Ileana is a westernized version of Kajol and Rani, thinks Saif

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Saif Ali Khan is all praises for his 'Happy Ending' heroine Ileana D'Cruz. So much so that he feels Ileana has perfect comic timing and is a westernized version of Kajol and Rani.

He said in an interview to DNA, “I guess there are women that make you feel, for example working with Preity (Zinta) feels good, but working with Ileana is different. She is a sparkling actress. She is really, really good. And I thought I was good at this sort of a role because it is a world that I have kind of been in, but it really falls flat without the timing at the other end, which she has. She reminds me of Kajol and Rani except she is more Western."

Do you agree with Saif?


She is not even the "R" of Rani never mind being Rani. And if she wants to become her, she needs to wear clothes first and work her neck off, it's a 17 years of hard work and dedication, not a short cut!

her big eyes is almost like Kajol ... I see that in above pic

Why does he always compared other actresses with Kajol and rani ???
I remember he said that last year : " I liked how Miss Kaif (Katrina) and I looked in 'Race'. Otherwise, I think I have looked good with Indian looking girls like Kajol, Rani, Preity... now, maybe Ileana. I liked working with Tamannaah. We did a song in 'Humshakals' and I haven't done that kind of song in ages. She is pretty and nice. I don't know... some people look nice with some people"

and he also said about Kajol and rani for his interview about deepika's success too : " It is a continuation of the Kajol and Rani mould, except she is much taller! She is also a dusky beauty with Indian looks. "


rani is way too over rated anyway...dont like her

he basically said ileana is a better actress than preity lol

He just made an observation. It could be a subjective one, but nowhere is he saying or implying that makes Illeana a better person/actress. I think people are reading too much into his comment and overreacting! Anybody agree? BTW, I'm not a fan of Saif or anything. I don't know enough about his movies to form an opinion.

You must be new to Pinkvilla. Don't you know that it is full of sheep? They all baa the same way.

Nowhere did Saif imply that being western is better. But, what can you expect from sheep.

Baa away.

How does a westernized version of anything make it better?

Did pinkvilla boy go into hiding? I'm sure she/he would support such lame statements given by Saif and Bebo. The silly nawab wannabe who thinks he is English but wants to earn out of Indian films. I wish the British took him away to London and save us from his and the modern wife's WTF statements.

That's Saif lingo for Ileana is no fun and a prude like Kajol and Rani..he likes Priety because she is bindaas and a die hard fan of Saif.

I bet he is like I wish I met her before Kareena :P

Ileana is super pretty and a sparkling actress as well!

Do-do dande lagakar ye dono inglisss miya biwi ko fenko bharat se..So called nawab and his inglissspanti.

We know he is english. he should leave india at once and move in with the english queen. we won't be watching a hindi movie with u in it... and by the way Brett Lee is more interested in india and indian ppl han you. so move over brett lee is moving to bollywood.

And you are Westernized version of Daniel Day Lewis. You read it right, Saifu is definitely more Ingleesss..

Of course she is the western version of Rani and Kajol as evident from above pix which clearly shows she is no beauty compared to Rani and Kajol.And god knows where u stand amongst ur male counterparts in terms of looks.

Saif needs to leave India. He is so obsessed with being "western" but all to happy to take a paycheck from Indian audiences. What a phoney. Go away!

I find Saif wannabe.All the time he plays dat drums of western music, western accent, culture blah blah.Why dnt u try earning ur bread in Hollywood films, m sure there must b roles of sidekick wannabe Indians who thinks Western culture is the ultimate.I hv nvr watched Saif s movies in theaters but I ll make sure I ll nt catch up them on tv too.Bloody self proclaimed British.

She is stunning and sweet. She has this wholesome quality about her. She I vivacious and so very pretty. And she can act! The only area where she can improve is her dress sense. Yes, I'm talking about Rani!

