Did Bhopal's Qazi request Muslim devotees not to watch Salman’s ‘Kick’ on Eid?

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Salman Khan’s Eid releases are a sure shot blockbuster, be it ‘Wanted’ or ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ or now ‘Kick’. The movie is said to have joined the Rs.100 crore club. But early morning on Tuesday, when Muslim devotees gathered to offer prayers at the Eidgah in Bhopal, a Qazi requested them not to watch any movie today.

According to Hindustan Times, Shahar Qazi Syed Mushtaq Nadv in his sermon said, “Har saal uski film release hoti hai, aur aap dekhne jaate hain. Meri aap se guzarish hai ki aaj aap koi bhi film dekhne nahin jayen.”

Though Nadvi did not mention any name, the message seems to be pretty clear.

He also mentioned that instead of going to the theatres people should sit at home and welcome their guests on the festival.

It is said that other Maulavis too have been asking devotees to avoid watching ‘Kick’, which released on July 25.

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But what he said is true one has fasted for a whole month Eid is equal a big day why must you release a movie on that day and intise people to go and see it. Eid is a day to celebrate it with family. Please my opionion.

Respectin ur opinion .. It was released before Eid .. It's a matter of choice .. Ppl who wants to c movies can choose to c .. Festivals r meant to b way of bringin happiness ..

hahaha !! Qazi bhi na !! did new traders made any issue out of it !!! if this came out of RSS guys mouth they would have done a halla bol by now!

We borned as human .. Donno who were the insecure ppls .. Catagorised in religions, casts .. Khud Toh Gaye , Hume Phasa gaye..

First, aditi chandra you write about 15 articles a week about Salman, and they all seem damn biased so shame on you, secondly to muslims who read that message, its pretty clear, its not about Kick, its about movies of any kind.

woh log film dekhe.....ya na dekhe, iss se uss qazi ka kya matlab? Usko logo ka personal life me tang nahi aarana chahiye.

I am from Nigeria and can this man
say anything about the terrorism and harassment
we face on daily basis from Muslims? This month
has been brutal for us Christians. They literally
attack us anywhere. Earlier we were only alert
during Fridays but this month has been
nightmare for us Nigerians. So can this man
please issue statement not to kill us instead of silly
mundane things like films? PLEASE for god sake :'(

Im sorry to gear this being a Muslim myself, these do not reperesnt the other billinons of Muslim around the world, neither are they followong the teaching of Islam. In Islam we are strickly forbidden to kill any innocent human being, if you do say it is like killing the whole of humanity, its written in the Quran. A lot of these people who does these kind of unislamic act are mostly encouraged by a political leader, who misinteprate the verses from the Quran and teach it to those illitrate people.
If you talk about war in Islam, it has rules you have to follow. Firstly, war is only allowed when in self defence , when you are attacked first and also you cannot kill any children, female or elderly, also u are not supposed destroy or get their property even if its a tree. Now tell me are these people following the teaching of Islam. Obviously not. Its just a political propegenda going on and they want people to accept it hence they name it "we are doing this for our religion".


I am Nigerian living in Nigeria and I
know everything about this issue. You cant use
this excuse every time that they are not following
any religion because they indeed are. Just read
any newspaper at any given day, these people
are always killing and rioting everywhere and
even justify it blindly. The poor people living in
the middle parts of Nigeria are subject to adverse
humiliation and harassment. Literally ALL LOCAL
PEOPLE there support the killing. They chant '
Death to idolatrous Christians' as we worship the
holy trinity. Nobody bothers them about their
religion but they make sure that they poke nose
onto others i.e. Christian and animist Nigerians.
They openly shout and quote verses from Koran
about Christians and Jews being cursed because
we do not worship Allah. A large proportion
support these ideas so you cant justify and say
only some people do that. They are terrible
people having no humanity. :-(

Aaj ke jammane mein bhi ye sab chalta hai kya?

Why only salman Khan? How about the other khans? They never get stick before their movies. I believe Someone is really after salman khan

OMGGG I AGREE YOU....whenever salman's movies come out..media starts bashing him..when it is srk or aamir they say nothing..like wtfff

As a Muslim myself, he has a point. Kind of contradicting too, Devil and all. Why fast all Ramadan and then spoil it with this trash? Spend time talking and eating with family!

and yet in bhopal the collections for kick have been the highest than any other jagah. this qasi needs to stop being insecure and let people decide for themselves. Haters must be having a tough time digesting salman is the only star with 7 100cr. films in his kitty as well as the highest grossing movie of he 80s (MPK) and 90s (HAKHK). Plus he is doing movies with Rajshri,Dharma and Yrf. Can't wait... too much fun!

Yeh Lo!!! Now they are trying to justify and come up with any excuse or reason under the sun, moon and stars as to why this movie under-performed and didn't live up to the fake hype!!!

Hope you realize its breaking the CE record...some of you are just plain ole hateful and talk rubbish. Time pass log.

and this days film collected 30 cr :)) this religion related staff and bolllywood already became big joke

Salman is most lovely rockking star and people love him for his acting, movies, for his humanitarian work

Not a big deal... My muslims friends are encouraged to not use Ramzan as a month of cleansing and then going back to bad habbits to only recleanse next Ramzan.

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