VINTAGE: Very Rare old Indian Ads

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Sabun (Soap), coffee, butter, chocolate, chappal, toothpaste and more. Here are some old Indian Ads :) Hope you enjoy this post! (Part 2 coming soon!)

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Nice and very informative. I want to see and old Ad. of 70s of Bournvita in which a Body Builder Pesii J Padshah o Colaba, Bombay used to come.

awesome post ! Thanks a ton for reviving old memories . During mid 80s there was this very popular ad on Maggi noodles " mummy , bhuk lagi hai minute ? "

ufff salman

There used to be an old ad of Thumbs up during 1980-1984 shown in the Movie theaters before the Movie starts. the song goes like this: "Happy days are here again..........." if anyone has a video of this ad, , kindly post it in youtube.

Salman Khan looks toooo cute!

99% ads r for foreign companies...

Awwwwh Salman :)

MAla sinha was so cute. Reminds me a bit of Manisha Koirala. Both have same cute oval face with cute features

Amaaaazing post, such a change from the everyday filmy masala gossip of deeika and jacqueline and all the newcomers

Amazing post...
Kabir bedi and Jackie omg !

Awww yea I think tht kid is definitely jugal hansraj..wonder what he's doing now

I am not a salman fan but he really looks very sweet in that add I don't think so anybody looked that sweet those days...

i had both d glo friends.. n more.. even d pony!!!
we used to call them "tig-migis"!! :D

nostalgia!! awesum post!! :))

Loveliest post thanks for it panipuri


this ad was in the 1980, how else do you expect a human being to look like? Ever person ages and that is normal, just look at your parents and try to understand. Does your dad look still the same? HELL NO! Celebrities are also HUMAN BEINGS! Eshhh such stupid and senseless comments can only come from a katrinalover...geta life dude/girl/whatever u are

aww love this post

Awesome post ! Great stuff !

kishore da looks dapper and ever so charming in the brylcreem ad :) and can someone please explain to me what 'BLIND LOVE RISK' means??!

I had no clue ads back in the day were so witty. And OMG I totally remember using medimix at my nani's place when I'd go back to India. Memories :)

lol amul girl got less chubby over the years :)

Aaaaaaaaaaa kabir bediiii WHAT A HUNK ;p

Haha crackjack ad is cute!

What a refreshing post! Great job

Haha... had to come back to see these again. Another one I liked is Shatrugan Sinha's ad where he's trying to get every drop out of that booze bottle... just that look on his face is priceless! :)

lol salman fans will now satatr attacking Katrina and her first Aishwarya now Katrina in future Sonakshi..the list ges on..finally they'll(salman fans) hate themselves at one point of time for loving salman

Before airbrushing too over.

Is it the same person who keeps talking about salman's 'fading' looks???

OH MY! Jackie is smoking hotttt in that charminar cig that intense look

Lovely post! :) btw salman used to be very good looking back then, now he just looks drugged!

katrinalover - he is still as good looking and charming! I love love LOVE him! And im sure a lot of other pv readers will agree with me

LOVE these Vintage posts! So nice to go through them..didn't expect to see such old ads from my childhood. You should do regular this kind of segment, we would really appreciate

salman used to be so gud he looks vry old and fat

Damnnn I had the biggest crush on Kabir Bedi, he was SO SEXY ( I think he still is :p ). But I like my Kabir Bedi with the beard please

OMG gotta show these to my mom! :D

thanks for this post ..80's ads are so nostalogic for me !!
vinod khanna was his sexiest best in cinthol ad :)

Hmmm at 20 rupees, the 'dilip kumar table tasties' would have been hella expensive at that time don't you think??

Take me back to the 80s pleaaaaase!

jackie shroff for cigarettes? :O

oh em gee, sallu equals HOOOT

Awesome stuff! eagerly waiting for part 2

wow...mindblowing...awesome collection..thanks for sharing...

awwwwwww gems !

just love kishore kumar...thanks...

LOL Amul Girl's appearance has changed drastically! ;)
Nice collection. :)

Wow this made me so nostalgic =[ Remembering my childhood in India in the 80s. Those were the days!

wow..nanda looking so beautiful

Jackie was quite dashing back in the days huh?

New code 10 tonic hair dressing - MY FAVORITE!!!

Thank you guuuuuys! I'm glad you enjoyed the ads as much as I enjoyed collecting and putting them together. And @Kitty, ahahaha I know,eh! Can you believe Dilip Kumar had a chilli pickle named after him? Dilip Kumar table tasties haha, should've uploaded that as the main image.

I thought that was Akshay Kumar in the Willis Filter Kings looks nothing like Kabir Bedi

LOL... "THE TASTE OF YOUR TONGUE IS PACKED IN THIS BOTTLE... DILIP KUMAR TABLE TASTIES" hahahaha I love these ads. Good work PaniPuri, keep em coming! :)

Amazing ads!!! THANKS SO MUCH for posting these! :D

Amul girl always Stands out

Nandini Sen is resembling Simple Kapadia here! =O

I remember the majority of these ads from the 80s.90s! Salman , used to be so handsome and cool. not anymore.

wow that's very rare! I love the Cadbury Gems Ad, I used to eat it all the time when I little n it taste a lot like m&m but Gems are more yummy =D lol salman he's was just so young n adorable, Jeez I kind of miss the old Salman from his Maine Pyaar Kiya days, seeing some of these Ads brings back so much old memories.

cool post!

Aww, Salman looked soo cute, I miss skinny Salman.

COOL! enjoyed the ads, these vintage creations are so much fun to look at.

I used to own some of those glo-friend toys hahaha they were so cute and fun. And mmmmmmmmmmm.......the '5-star' chocolate was one of my favourites!!!!

wow! nice work.
reminded me of the good olden days.

Awesome post, thanks!

Gabbar ki Aasli Pasan, lol my fav to think all that time Gabbar was after GlucoseD. Loved Dilip Kumar's face on the pickle jar, I like to think I'm having a meal with a legend.

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