Exclusive: Salman is set to meet Somy Ali in Miami

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Arriving in Toronto earlier today, Salman Khan looked visibly excited as he plunged into meetings related to promotions for his production, Dr. Cabbie, starring Vinay Virmani, which is set to release early next month.

But more than the film-related work, the Kick actor is particularly looking forward to getting some rest and catching up with close friend and former girlfriend, Somy Ali.

If close friends of the couple are to be believed, former-actress-and-now-philanthropist Somy has invited Salman to stay at her family home in Miami Beach. The superstar, who will be in Los Angeles first for a health check-up, will be heading to Miami Beach to spend time with Somy who runs the not-for-profit organisation, No More Tears, that reaches out to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Salman is known to have consulted Somy for activities related to his foundation, Being Human. He coined the name of his foundation after being inspired from a Somy's t-shirt that had the words 'Being Human' on it. Some friendships are meant to be forever.

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My heart skipped a beat, when I first read 'Meet Somy Ali'. I was alright after reading 'Meet'.

i am also one of those who misread MEET as MARRY. and i was so shocked but also would have been happy for them if that were the case

I'm following her on twitter and have seen videos of her charity organisation .. she seems to be great person, im huge huge huge fan of salman. I think she's the most decent out of all his exs. She's doing great for the women's in usa, India and pakistan.
Guess she's the perfect one for salman, it breaks my heart to say but it's the truth.

Sometimes we move on and don't want to be in a romantic relationship with a past lover. So we can't assume. It's certainly nice when people can move on from past days and reach a point of comfort as friends. Still, they'd make a sweet couple I think. I want Salman to get married too, provided, he too wants it. Marriage isn't for everyone and it's no child's play. It requires commitment to one person (and keeping to expectations of fidelity/trust in all ways) and continued effort forever to maintain the relationship. When he feels he is ready, he will be. One can't force such things. Reminded of Sushmita too as I write this. It will happen (and happen with all readiness) if and when it's supposed to happen.

For one sec when I read the title I mistook it for 'set to marry' How I wish he would just get married.

Marry her Salman! Go on

aw its so sweet they still have maintained a close friendship

Who is interested ? lol ..

i really wish somy n salman get married...bcuz if reports r to be believed...somy was his only gf who truly loved him....no carrier motives.....nothing..she just truly loved hin.....she is still not married...n is philanthropist so...they r quite similar.....but i dont think salman will ever get married.... :-(

Its his 90's love. They should just get married.


He always visited her when he's in the states ! Big deal, God Bless their friendship, they're blessed to have maintained it as much!

If im nor wrong she was only gf of his he did not hit . He just poured soda over her head .

that was just rumours u fool even somy ali denied it and said she doesn't know where this rumour came from

I don't believe he hit Sangeeta considering she still hangs around the Khans, as far as Katrina was concerned she's denied all such allegations, even ARB's allegations have been inconsistent. We'll never know who he raised his hand to and who not, all we have to go on is the relationships he's maintained with former gfs of which he has rather good ones.


Wish for them to get married..she seems like a nice girl.

Yay!! I like both of them as a person. Love somy. Still have three tshirts from so-me design that she sent to me long time ago.

Do u know her?

Not personally. I did intern in her organization NMT. It was a great experience.

Somi and Salman are just friends,,,he even visited her when he was with Katrina ..now Daisy shah is with him on this trip.

sorry but he isn't with daisy

He is ... she was with him karjat too .. some designer did a photo shoot with her in karjat and met salman too.. there were pics on instagaram and daisy liked those pics ... they both are very much in relationship ..

This is a news to me.what abt elli nd jacky

Salman and Somy have not been in a romantic relationship for almost 20 years. They were close friends, they are close friends and they will continue to be close friends. So why is this news?

Salman always visits Somi whenever there is a proper time and place, he visited Somi in 2006 while Katrina was with him that time, Somi made to fly to Bangkok when Salman was shooting for ready and they spent quality of time together, he visited Somi last year and all the time when he is in USA, there is video in Youtube from Somi charitable night, when Salman made skype contact with confereance participants and he donated money to Somi's foundation as well as many Salman friends donated huge amount to Somi's foundation. they are two genuine people and of course he keeps contact with her

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