A still from Rani Mukerji's Lavani number from Aiyyaa

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Here is a still of Rani Mukerji performing a Lavani number from her upcoming movie Aiyyaa. So over the top, but fantastic :)


To the person who said Rani is 4'8"....she is not 4'8"....I'm 4'10" and I know how short I am and Rani is definitely not that short, not at all 4'8". I think she's around 5'3" according to Google. She actually looks a bit shorter than 5'3"....
But anyways I'm super excited for this movie!

Rani either needs to retire or do some thoughtful roles. She looks like an idiot in Aiyya or whatever it is.

@MysticRose - Ah yeah completley forgot about Nach Baliye! That was a very fast paced song and you're right Rani has so much energy in her dance songs. She really needs a full on dance number, I think she could rock it!

DorianGray, I agree!!!
Rani is truly our diamond in the rough, I'm really looking forward to seeing her again. Class and elegance and oozing with TALENT!

I think Rani is a great dancer - probably the last all-round great female dancer to come out of Bollywood. She is not on my list of must-watch dancers, but she is excellent. Mujra, latkas and jhatkas, high-energy, the more hip-hop-intensive styles - she's done it all and done it well. She's never been known for her dancing the way Madhuri, Sridevi, or Aishwarya have, but then, she's never had those iconic song-and-dance sequences (a Humko Aaj Kal, a Que Sera Sera, a Hawa Hawaii, or a Kajraare), either. For me, the qualities of a great dancer in Bollywood are energy, expressiveness, versatility, fluidity, and thoroughness of movement, and Rani has all those qualities. Nowadays, it's rare enough to find one or two of these in our mainstream female actors, as wonderful as some of them are.

And nach baliye! That was such a high energy song, plus it had Shiamak Darwar's choreography. The truth is she hasn't gotten many chances to showcase her dancing talent but whatever songs she did get, she danced the hell out of them. If SLB made a romantic drama with her instead of Black, she would've proved how great a dancer she is because his movies generally feature a lot of dancing , atleast they use to.

The celebration of womanhood. This movie is gonna be so much fun. Aiyaa! :)

I totally agree that Rani is one great dancer. She never look as though she is trying hard.
Though i love Madhuri's dance the best, but for me Rani is really a 1st runner up here.

Oh, and Rani IS a trained dancer, especially in Odissi

Huh?! Rani is not a great dancer?!

She is amazing in so many songs for eg - Chabeela, Dhadak Dhadak, Mein Vari Vari, Discowale Khisko, Say Shava Shava, Dil Bole Hadippa.

In fact, Shahid said she is the only female who has managed to keep up with his steps in the video for DBH remix.

i so wanna see this movie............


I agree, compared to the new ones like Katrina, Diana, Zarine, Jackie, Sonam, Shazahn, Lisa & Mallika Haydon, Tulip, Sonakshi, Parineeti, Anushka etc. Rani is Madhuri friggin' Dixit. The new ones can't dance for s***! Preity handed over to Katrina and Katrina in turn recruited all the non-dancers of the world as her legion.

this dress suits her ...

As someone said OTT but "outrageously quirky",super fun & super cute♥♥♥♡♡♡♡Rani will seriously kill all competition,brilliant actress. BTW I disagree with someone below who said that she's better than Madhuri in dancing. No way,Madz is the dancing queen & while Rani is a good dancer as well,her dancing isn't poetry like Madhuri or Sridevi's. She is however 100000000000000000 times a better dancer than all the other actresses today and one of the most brilliant & versatile Bollywood actresses I've seen.

Are u guys kidding me? She is one of the most natural dancers the industry has ever had.I guess what u guys r trying to say is that she is not a TRAINED dancer ala Madhuri or Sridevi which she isn't.Dancing comes 'naturally' to her.Stop bringing your Madhuris and Sridevis here atleast please.KEEP THEM TO YOURSELVES.
PV pls post this

actually I'm glad that she didn't wear KATRINA'S dress (which she has worn in chikni chameli) ..btw, this looks cheap and OTT OTT

Rani is going to rock this movie

At least she is covered from head to toe...and no one can say her waistline is photo shopped or not!

all items songs in whatever style are looking same...same moves...boob thrusts and pelvic thrusts...not much to the choreography.

what is rani's height. she looks around 4'8"

Highly anticipating waiting for Oct 12....please cum SOON.... tum mujhe Rani dhon, main tume Pritvi dhoongi;-} very interesting names just realised the lethal combination of the 2names.

She looks fat!

It looks like a spoof of Chickeni Chameli just based on the moves alone lol.

Can't wait for this movie! :D

Rocking..super.. awesome... And to top it all she looks fab and fun

This is so quirky that it's good. Hahaa, Sari and trainers lol

Come on! Have u all seen the chabeela dance from Saawariya! She is definitely way better than Mads !

After Madhuri & Aishwarya Rai the best dancer in Bollywood is Rani. I'm a professional dancer and her moves always look natural to me. These 3 ladies are big talents.

luks like a "Rocking movie"

Well good luck to Rani for this movie as for the anon below Rani was NEVER known as a dancer like Madhuri , sridevi. Yes she is a good dancer but you can't compare her to SriDevi and Madhuri.

Outrageously quirky - looking forward to the item number. Vaibhavi's doing the choreography and she shares a good equation with Rani so it will be good to see how that translates onscreen.

the shutter shades are like super cute

Sun, 2012-09-09 11:43 — Anonymous
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She was never known as a dancer like Madhuri , sridevi ( who were fantastic actresses too) were . She was always known as a tremendous actress so why doesn't she do the thing where her strength lies ? Still The BEST OF LUCK to her !

A lot of today's girls don't know the D of dancing..Still they are jumping.Rani wasn't known for her dancing skill but that doesn't mean she can't dance.She is a fab dancer! And its not like she is doing an item for another film.Its her film & she is dancing in it.Had you seen the trailer you wouldn't say this.Because in Aiyyaa she has tapped both her acting and dancing potential!

Finally no skin show whatsoever!

It's gonna be rocking!! :))

She was never known as a dancer like Madhuri , sridevi ( who were fantastic actresses too) were . She was always known as a tremendous actress so why doesn't she do the thing where her strength lies ? Still The BEST OF LUCK to her !

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