The inside story of the Rani Mukherji-Aditya Chopra 'fairytale' wedding

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It’s ironical that Rani Mukherje, now Rani Chopra(or is it the more politically correct Mukherjee-Chopra?) opted for a secret shaadi far away from home in Italy.

I remember when she had not been invited for Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai’s wedding Rani had
told me, “Koi baat nahin. When I get married everyone I know will be invited.”

Well, that was not to be. After months and years of speculation—are they already married?—Rani tied the knot with her beau the scion of Yash Raj Films, Aditya Chopra. Not known to be social,gregarious, or even outgoing Aditya chose a quiet wedding away from the public glare.

A very close friend of the Chopra family says, “It is typical of Adi to steal away from the limelight to get married. He would never have chosen a public wedding.In fact Rani was keen on a ceremonious wedding. But Adi who takes all the decisions on the couple’s behalf, insisted on a very private ceremony far away from home.”

Apparently Rani was sworn to secrecy.

One of the her closest friends in the industry , an epic filmmaker, says, “She told me nothing about this. But I’m not surprised. I think Rani and Adi had actually married a year back. This is just their way of making it more public.”

With the marriage a very important chapter begins in the life span of Yashraj Films. Rani, informs a close friend of the Chopra family, will take very close interest in the running of the family.

“She loves playing the boss’s wife. She played that role for the last two years. At Yashraj they treated like the maalkin.Now that it’s official Rani will a hundred percent take active interest in the running of the family business.That includes running through scripts. And yes, she also plans to direct a film besides completing the family film Mardaani where she plays the hero.”

The silent entry of Rani’s brother Raja into the Yashraj fold just a fortnight ago was an indication that the Mukherjees’ interests would be merging with the Chopras.

The Adi-Rani marriage also paves the way for Uday Chopra’s marriage. According to a close friend of the family the younger scion of the Chopra family is super-keen to settle down in life and have a “brood” of babies.

Apparently a secondmarriage in the Chopra family is in the offing.

The lucky bride to be is apparently Nargis Fakhri.

“They were only waiting for Adi and Rani to make their relationship public before taking the plunge. And the Uday-Nargis marriage would be dhoom-dhaam se.”

Dhoom 4, anyone?

- By Subhash K Jha


CREDIT: FILMFARE Rani Mukerji talks about her equation with Aishwarya, Abhishek, Kajol & Aamir
March 22, 2011 bollywood lover 423927 reads 145 comment

Q-Tell me what went wrong with your friendship with Abhishek Bachchan? Is it because you weren’t invited for the marriage?

Rani- Only Abhishek can throw light on that. The truth is that if a person chooses not to invite you to their wedding, you realize where you stand with the person. You may be deluded and think you are friends but maybe the friendship was only restricted to being co-stars on the sets. It doesn’t matter. It became very clear and evident that we were only co-actors and not friends. Moreover inviting someone to a wedding is a personal choice. Tomorrow when I decide to get married, I will choose the handful of people I want to invite. A lot has been blown out of proportion. Poor guy has been married for many years, we should all move on. I will always have fond memories of working with him.
Its pretty obvious from this answer that she is not fond of abhisheck anymore and its probably because she was always close to abhishesk and amitabh at least thats what she thought and everyone else too, and not inviting her led to lot of speculations which no actor likes....and she clearly mentions that she might only invite a handful of guests... her answer is pretty clear and true.

abhishek didn't invited rani because of aishwarya (chalte chalte... you know what i mean)

#1 post, congrats Rani.

This picture is truly a work of art. Presenting the newlyweds:The Gorgeous Bride & The(*eternally)Invisible Groom! Seriously made me LMAO at the epicness & irony of the picture:-D:-D:-D:-D

congrats..she deserves the best1

Ahahaha. Love that picture with this article. Smart selection! As far as this article goes, who takes Jha seriously?

I don't think Uday-Nargis have any marriage plans... Not atleast Nargis...

Congrats to the couple, and now I just want to see Rani on screen!! Please don't take a hiatus. And also, Uday-Nargis is just whack. I think Nargis is really down to earth and all that, but she can't act. She cannot.

I agree Nargis is not an actor but she is a good model

I dont care where they got married and when I just wanna see pictures!!

