Prithviraj: Aiyya Is The Most Wakda Thing I Have Ever Done

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A veteran of 80 Malayalam, Telegu and Tamil films with many film awards to his credit, Prithviraj is looking forward to his entry in 'unpredictable' Bollywood where 'exciting' films like Aiyya are made. Calling Bollywood as 'the place to be', Prithviraj said he was eager to prove himself all over again and was looking forward to make a mark in Mumbai tinseltown as well.

Speaking to Headlines Today, Prithviraj describes Aiyya as the craziest and most Wakda thing that he has ever done. The movie stars Rani Mukherjee in the lead role. The October 2012 release has grabbed attention with its Wakda promos with Dreamum Wakepum song evoking strong praise and equally strong criticism amongst North and South fans alike.

While blushing at being described as a hottie and sexy, he says he is ready to enjoy the comploments for the toned physique specially developed for Aiyya 'as long as it lasts'.


what does wakda mean?

PritVhiRaj = vha what a dhaasu name that 2 of a dhaasu looking guy;-) Pritvhi + Raj = EarthRule

He wii be thrown out of mallu industry if does this crap there in fact there he acts like a amitabh in making. Wonder y he chose this crap to enter Bollywood

he looks quite impressive

Girls comes a casanova no.1

All the best for him in Bollywood


If Prithviraj does some kinda crap like this is malayalam movies. He sure is trying to make his fans run away!.. In the Malayalam Industry, the actors, actresses are expected to portray the role very naturally.

I have seen all Prithviraj movies, except for one song that was a remake of an old music ...he has not done song sequence as these and they dont exist in malayalam industry.

prithviraj you are soooo sexy. you are making me go crazy over you. you ll rock bollywood

Prithviraj is a stunner. So proud that he made it to Bollywood :)

Tue, 2012-09-18 09:29 — Voiceswriter

I don't believe you sir, you look very at home doing this sort of thing. You must have done it before. :-)
In Malayalam movies there is less of dancing.And the tamil movies he did were serious ones. Yeah he has done a '80's Dig' song like this before and rocked it too..

I don't believe you sir, you look very at home doing this sort of thing. You must have done it before. :-)

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