Rekha to play the cold hearted Miss Havisham in Fitoor

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Fitoor, starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, will also see veteran actor Rekha in the role of the cold-hearted, rich spinster, 'Miss Havisham' from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.. The character, which has shades of grey, was first offered to Sridevi. Latest news is that Rekha has been approached for the role, and the diva also seems to have given her nod though she has not yet signed the dotted line.

This adaptation of 'Great Expectations' has Aditya Roy Kapur playing 'Pip' and Katrina Kaif, 'Estella'. The much hyped Abhishek Kapoor movie is all set to go on floors later this year.

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what a perfect cast for one of my favorite charles dickens novel .. aditya roy with his rugged looks and boy charm is perfect for the role of Pip, who is willing to give everything up for the love of his life Estelle.. Katrina Kaif as the cold, unexpressive extremely beautiful Estelle, who makes men fall for her, but never reveals too much... and Rekha as Mrs.Havisham, a woman who was left on her wedding day, and continues to wear her wedding dress (have you seen how rekha is always decked up and wears sindoor sometimes ? )... the casting sort of mirrors the reality, it's perfect... im absolutely ecstatic!

I don't think Aditya can do justice to the role,it requires acting.

Aditya roy kapoor and katrina will look super hot together. And rekha will is apt for havisham

Ooh, liking the acting in this film. Even katrina's frozen acting will work well as Estella

She is a real like Mrs. Havisham so will fit reel life too

this is great! now the film will have two saving graces: aditya roy kapur and rekha :D lol im still looking forward to this aditya-katrina paring though, i love aditya so this film is a must for me. anything he's in i'll watch and even though katrina is a crap actress, she's hot and will look real good next to aditya. so im looking forward to this!

Aditya needs to do more movies I love him

Khoon Bhari mang

I smell a Best Supporting Actress award coming her way!! :-)

To that person down below questioning why Madhuri, Sri Devi and Rekha are still hanging around needs to know that I, and many others, would rather watch women with more talent, beauty, grace in a quarter of their pinky fingers than many 'young' actresses have in all of their entire bodies combined.

That is why I, and many enjoyed watching Sri Devi in English Vinglish where she carried the movie with acting and performance and dazzled in each and every frame of it. She became the character and she told a story. Much better than the 'young' glam dolls who show skin and pass off exercise movements as dancing in 10 minute roles playing eye candy in a man's movie... even a pole dancer could do better. And better yet a Sri Devi, Madhuri and Rekha have done/can do glam, dancing queen, looking pretty roles more memorably too.

No wonder they need Rekha to star in Fitoor if Katrina Kaif has been cast, they definitely need a female to actually act. And btw Miss Havisham >>> Estella. Perfect role. Perfect casting.


What Katrina Kaif is playing Estella in Great Expectations BW style... u have got to be kidding me?!!! That being sad she may be perfect... beautiful but cold... enjoys deceiving and entrapping men. Actually they are really casting to the bone here.. Miss Havisham and Rekha is the perfect marriage.

Hmm not sure how the story would do in India. English sensibilities are very different from Indian ones.

perrrfect casting! i always thought she would've been the more appropriate choice than sridevi for this role. and jesus rekha looks ravishing in black. she should wear other colours more often!!!

she will be amazing!

Wowwwwww this role is just tailormade for Rekha only.No other actress cud play Miss Havisham other than Rekha.I think it will mindblowing watching Rekha in this role.At last she has accepted some movie.She is truely the most gorgeous actress ever.

Rekha back on the bbig screen ... great news !

She looks really amazing in that photo. I so wish she'd wear different colors and experiment with her look more often... she is gorgeous!

YES! It'll be awesome to see her on screen again ... especially in a role like this! :D

Love Rekha! She's gonna totally rock this role. I just wish Katrina was replaced with Shraddha. Aditya/Shraddha pairing is the best!

r u serious?kaif is the only one in bollywood who can actually look good with someone as handsome as him

Did u see YJHD ? Aditya and DP look fab

love Rekha..fab actress.. glad she s doing it..hope she signs many more movies

Finally a picture of Rekha without the gold on her. she looks wow.

Katrina Kafi in an adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel? Funny! I bet she wasn't even aware of his existence prior to getting this role.

Yay! I am SO excited for this film. Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina are going to look great together and Rekha is perfect for the role.


ahh look fantastic.

how does she manage to look soo ravishing truly

cool, for a change all the stars are age-appropriate according to the novel.

I had suggested her to play the role too! Kat is good for'Estella' too, as she is supposed to be cold anyway.

YESSSSSSS! I hope they realize that this role is a plum one, she actually is considered more prominent that Estella (Katrina's role).

Madhuri and Sridevi are also two actresses that can't let go. I feel they are the future Rekha's.

why should they let go? If men at 50 are basically running bollywood, why should women their age not get roles that are at par with that. It's actually the audiences that are responsible for such stereotypes. PITY!

They need to act there age. You clearly need English lessons. I mean I felt disgusted seeing Sri's wrinkly breast in her swim suit pics. Rekha needs to calm down with the Make up and the hair. That's what I meant. These ladies would look so much more elegant if they let go of some of the things the very young do. You clearly misunderstood my comment.

Age is just a number . What one person feels is inappropriate at a certain age ,may not be viewed the same way by another person ! And your statement comes across as very sexist . When all the Khans who are on the wrong side of 40 can go bare chested with gals who could easily be their daughters , why shouldn't these women enjoy a life & career ? How can anyone presume to say ''U are old- act like this, speak like this ,don't wear that...'' Your chronological age exists only in the mind , it should never restrict or control your persona or clothes ! Why should an actresses' clothes in their private life matter ? What should count is the acting & these ladies have more talent in their little fingers than the clothes horses we get today.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement