Saif Ali Khan Hesitant About Sajid's Next

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Sajid Khan's movies are trashed by critics but for sure, he knows how to market his film and receive the commercial success that he so desires. But his latest 'Himmatwala' underperformed in both the fronts which did not discourage the director from being optimistic about his next commercial, "out and out comedy" flick with Riteish Deshmukh, Amitabh Bachchan, and Saif Ali Khan, the situation may turn out to be quite different.

Word around the block is that Saif Ali Khan is apprehensive about Sajid's project and is in dilemma about whether to go ahead with the project or back out. Given that he's honed his skills as an actor and groomed himself to be desirable by reputed filmmakers, he is trying his best save himself from being in a dud.


@ 2013-04-12 00:49 — Anonymous - you welcome ;-)

@Gohar That Saif's interview is very interesting. He is very smart. Thx for the link.

Well Saif should be hesitant... He isn't getting any younger and Sajid Khan isn't going to make a good movie any time soon. ;)

No Saif NOOOOOOOOOOOO... Please don't do that psycho's movie if you are reading this

@Gohar thanx for the link. That was very interesting interview. now I love Saif even more. He is very smart.

I hope he'll not do the movie. BTW I have read his one very frank interview where he even explains that incident at the airport . He sounds very intelligent and honest...

cant believe how in the earth these both talented stars saif n amitji even considered this bakwas director. like everyone aptly put it.RUN!

I heard this movie is remake of Gulzar's Angoor ....I hope at least he did not remake such a brilliant movie...

even a non-actor should be worried about starring in the crap produced by Sajid.
its a no brainer. Don't do it Saif, you've come a long way to go back to this nonsense.

LOL !! Saif and Amit ji ..both should run !!

Wed, 2013-04-10 22:42 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Saif has a glow on him of late. So does Salman.


By the way before himmatwala flop he wanted to work with sajid. He didnt care for his image then? Fickle true friendship and NO professionalism.

Saif and BigB back out now before it's too late

Saif run away please.

Saif has a glow on him of late. So does Salman.

People should run away from Rohit Shetty Movies. He also makes craps.

saif and amitabh ... OMG !! how sajid gets them to sign these film I wonder...
AmitJi and Saif ... Just one word Ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Saif is right in being hesitant. Hopefully Amitabh also runs away from this mess!

SAIF DONT DO IT. - im a saif fan and doing a sajid khan film is in his worst interests. hes a damn good actor and should do atleast decent films. dont ruin ur line up of good films with this

Saif and Amitabh Bachchan should both run away from Sajid Khan's next IMO!

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