Rani Mukerji Wins "Best Actress" Award At Anandalok Awards 2011

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So, Rani seems to have won her first award for her kickass performance in Noone Killed Jessica.

She zipped into town, zapped the Science City audience with her charm and then zoomed off to Mumbai all in an evening's work. Rani gushed " What do I say... there's so much love... that every time this event brings tears to my eyes. Thank you!"

Congratulations to Rani, hopefully this is the first of many!


Rani.. the queen of hearts.. wish you sweep away all the awards for best actress this year!

the director and actor are so unlucy who didn't work with the magic queen of acting

i think the most foolish gye is that who compare rani with any actoress..............she is the magic power of the god

i think there is one actorress who is real did know meaning of acting .actoress mean acting not beauty .........but god gv to rani beauty and skill of acting more than any body else..........black is nthg without her ...........even i think if we compare her with any actoress than i ll be work of foolishness

LOOSERS and HATERS move aside (and get a life, Aditya chopra topic is now old n boring.. dig up smthn new).. coz Queen is in the house.. congrats Rani :) May god bless u with more happiness in both personal and professional life

Reply to Don't insult Rani______
Rani had the authority to destroy someone's life, home and robber her from every happiness.
we don't have the right to insult (if you call the truth insult - then be it, and she deserves it) her

aishwarya rai steals who become popular ok first salman than vivek if vivek has lot of money than she will marry him not abhishek bachhan

dont insult rani mukerji . aishwarya rai uses people who become popular she start dating if vivek oberio has lot of monye like bacchhans than she will never choose abhishek she married to him for money power of amitabh not for abhishek bachhan but aditya is someone who is biggest director

Rani is the best in stealing husbands

Reply to Ranis comment -- what can I say there is so much love?????
May be its time for u to learn, where was your love for Payal and Chopras, you destroyed their happiness for your own greed and power and money. Where is your love for your family, you continued having alleged relationships with married men like Govinda and Aditya and put your own family to shame.
You should have been grateful to Payal , they made u a top star from c grade actress, and u should be loyal to her
You are true namak ha****n.

Wow! She deserves it.. I think hers is definitely a performance to watch out for at the upcoming awards season. Althoug, it seems like Vidya is going to win it for the dirty picture

@Rani: Congrats as u r the best
@All: Please leave CHERRYCRUSH, dont you he/she is the biggest Dumbo/Bimbo in PV :P

Congrats My queen.. u deserve all the awards.. Love to see u smiling creates a positive energy :) Keep Smiling and Rocking

Ha, dissecting celebs? Isn't that what EVERYONE of you are doing? Including yourself?
A lot of time? You spend a lot of time celeb worshipping if you ask me! But whatever, let's not fight amongst ourselves. PV is not a place for intellectual simulation, for me at least! But different folks, different strokes. :)

Cherrycrush - For someone who only comes on here to have a laugh, you sure do spend a lot of time disecting the celebrities.

Your comment "she used to act once upon a time" is hilarious. Talent doesn't fade. Come on, stop spouting rubbish. It makes you look daft because it doesn't make sense. If you're gonna criticise, at least come out with something that has credibility.

I'm all for having a laugh at the celebrities expense, but saying stupid things like you are is not having a laugh. It's called being immature.

@ cherrycrush

Do u kno Rani personally..? how do u kno if she is a haughty little peice....u see the world with ur constricted mind and convoluted mind ...thats why everything around seems haughty and laughable...where as ur own actinos are making you a laughing stock...so please keep ur mouth shut......incase u dont want to make further jokes at ur own expense......there is no reason to call a star by rude names unless u kno for sure....just bcs u dont liek a person dsnt mean the person is bad.....at least have courtesy......

PINKVILLA ...please post this.....

dear rani fans, get out of your little bubble. She used to act once upon at time!! Now she is just a haughty lil piece who knows she'll be Mrs. Chopra.
Yes, my comments here are light and immature and they are "stress busters" Why no not have a laugh or smirk at bollywood actors' expense. Pinkvilla isn't a serious place, grow up and stop bashing others just because they said something half bad about your beloved stars.
And makeup critic, who started it all. If your life is so serious and mature, wth are you doing on PINKVILLA of all places. My life is serious enough, I come here to laugh at bollycrazypeople's expense. Sue me!

Love Rani! Am glad she's back yet again!

@ abir-itis

I agree with what you said!

Rani is a phenomenal actress milltion times better then her overated cousin, rani winning this award makes me so happy! shes a class act a phenomenal actress!

@Love u sallu-kareena aww thanks babe!
congratulations to rani - both she and vidya gave superb performances in nokj. i'm sure rani will also rock in talaash and anurag kashyap's next aiyaa.

Gratz! She surely deserved it. I hope she will get more awards for this role cuz she has given brilliant performance of strong and self-confident woman. She should win National Award finally. Honestly, she should have won it some years ago for "Black".

All the best, my fav, lovely Rani!

Sat, 2011-12-03 01:40 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

But she was panned by a lot of critics in NOKJ right? Vidya got all the praise. Vidya had a much bigger role. Rani was just a supporting cast. Her scenes were only in the 2nd half.

If Rani was panned by some critics..I can give you details of how even Vidya was panned by some critics for her performance............So Vidya did not get all the praise..thats wrong.....some even wrote Rani reminded them of Sunny Deol in Damini....thats a huge praise.....and certainly Rani wasnt in the supporting cast......She and Vidya both were heroes of the movie......equal footage....if Rani got less screen space in 1st hlf..then Vidya got little prominenece in the second half.....so it equals out....

