Happy Birthday Rani Mukherji

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The sweet girl who stole our hearts as the gorgeous Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, rings in her 36th birthday today. Almost two decades after her debut in Bollywood, Rani has very much carved a niche for herself in this competitive industry. From the gorgeous Tina to the blind and deaf woman in Black, Rani has won much acclaim and appreciation for all of the challenging roles that she has portrayed.

Rani, one of the most high-profile celebrities of the country today, was many times rumoured to be marrying her alleged fiance Aditya Chopra. Cousin Kajol also hinted on the popular show Koffee with Karan that she would like to know when this happy event would come about. Though a Valentine's day wedding was probably on the cards for this handsome couple, it did not happen this year for some reason. Well then, if Kajol can wait, so can we, for that happy event in Rani's life!

Rani's infectious smile and her husky voice have brightened many a movie experience of ours. We wish the 'Mardaani' actress many more movies and successes to come, and also a very happy birthday!

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Happy birthday Rani, here is wishing you a glorious year, I wish I'm sadly mistaken in saying BW has lost its charm in your absence, they don't make it like you anymore. Stay blessed

Happy belated birthday to the queen of talent.

Happy birthday dear rani wish u all the best and good luck cause u deserve the best

Happy birthday to you my queen!!a lot of love, good healty from a fan of paris


Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Rani!

Happy birthday Rani!

Happy birthday Rani... Hey Ram, CCCC, Saathiya, Yuva, Hum Tum, Veer Zaara, Black, Bunty Aur Babli, Paheli, KANK, NOKJ, Talaash, BT... There is no actress like you.

Happy birthday Rani, you make 36 look like 26.


Hap Hap Haaaaappy Biiiirthday!!

A Big Happy Birthday to Rani!

Best. Actress. Ever.

hbd rani luv u lots

Jade M. Thadal- #Happy Bless Beautiful Birthday Rani, may God bless you and Jesús and i Love you. xoxoxo

HBD the most talented Rani.

Happy Birthday Rani!

The best actress in Bollywood (to me). Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Rani. :) Wish to could see more her movies!

Happy birthday Rani! Here's to more films & brilliant performances. Love you xoxo

Happy bday to my queen! More movies, appearances & interviews please!!!!!!

Dear Rani (Queen of Bollywood):

Love you and miss you like anything. Bollywood is not the same for me without you. There isn't that spark that you created! Will always love and cherish your contribution.

Thank you for making Bollywood close to my heart at some point in my life.

Hope to see you in more films.

You have been, are and will always be Numero Uno for me!

Wishing you a very happy birthday with good health, long life and happiness!

Rani Lover!!!

Happy birthday to the queen of hearts.You're simply the best.

Happy Birthday Rani

Happy birthday the most powerful ,beautiful actor and my darling favorite RANI MUKERJI

Happy birthday Rani! Always will by my all time favorite. X

Happy birthday to the best actress in Indian cinema

Love u rani.u are my fav actress.

Happy Birthday Rani, one of the best actresses BW ever had! She looks SO gorgeous in this pic, smokey eyes just suit her eyes so well. P.S - I hope there are no hate comments on a birthday post :3 I mean don't be so harsh!

Happy Birthday Rani :) Love always!

Happy Birthday Rani!! My favourite actress for as long as I can remember, can't wait to see you back on screen!

Happy Birthday Rani may God give you 1000 reasons to smile every day =)

Happy birthday to the finest and the most versatile Bollywood actress. Her talent is grossly overlooked!!! Probably because of some of her wrong choice of films. Anyways, waiting for Mardaani.

happy birthday Rani. The one and only queen!!

Happy Birthday to Rani, my all time favourite actress, who is charming, talented, adorable and most of all having a cute smile... Love u lodz...

many many returns for 21st march 2014

happy birthday rani mukerji!one of the best actresses ever!

many many happy birthday's wishes to my sweet rani

Happy birthday Rani dear. Sadly we r deprived of your mighty talent due to your poor judgement of films. Hope you sign films worthy of your talent more often.