Saif you need to take rest !!!you are sounding mentally unstable:(:( please keep your mouth shut for a while and stop giving nonscence interviews :(:(

Rani looks so darn pretty in this photo. Why did she allow herself to pack on all the pounds of late?

She's soooo pretty. What's she doing in a movie with Saif uncle?!?

Ughhh, what's with Saif's obsession for everything western. Such an irritating guy. If he is so much into hollywood films, english accent, english music and now western this and that, why not go stay there. Who is forcing him to act in hindi films. Not like he is a good actor anyway. His nautanki wife and he should just leave India and live in the MODERN WESTERN world if that is what is their life.

What the hell is wrong with this guy. Anreez chaley gaye but left him behind.


Looks like Kareena has trained in in the art of WTF statements-reloaded and Saif you are actually the contender for the title after your wifeyyyyy.SMH

What's with his obsession with western culture?

Lol he indirectly called Preity a bad actor. So much for being 'great friends'!!

What does it matter how 'westernised' someone is? Since when is being Western a requirement for good acting? Saif's obsession with all things Hollywood is really annoying!

What an insult to Rani and Kajol! Iliana may be good, but she's no where near Rani or Kajol!

Jesus here we go again with using the Western word.....

Asin fans need to get their heads checked. They always think like she is the best thing that has happened to this world.WTF?

r u lost?

ugh saif, more western? the hell that means? if she's good that's because she has so much experience acting in telugu and tamil movies, she didn't come from nowhere. also why do people feel the need to compare actresses, can she be appreciated for what she is.

I think kajol was wayyyy too over rated anyway. Her acting is pretty much the same in every movie. At least Rani has a 'black'

Well this topic doesnt deal with some overratedness still you mentioned it .. Speaks for your insecurity.. And oh please her acting is same!!!! Please come out of this pinkvilla world we kajol fans are proud that now she is tops every poll in acting or starpower.. Rani is also good but no where near to kajol and as for black is concerned it was both amit ji and rani's performance .. How can you forget amitji.. Rani didnt won national award .. So chill and please stop degrading kajol's work.. Have some decency while writing comment

Spoken like a blind fan. Kajol maybe comfortable infront of the camera but in no way is she versatile. Just think of kangana in gangster, Queen and revolver rani ( she does have a number of flop films to her credit too) and think of kajol is ddlj, kabhi khushi kabhie ghum and host of other movies, she is pretty much the same. LOUD over bearing. the only role which was kinda nice was kuch kuch hota hai, when she was a tomboy. apart from that she is just plain annoying.

Kajol was same in ddlj and k3g!! Kajol played two different my dear ... Her punjabi dialect won hearts and was critical acclaim performance... She played a villain in gupt .. And a highly appreciated performance in dushman... She does film as a hobby.. Kangna is good actress ... But my dear please explain why the issue of kajol is dragged everytime.. I am her fan and i know she is not the best actress ever but dont you think she is being targeted others... Now do you think that person is blind

What do you mean western version? why does everything Saif say has something to do with being modern, western, blah blah.

She has this elegance about her.

i am not sure about comparing them to all time best actressess but ileana, asin and yami gautam are heaps and bounds better than present crop and ruling bimbos like katrina, deepika, alia, sonakshi cena, shraddha and etc etc. wish these talented beauties get more movies.

John Cena's daughter lol

whos cena?

LOL!!! it is Sinha

cena is a wrestler?????????

Illeana is sweet & a good actress when given a good role but please, for her own sake, don't compare her to an actress like Rani. She's something else.

Plz... Rani is way over-rated actress... Kajol is much ahead of her...

she is indeed charming and beautiful..but comparing her to legends like kajol or rani...not suitable...u r either degrading both the senior heroines or buttering the newcomer.... everyone is special in their own way..cant forget the bubbliness of kajol or the classic beauty of rani...ileana has yet a lot to prove.

She was really good in Barfi, and I think she's going to be good in this movie too.

I feel she is small indian town version of kareena.....

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