Rani Mukerji attends Sabyasachi's show at India Couture Week

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Rani Mukerji came down to the capital to attend her close friend and designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's showcase at the Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers for India Couture Week (ICW).

Dressed in an ensemble from Sabyasachi's new collection Ferozabad, which he showcased at ICW Tuesday night, Rani exuded elegance in a cream sari embellished with intricate zari work and teamed with a black blouse. The glow on her face, accentuated with an ornate hairstyle and a well-placed red rose in her locks, added to the entire look.

Sabyasachi happens to know Rani's taste, and she's a fan of his work. He is also the designer who created her special ensemble for her wedding, held in Italy in April.

"It had to be Sabya," she exclaimed.

The actress was especially happy to be present for Sabyasachi's latest couture showcase.

I can only say that I am very happy to have Sabya as my brother, my friend and my family. I'm lucky to know him...and yes, he makes such beautiful clothes," she said.

Rani also got a chance to talk to him about the looks she could wear to promote her forthcoming Bollywood film "Mardaani".

Though her look is far from being feminine, dainty or elegant in the film, on ground for promotions, the newly-wed wife of movie producer Aditya Chopra may sport some special creations by Sabyasachi.

"I was having a chat with him (Sabyasachi) about the clothes I want to wear for the promotion of 'Mardaani'," Rani said here in an interactive session post the designer's spectacular show.

Rani's "Mardaani", produced under Yash Raj Films (YRF), features Rani in the rough and tough role of a police officer. She has gone deglam for the movie with a raw and gritty feel to it.

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She is looking beautiful.. When i get married i will sure buy a few sarees from sabya.. Rani haspit on weight and weight gain doesnt suit her. She must shed a few kilos:) but still gorgeous.

Soooo loving the smokey eyes and that tigress eyes are to die for!!! Sabyasachi one of the finest designers that I have known..!!

Gorgeous. Her eyes are just killer here.

Why is she wearing what she is wearing??!!

She looks lovely

Rani looks best in open straight hair


I think she is pregnant.

the most famous and the richest actress Mrs. Rani Chopra looks gorgeous!!

She's looking much older than her age these days. Can't tell what she's done to her face, but it's definitely changed.

very pretty hair and sari and eyes and face rani fantastic

Beatiful sari and love the makeup.


Blouse could have been better. She's really trying hard to cover but why bother wearing such a blouse if your going to be uncomfortable? Don't think she's ever wrapped the pallu round so tightly. Going by the sheer sari's she's worn before.

She looks beautiful.

Someone gained some weight again.. You're a gorgeous lady, Rani, but take more care of yourself!!!

Couldn't agree more! She has to take care of herself. At least someone in that marriage should be lookin fine lol

Lovely! She rocks the smokey eyes like nobody else!

she Indeed is pregas

She isn't pregnant. The blouse is crazy deep and she's trying to hide it.

Those eyes, that gaze and that warm smile love them

she is pregnant

I LOVE RANI, the only bollywood queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

cant wait for her movies, she needs to act more, the only one with talent!!


She looks beautiful, I love her eyes!

love me just rani wooooooow she is very beautiful wooooooow

Breathtakingly beautiful

I loved her Times of India Sunday interview.

I can't take my eyes off her, she looks fantastic I love all the details

mg she is fantastic i love rani woooooow she is very beautiful

Rani looks pregnant

Rani is gaining weight

I love the outfit, beautiful! Couldn't help notice Rani is wearing an uber low cut se-xy blouse but ended up covering her self! why?!

She's gorgeous !!!!

She has done something to her face

lol hater, come up with something original next time! She looks exactly the same when she entered the film industry 17 years ago at the age of 17 until now.

There is certainly something different about her face...Stating the obvious should not be considered hatred.

She looks so good...one of the best public appearances in the recent times...she looks like a royal actually :-) loved her

I love how is he holding her hands. Their relationship is so genuine and fab. He is who he is today because of Rani. And he always aknowledges and appreciates that!!

Who is her makeup artist? Damn what a fine job he/she did here. Rani is naturally stunning, but these smokey eyes are icing on the cake!!

She looks beautiful!! so perfect make up.

immediately after her wedding with aditya, she started to look better her face is glowing and she is wearing loose clothes...... she is pregnant!!!!

Her eyes and smile are like WOW!!. How does she do it? She never looks arrogant or ugly. Always has the soft glowy look on her face. I'm in Love with her! Adi beware!

she is the epitome of beauty, class and elegance!!

Rani Mukharjee is epitome of BEAUTY, I think this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my entire life. She is too good an actress who never got her due but BEAUTY!

Yes she has the most beautiful exquisite eyes and definitely one of the most beautiful faces in bollywood, haters stop groaning


I just saw more HD pics of her and close ups. My jaw dropped, no one comes close to her when it comes to beauty, and of course her acting talent too :)

She looks very gorgeous here

someday (in the near future), this guy is going to design my house

She is pregnant!!!

She looks pregnant... Trying to hide the tummy

Too much fabric. She looks frumpy.

Absolutely stunning!! Looks regal and elegant

Great look!

She looks like royalty :)

Nice sari... lovely.

She looks beautiful. I love the whole look, from top to toe. The roses in the hair look magnifique! The makeup is spot on as always. Regal!

Last pic is just waaa! I wonder how come she looks so young

No snide remarks on Rani for covering up so much? Sure, u would have a different opinion for other actresses, if they sported the same look... Anyways, Rani looks beautiful... All the best TeamMardaani...

WhyWhy would I ve a snide remark for her covering up? It's mot a regular occurrence for her to drape her sari like this. You guys will pick at anything.

Why would I leave*

The second photo iS marvelous

The flowers are so Sweet, her whole look is perfect


Rani looks lovely. I used to be a fan, but realized she's fake as hell. Abhishek Bachchan dodged the bullet. He should thank his mother for that.

she is not an actress anymore ! sorry rani ! but you have lost your stardum

She is a brilliant actress. It's a profession you dummy. You don't need to be 20 years old and a size zero to be an actress. You have to be able to play different characters convincingly. Get a life.

She's whole an actress! From "Hey Ram!" to "Mardaani".

loool ive heard this phrase for the first time ..

once an actress always an actress

More like once a legend, always a legend!!!



The makeup and hair are awesome. Love the smokey look on her. The sari is beautiful but a bit bulky like all of Sabya's stuff!

She's looking drop dead stunningly beautiful..

2-3 months Pregnant she has got that glow and the initial weight gain shows

She looks so cute and elegant

Elegance personified!

Extremely elegant and beautiful

Love u ranii....u look like a queen
.yeaaay you are queen now...

She looks pretty!

The saree looks nice but so badly draped. looks like she is covering herself with a blanket..

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