Happy Birthday Rani!!! Have a wonderful nd blessed life....May ur Wish come true.

Happy birthday, Rani!! Btw, Rani's on the Wikipedia homepage today!! Just saw it..YAY!!

Link please!

Happy Birthday Rani Mukherjee!!

Happy happy birthday gorgeous rani !!!ine of the most beautifully talented actress !!!love you :):)May God fulfill all your dreams sweetheart!!!!

most talented bollywood actress ever! complete package.

Happy Birthday Rani Mukharjee

Hello Happy Birthday Behenji!

Happy Birthday, Rani Mukherjee....you were, are and will always be one of the finest Hindi film actress there ever was, is and will be.

The new actresses have got nothing on the veteran ones like Rani. Happy Birthday!!

wow....36 already.....kuch kuch hota hai seems like only yesterday..happy bday Queen..damn..i have to watch kuch kuch hota hai and hum tum now

Happy Birthday Rani!

Happy Birthday and God bless! :)

#HappyBirthdayRani :)

Happy Birthday stunner. Wishing you a lovely and a wonderful life ahead!!!

Happy bday:)

One of the best actresses to grace the Hindi screen...and I usually have something negative to say about most of these actresses but no denying Rani can ACT and boy does she act stupendously be it a Veer Zaara or a Black or a Yuva or a NOKJ.. Wonderful actress so Happy Birthday to her.

I wish that there wasn't negativity or rumors on the "Happy Birthday" posts themselves (don't care about the comments). There was no need for that second paragraph on the rumors with Aditya and what Kajol has to say about it. Any who, happy birthday pretty lady! Miss seeing you in movies.

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite actresses!!!

Hope to see rani is a good role soon, missing good acting.

I like you just because you are kajol's second cousin

Happy birthday Rani. Love you so so much that you have no idea!! May Allah SWT bless you forever.. Ameen!!

Your Canadian Fan :)

Happy Happy Birthday to the most talented actress

Happy Birthday Rani! Amazing actress that always gives stellar performances! Been an ardent fan for many, many years. Hope to see more of Rani's talent in future projects. Eagerly awaiting Mardaani.

One of the most over-rated actress with no screen presence. Mardani's going to flop hard and bad.

Finger on your lips! And get out from here.

shame on you, making such stupid nasty comments on her bday. Happy Bday Rani dear, wishing you all the best, the best indian actress of her times


happy birthday day..now can you do some more movies??we miss you onscreen..

Happy Birthday to my Queen :*

I hope you will always be the best.. Aamiin ;)

overrated actress ! happy birthday anyway

Happy birthday Rani! I've been a fan for 15 years and will remain so!

Happy birthday. Love you loads, the best actress of our times

Happyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyy!!!!!!!! My fave actress

HBD Rani xxxx

The best Actress in universe has birthday! Happy Birthday my love and all the best for your future. I wish you only the most beautiful on earth. God bless you and your family #HappyBirthdayRani

Happy Birthday my darling Rani

she can act, but at 36, she doesn't suit the roles of romantic leads. Sad that men in late 40s can act opposite ppl half their age.

Happy Birthday! Have the best year ahead and please do more movies. Miss you on screen

happy birthday. best actress around. literally no one like you, most versatile actor in bollywood

Happy bday!!! Love this woman too much, just wish we could see her onscreen more regularly. LOVE YOU

Happy birthday queen of hearts !! Wish you all happiness , success and good health.

Happy birthday, Rani. Genuinely one of the greatest actresses in Hindi cinema. I really hope you do some more films & drop this stupid one film a year thing. You need to show half the current lot how it's done.

Happy Birthday to the Queen! :D

Happy birthday to the gorgeous woman!

Happy birthday to a beautiful angel. I hope she has an amazing birthday filled with lots of surprises, happiness, and smiles! She deserves nothing but the best in life. She is one of the most talented actresses we have ever had in the industry and I pray for her continued success daily! We love you Rani. For all the fans, do check out my video dedicated to Rani on YouTube!

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