read your posts make my day thank you. :)

rani is looking so fit and beautiful

She is all slim and trim now. Her eye makeup is just WOW. She never displease us when it comes to her makeup, timeless beauty!!

Wish we have more pics, she looks so happy MashAllah!!

I love what she is wearing, polkas are back now and love her hair too, so so gorgeous. Her niece is too precious!!!

They always seem like a happy little family. Love them MashAllah!!

She looks like a real Diva. Flawless beauty

She is the only actress who has the perfect makeup on, A+. Love her jewelry as well

Polka dots are back in fashion now, Rani looks absolutely stunning. The pink bindi looks quite chic compare to the typical, old fashioned red dot.

Oh so lovely she looks :) Doesn't look 30+ at all!!!!

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