Blast from the Past: Salman and Sridevi's hot Cover Shoot

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Salman and Sridevi's Photo Shoot before the shooting of there film.

According to Stardust, Sallu and Sridevi were dating during the filming of Chand Ka Tukda in 1991.Here is an article from there archive:

Sridevi and Salman Khan?!! Hard to believe, is not it? But true nevertheless. And then again, passion is non-discriminating with those it chooses to overwhelm it its throes. Can’t blame the two then if they are mere pawns in the hands of fate. Swept along to a common destiny!

Apparently it began when the two of them were together as part of the troupe for Amitabh Bachchans’ London show. There the spark was struck. And it did not die out like a normal overseas attraction is wont to. It merely dimmed to a glow, waiting the bursting into flames back home.

But what surprised everybody was the fact that Sridevi was signed by Sawan Kumar Tak for his next film ‘ Chand Ka Tukda’. And this after the Tak had launched and executed a nationwide hunt for a nubile young girl to do the role. Supposedly, it was at Salman’s insistence that the Sri was signed. With his mainstay hero having made such a request, Sawan Kumar was in no position to turn him down.

So desperate is the need to be together that Salman has even adjusted the dates of an entire outdoor schedule, only to be able to be with his new attraction. In October this year, Sridevi will be flying to Nepal as part of the unit of Khuda Gawah to shoot there. In the same month and at the same time Salman Khan too will be flying there to shoot for Bulund (of which he is the de facto script writer and supreme shot-caller),

The buzz has it that the dates were changed of Salman’s film only so he could be in the hilly and picturesque country with the woman he now dotes on. And the biggest clue is that the units of both the films will be housed in the very same five star hotel. It simplifies the rocky path of romance so much, doesn’t it?

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Hard to believe but may be true.. i dnt see any chemistry between them in the above pics....
she looks quite older to him

i love how the poses were soo innocent back then.

No they were not! I was at the CKT shooting and her brother was there with her all the time. After 'cut!' Sallu and Sri actually ignored each other. He was out drinking and her back to room with her vege burger. She had her daggers on Boney!

salman sridevi jodi is steaming hot.they should have married.

WOW!Sridevi is so sweet and sexy,loving her.

he was so cute even when he was younger. my heart melts when i see him

Both are looking very hot.

Salman Khan and Sreedevi makes the cutest couple,i have seen both their fils,Chandramukhee and Chand Ka Tukdaa and in both the films they looked great.

I like SRI very very much,she is the finest actress of India.

I just love this actress so much,she is talented,sexy,stunning,beautiful,brilliant dancer,etc.Sridevi looks good with any hero.

SriDevi is really very beautiful and so sweet,looks nice with Salman.

I just love Sridevi and Salman Khan together.

Shy Sri Devi ? BAHAHAHAHAH A shy woman does not win the heart of a married man and proceed to marry him. And neither do I think they were dating, it makes for a very eloquent article and sounds like a crush on Salman Khan's part.

salman why are you too handsome?

the photos are hilarious, never thought they look together good, i do not like their pairing in Chandramugkhi, but deffnitely love these photos, some of them are just lovely, especially third and fourth

Nah I dont think stardust meant he was dating Sri.
Salman was with Sangeeta Bijlani back then and was crazy for her so...,

OMG these pics are a gem! Salman was very goodlooking back then.
Thanks for sharing

Salman was so handsome back then. Not anymore.

And Sridevi is too good for him, if Salman can dare to abuse a strong woman like Aishwarya then shy Sridevi would have stood no chance. Good riddance.

Sridevi's nose looks horrible in 1st pic... :S


My goodness, he is so handsome

Omg salman look soooo handsome..He look sooo sexy with that long hairstyle.Sri looking gorgeous too

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