Sat, 2011-12-03 09:38 — Anonymous...

the cycle for this award is from December 2010 to November 2011....that is the way they function.....Even in the bengali best actor section they have considered performances from movies which have released in December 2010....so Vidyo for sure will be considered for Dirty Picture next year....can say the same abt Priyanka in Don2...not sure if she has turned in a decent performance in the movie to feted....only time will tell............anywes am happy for Rani.......bcs othrwise 2011 all awards seem to be destined for Vidya's closet....she is really mind-blowing in Dirty Picture.....wd be happy if VIDYA - RANI have a tie and both get awards.........just a thought........

@cherrycrush....ur right, only ur mature

anandalok always has a award to give her.......losers!

deserve it but how come there awarded to Rani without considering looking at vidya balan's performance in dirty picture, priyanka chopra 'Don 2' & anuksha 'ladies vs ricky bahl' and etc. In 1 year got 12 months not 11 months.


so u concede that your comments are mindless as well as immature......If her boyfrnd had the capability, he wd have secured the national award for RANI for black...which she deserved.........If Kajol can get an award for a lame performance in My name is Khan...then Rani can easily get an award for No One killed Jessica........

i hope she also gets a filmfare for this performance...i've never seen any top actresses playing this kind of a role...she was so good... definitely deserve more awards!!

she does not deserve this award....vidya did a better job...i don't know how rani got this award??....she screeched and overacted...someone "gave" her this award to keep in the news..she is out of the lime light..

She should loose weight and go back to her KANK hairstyle...this is too long

makeup critic- no , I dont think they prefer her because she is a Bengali. Last year they gave these awards to Abhishek- Aishwarya for Raavan, (which is laughable. If they had to give it to them, it should have been for guzarish- khjjs). This award , and Dada Saheb Falke award is just a random one, without considering the year, or any criteria. Like Dada Saheb Falke award was given in Feb-March 2011 to Rani, Priyanka for (NOKJ, SKM), Anukha for (BBB) and Sonakhi (for Dabang), which is strange because 2 of the movies were of 2011 and the other two were from 2010

Congratulations Rani for winning Best Actress..Its her 2nd BA award for NOKJ as She also won DadaSaheb Phalke award :)..Wayy to go girl :)

Yup,its a Bengali Magazine.But it always gives award who are Deserving..even Shahrukh,aishwariya,vidya,kareena had been awarded in last few years by them.Kangna got Critic award for TWM this year with her..Both are Deserving :-)

a big congratulation for my dear Queen...Rani Mukherjee..hope for the future,she can get more awards..Amin.. :)
>>Ranians from Indonesia

But she was panned by a lot of critics in NOKJ right? Vidya got all the praise. Vidya had a much bigger role. Rani was just a supporting cast. Her scenes were only in the 2nd half.

@CHERRYCRUSH = u r wrong dat every1 is commenting rubbish.. @makeupcritic,bebopclover,zenny,bollywood lover etc many RESPECTD PINKVILLAN'S (LOVE DEM ND RESPCT DEM) COMMENTS R VRY PRECIOUS...


@makeupcritic = AGREE WID HER..



congrats to her!!!!

Andalok awards seems unbiased, unlike other Bollywood awards that seem to awards the flavors of the month from kareenas, Katrina, priyanka, ashwariya ie all the celeb actresses rather than the true talent. While other actresses are indulging in skin shows and item numbers to draw the crowds and find a place on the sexy list, rani depends on the foundation of the film industry, namely TALENT. while other actress's follow the demure, politically correct route alongside their heroes, dancing in their shadows and wrapping themselves around them seductively, rani has taken a character and put her stamp on it. Rani rocked NOKJ and made it watchable...I just vidya too boring and placid to have actually allowed me to sit through this entire movie...rani added the much needed spark and gusto. Hats off too her AGAIN for winning andolok award.

Rani :"Y me ???"

makeupcritic, no one on pinkvilla is mature. we all come here to kill time and make mindless comments!

Best Actress 2011: Rani vs Vidya for sure!

Yeh, I do feel they favour her more because she is a Bengali lol. She does deserve it though.
cherrycrush - Oh how mature. I'm sure her boyfriend could buy her a much more recognised award ;)

Yeh, I do feel they favour her as she is a Bengali lol. But she deffo deserves it.
cherrycrush - Oh how mature, I think if he was going to buy her an award, he could buy a much more recognised one ;)

she was ok in this movie, not as good as people are saying she was.
definitely not award worthy, but nomination worthy, def!

she deserves it

Every year anandalok gives her award, she even awarded for dil bole hadippa. Anandolok is a Bengali magazine.

Rani The Real TRUE Queen of Hearts* Best Female Actor + Entertainer :~) Very well Deserved Ms. Rani, U ROCK. Aalee ray RANI ray.... C'mon rani i want to se you shinning on Silver Screen all over again for many many more glorius years. Love always Shona;}

where is she these days .. i miss her

she got Dadasaheb Phalke for this too...so its the second...
wow!!congrats Queen!!! always u'r my first and only love :) smile like this always...and continue kicking asses....

her bf bought her an award after vidya is walking off with all the accolades!

i love her smile..its so natural... she did a great job in NOKJ!!

Always smiling, always see her in a happy mood. She is so full of energy WISH HER ALL THE BEST!!

Love you my stunning queen. Well deserved!!

AWESOME. Congrats RANI. Well deserved :)

Yupieeeeee She Totally Deserve !!

Thanks MakeupCritic. I don't know about anybody else but I've missed seeing Rani - a lot! She thoroughly deserves this award and many more!

Congrats to her!

This is her second award for the film....

Congrats RANI :-)

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