Saif Ali Khan is back with the super entertaining trailer of Happy Ending!

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Check out the official trailer of Happy Ending, directed by Raj & DK. The film features Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D’Cruz, Kalki Koechlin, Govinda & Ranvir Shorey. The film is produced by Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla. The music is composed by

Saif Ali Khan is back with a bang. The super entertaining trailer of Happy Ending has Saif in his funny and witty avatar, in a genre he is loved most. You also get to see a glimpse of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Preity Zinta. The movie has a fresh feel to it and Govinda sure adds to the comedy factor. Enjoy!


Saif plays a hard-core, commitment-phobic author - Yudi. He may not have a problem with the phrase 'I love you' but the after effects of it are too much for him to handle. An author in his late 30’s, he’s suave, sophisticated and is enjoying his life whilst avoiding any kind of sticky love situations. His claim to fame being a single book written by him years ago which was an instant hit.

He hasn't managed to pen anything in many years since then as he doesn't have to . He’s got everything that he always wanted - fame, money & girls! Why exert yourself when you have everything you need ?

Especially not like his friend Montu , who fell in love with one woman & married her and then became an Oops father. Why tie yourself down to one woman when you have the buffet at your disposal!

Yudi thanks his lucky stars every time he thinks otherwise. Sounds like a Happy Ending to us.... But don’t get carried away, it’s just the beginning! Yudis happy life is about to encounter a speed breaker as he’s out of both money & luck.

To make matters worse his ex-girlfriend who thinks she still is his girlfriend has him on a tight leash while he’s also trying to compete with Aanchal, a famous and talented love story writer. His only salvation comes in the form of his agent who gets him a gig to write a script for an upcoming Bollywood comedy. And the hero in this film? Action star extraordinary Armaan who is looking to reinvent himself as a lover boy & has enough help from every famous cosmetic surgeon in the world.

So with such odds against him, what happens to Yudi ? Does love or a Happy Ending Exist at all?? Does he get his Happy Ending after all?

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PZZZZZZZ ! Cannot wait to see her in this movie. Finally will see her with Saif in a movie after Salaam Namaste. They have the best chemistry together and they will be the ones to look out for.

Loved the trailer..looks cute and entertaining.Ileana is looking damn gorgeous.She oozes sex appeal so effortlessly without coming across as cheap.Saif and Govinda are fantastic... btw Kalki is in second lead or cameo?She was barely there in trailer.
Overall great vibe to the trailer!

"Young Adult" :D

After Omkara I had such high hopes from Saif...unfortunately the only thing he can play with any success is a confused bachelor/ playboy in a foreign country

Wasn't Go Goa Gone a cult hit where he played a half Russian half Desi zombie killer? I'm sure he has other non rom-com hits, just can't think of them right now.

sounds amazing

Finally a comedy which is not slapstick and cheap, but genuinely funny and actually has some element of realism in it as well. And I don't need to leave my brains at home or shut it down to enjoy this. Hope it's a very big hit and becomes a trendsetter. Some of those other cliched masala movie makers could really learn something from this movie.


Loved the trailer, awesome cast.

This movie has "Thinks he is funny but isnt" Saif in a double role, anorexic Ilena , loud and over the top Govinda , will skip this one

Bebo and Preity looked adorable:}

Quirky and fun tailer..Saif looks really good.He and Ileana make a great couple.

Damn i didn't think that it would be this good. Now waiting for it more eagerly. But why do they have to always set the story in some foreign location. Why can't they show the beautiful and upscale suburbs of India instead ? After all Modi says make in India. Haha. Gonna watch it for sure.

I'm pleasantly surprised! I like Saif in such roles, Ileana seems good and Govinda is outstanding as usual!

This actually looks pretty decent

I'll watch it only for bebo's middle finger shot.

This looks like its shot all over California.. I'm from LA and so happy to see so many familiar locations

Reminds me of califonication and his character like David Ducovnys! Illena looks like the poor mans Deepika! Movie does not look entertaining at all! Govinda is just priceless thou!

Govinda is the standout. Illeana looks pretty. Loved seeing Preity Zinta back onscreen. Wished for more Kalki.

Actually looks refreshing and will be a much better watch than Happy new Year!

Trailer looks good, but Ileana looks too young for Saif!

Is govinda supposed to be like Ari gold from entourage??? Like a super go getter agent??

Is govinda supposed to be like Ari gold from entourage??? Like a super go getter agent??

I love her Ting of Preity Zinta :-)))


Preity...Dimple Queen!!!

Preity..... Dimple Queen


Loved it , this movie will rock.

Did anyone notice this is not just an off-beat hatke comedy but also kind of a satire on Bollywood. Like heroes fooling public into thinking their 6 packs, 8 packs, 10 packs, etc are real (with Salman being recently exposed), Govinda saying no need to do anything "hatke" just let the cliches be there cuz audience should be happy. And best of all, when he tells Saif make the movie where first half is "Meet the Parents" and 2nd half is "Meet the F**kers". Can't believe the Censor Board passed the f word in the trailer (probably cuz they were too naive or blind to notice it) but in the theater they will probably mute or edit it out lol.

i am pleasantly surprised...this doesn't look bad

Saif is looking old and does not look "cool" anymore :/ the actress on the other hand looks natural and real pretty in this movie!