Every woman who gets married does not go for the "politically correct" hyphenated last name :-)

Hahahahahaha..... Uday and Nargis! They're two fun-loving, happy-go-lucky people so I think they suit each other. Well, let's see how that plays out. Was anyone seriously expecting Aditya to agree to a big wedding? The dude has a social life of a monk plus he's been married before so like most divorcees, he would prefer his second attempt at marriage to be a quiet one. As long as he and Rani are happy together, that's all that counts.

I cannot fathom how on earth Uday and Nargis hooked up? Perhaps he has a different side to his personality offscreen which is more entertaining and quirky.

Still am wondering how uday got the hot nargis :P

he has money

and a good personality!

I am not surprised to learn that Aditya calls the shots in this relationship. The Mukherji sisters seem to love getting bullied. Case in point: Kajol worshipping her husband despite his dalliances, Tanisha following Armaan Kohli like a puppy despite his abuses and now Rani dancing to Adi's tunes! And I can't even shout "Grow a pair!" :P

There's a difference I think in respecting your partner's need for privacy, and in taking abuses.
And who's to say what's really between a couple ?
I don't think it's in your place to tell anyone how to lead their life.

Thank God that Rani Auntyji married finally! Happy for her!

Uday is a funny dude, so wouldnt mind seeing him getting married and media attention all over it. sometime dude remind us not to take isshhh that serious.

It's SKJ, the guy writes bull. I really don't think Rani wants to direct, she's said it countless times. I don't see Nargis marrying Uday any time soon either. Thr entire tone of this article is so off. He always writes with a purpose-for everyone. To either defame or force his head up their behind. And how would he know who makes the decisions in such a private relationship? Bhansali, the "epic" film maker, is a douche for giving him a quote.

Bhansali seems like such an airhead that he might not have grasped that this was going to be on the record. Aside from that, I agree with you.

Rani also denied being in a relationship with Aditya countless times and now she is married to him - you can't rely on what she says she lied!

That's her personal life and she- like every other celeb- owes no one an explanation on her dating status, especially when she is one of the only actresses who isn't hypocritical about it. Even when she denied her relationship, she always gave the reason for why she did not want to talk about it & kept it out of PR work. Aditya Chopra is ridiculously private. Her professional life is the only one she needs to answer for & she has no reason to lie. It's hardly scandalous to say she wants to direct. She could change her mind but that's not the same as lying.

bollywood stars lives are open to scrutiny and when they do all those interviews for the mags, it's on a personal as well as professional basis. and fans are interested in them as people as well as actors. so i disagree. i think they are answerable to some extent, especially when they have been asked a particular question and chose to lie or deny, instead of simply not commenting.

bollywood stars lives are open to scrutiny and when they do all those interviews for the mags, it's on a personal not professional basis. and fans are interested in them as people as well as actors. so i disagree. i think they are answerable to some extent, especially when they have been asked a particular question and chose to lie or deny, instead of simply not commenting.

nice cover up for her WHITE LIES

please go back to your dream world.

OMG welcome back dream_stuff :D

Hmm... I remember KJO was like oh you will the yash raj bahu to nargis! Soo they will get married !! Because if they were just dating he wouldn't have said something like tht -.-

This whole thing about Aditya Chopra being all private is so ridiculous. Who cares if he is private or reserved or not? Noone is dying to invade his privacy, why is he being so weird about it?

Honestly, she should be kept as far as possible away from scripts. After choosing something like Aiyya, I don't believe she has good script sense of what works. Leave the scripts for Aditya, please!

love rani!! gorgeous woman

interesting article! so they were married a year back, according to slb. this was just a legal formality.

I hope at least now the dumb fans believe that media is not the liars.

I knew that this is just for public. They were married like forever. who cares. As the rest, they get a married/divorcee millionaire and live happily ever after .

Nargis,,,,Smart girl. Smooth move. No girl of credibility will ever marry a flop Uday. Well played Nargis

She is a calculative chick.

OMG UDAY AND NARGIS BOTH HAVE MATCHING PERSONALITIES,funny people. i would love to see them wed!

I guess now all Rani family under payroll of Yashraj

Congrats and all... But you didnt have inside story then so why now


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