Rani & Prithviraj At Aiyyaa Press Meet In Dubai

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Pictures are taken from the City 1016 Facebook page.


Thu, 2012-10-11 10:28 — Anonymous

attractive dark guy? You think all south indians are dark skinned people? there are tamil people who have light brown skin like prithviraj eg: surya,vikram,kamal hasan etc and also a good amount of keralites who have skin like prithviraj. I know because I am fair brown and from kerala. I hate stereotypes.

She looks charming I'm speechless

I dont care how the movie is . i will watch it to see the HOT and sexy prithviraj


She is not wearing too much foundation because I can see her freckles, shes very cute :)

Rani = Beautiful/Talented :)

absolutely gorgeous, can't wait for this one!!!

They make such a cute pair on screen.

he's hot ;)

Rani is looking very pretty and chubby! how many actresses can look good in the simple wardrobe...Sonakshi, Deepika, Sonam PC, kareena, aishwarya? only Rani can pull this off. Prithviraj is so dashing, he is an attractive dark guy.

Wow, Rani looks so beautiful! Love her! Rock it girl!

prithviraj is handsome. shuld do well in bollywood.

waaaay too much foundation

Rani looks Gorgeous.. Totally flawless..

i really like the look of that girl in the black n white dress...n prithviraj shouldve worn dress pants with that top

love them

Rani and Prithvi looking good together! Good luck for Aiyyaa. There are plenty of people trying to pull it down even before it releases. That Indian mentality - can't bear to see other people being successful!

She is even looking younger than the flop HEROINE KAREENA

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