Govinda is the best!

Looking forward to it.

Trailer looks cool, movie seems entertaining and quirky. Everyone looks good here!
Looking fwd to this one. PV POST!

Why WHy Why... Why glorify that is already wrong with the movie making business.... I simply cannot connect with nonsensical movies.... Age no bar...

Heart is young but what about the BRAIN... Has it not got any wiser with age. Does it not collect more wisdom as one ages. For me it's not about heart its about brain...

Nice trailer. Saif is good in these kind of genre movies. Ileana looks beautiful. Seems like Govinda is coming with a bang. But for me the best part was to see BEBO. She looks freaking HOT in the promo. Can't wait to watch her on screen AGAIN. ;-)

I wish Preity and Kareena had a bigger role than a cameo in this. Although I really like Kalki and Ileana's good in this too. Saif and Kareena both said they are not too keen to work together on screen because of their bad box office record. Audience was not really wowed by their chemistry, so that's understandable. But wish Preity had more to do in this than just play one of his several exes. Saif and Preity have always had a great, fun and comical chemistry whenever they were on-screen together.

Govinda and Ileana are the only saving grace in that trailer. Where is Kalki in the trailer? Funny triva, Ileana is 26 and Saif's daughter Sara is 21.

because saif married toooo young and had kids when his age boys were going college or uni

trailer looks good but i predict average collections. this would have been a cocktail if deepika starred in it.

finally my kind of film!

This actually looks pretty cool! Can't wait to watch!

People saying saif needs to get out of his shell i mean really? He did bullet raja, humshukals, agent vinod? But none worked! He is good at rom-coms! He is one actor who experiments. Whether they work or not!

and not to forget Omkara

Ileana is awesome in the trailer, esp the lift scene! :)

Ileana is so so pretty!

Ileana is such a cutie pie!

i want more illiana.. she is hot.. worst part is govinda.. eww,,,

I love it! Looks fun and quirky!

This is super fun!! I think Govinda was da funda!! Damn I missed him so much! I love at the end where Govinda is shirtless n all those drawed lines for 6 packs n fake muscles hhahhahh n his line "climax mai ek kiss scene de dena youth wale khush ho jayenge" saif- "kiya doodh wale?" "Doodh wale nahi youth wale chai nahi manaraha hoon picture ho raha hai" hhahahhahaha this is comedy not what sajids humshakals. But Illeana needs to eat she is super skinny on her upper body..

Great my comment got deleted. What's up with this censorship regime.


Loving it. Great ensemble cast. Saifffff is just superb and like always he has the charm and charisma that works onscreen. Kudos:-)

good one

i wish they had replaced ileana and kalki with preity and kareena.

Saif is repetitive , same old bachelor who wants to have fun, lives in some international location this time San francisco etc.
Govinda on the other hand is awesome. I will watch it for Govinda.

Trailer looks awesome. When you have Saif, Kareena, Preity, Govinda, Ileana, and Kalki (Yes, I left out Ranvir on purpose) in one movie, all I can say is WOW! Saif should stick to this genre more often as I feel out of all the top actors, he is the best one out there for romantic comedies. After a long time, we are having a movie with good star cast in one film. Most definitely, will see this one in theatre.

Why did you leave out Ranvir again?

Although he's one amazing actor (as seen in Heroine and other movies), but then he's abusive to women and this is such a turn-off.

same old same old

Lol I don't remember that last time I saw a trailer or off-beat rom-com that looked like this in Bollywood I mean, not Hollywood.

i meant saif is same ole same ole

wohoooo......super trailer..saif is superb in this ...he has amazing comic timing.. raj n dk superb waiting for this movie..

what happened to saif????

Awesome trailer ...

a great bunch of actors in one film. superb. Liking saif after a loooong time.

very vibrant, peppy. even illeana is in elements this time. Govinda is so funny. btw how come he looks so young suddenly?

Californication RIP-OFF!! why cant we make original movies anymore!!??

That's the first thing that came to my mind, but it doesn't look too bad.

My thoughts exactly! Right down to the location — LA.

Exactly !!!!!!!!

ha ha I love Govinda, will watch the movie for him. Ileana looks nice and seriously I don't think that in real life she could be with someone like Saif. I know that many actors are working with girls half of their age but in Saif's case that age difference is very visible because of his look. He looks too old for Deepika, Ileana, Diana etc

love the cyan, yellow filter they are using for this movie

Love it! Saif should only do movies like this. It is either omkara or cocktail but he does not belong in-between cinema like 'bullet raja' or 'humshakkals'. That is not him.

ha ha I love Govinda, will watch the movie for him. Ileana looks nice and seriously I don't think that in real life she could be with someone like Saif. I know that many actors are working with girls half of their age but in Saif's case that age difference is very visible because of his look. He looks too old for Deepika, Ileana, Diana etc

The only saving grace in this awful trailer is Govinda. Saif looked like he was doing overtime on the sets of Cocktail doing this movie as well. He needs to get out of his shell now.

Looks awesome! Saif is such a great comic actor.

Hehe...I loved the trailer....was quite different and funny!

finally preity in a movie happy to see her

Californication rip-off

Hey I m in USA can't see the trailer here...anything wrong??

I could see it.. I am in LA..

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