Isabella Kaif Being Launched in Canadian Film 'Dr. Cabbie'

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Salman Khan has had a huge impact on Katrina Kaif's life for which, time and again, Katrina has mentioned and thanked Salman. This time, he's planning to turn Katrina's sister, Isabella Kaif's life around.

Salman Khan's 'Being Human' Foundation is producing a Canadian film, 'Dr. Cabbie' starring Vinay Virmani from 'Breakaway' and Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory. The movie is currently being shot in Toronto.


To Anon below

It was not that I was insensitive or spiteful ; I have this feeling that he got hurt by Katrina a big time and he tries to hide it behind bravado, I hope he recovers soon but at the same time it feels wierd and a bit saddening to see a strong and self-made man like him being manipulated by a over-shrewed woman and her family.

The way he was smitten and doting on Katrina like a tender loving hubby during the promotions of ETT irritated the hell out of me.

No problem if he helps her, if he wants too, though by Almighty we do not need an other Touqoutte or whatever here; our own talent is being neglected this way, it's just that I hope that he stays detached from her and does not harbour any hopes of her coming back to him.

to anon below,

who needs Katrina and his sister?

Look at Salman he is glowing ad happy, enjoys everything in his life, i do not think he ever miss Kat,

It is just nobody wanted to launch another kaif and Salman is known to support young actors, so why not Isabelle, but i guess she has not leading role, but only some mins in the film.

Is he doing this because he is still hiding a hope in his heart that one day Katrina will come round and marry him ?

Sometimes I wonder why do some men ,despite having all the Grace of Almighty showered upon them , suffer from such low self-esteem ?

The man needs to get out of this ever lasting bout of low self-respect...

another Kat?why??????????????????

Mon, 2013-05-06 06:25 — KarismaKaCharisma
i want salman to marry lolo bcz they r my favourite couple and salman desereve good girl like karishma kapoor i hope inshallah sallu marry lolo inshallah i hope so and both r single too and so sad that sanjay kapoor cheated on lolo he destroyed lolo's life

Well iwould say she is already a star. The amount of comments she has got on this forum, no new comer has got this many. Yes thanks to Salman and Katrina she has got major visibility already.

Why Salman WHY?!

Just because Katrina can't act doesn't mean Isabelle also can't, lets have patience guys and see what she is made of. Salman as always the kindest soul.

Mon, 2013-05-06 04:19 — Anonymous
"We" accepted a "fair" woman who cannot act because she won a beauty contest. Another talentless woman is not going to make a difference.

And who the hell is she

lets give her a try.

We are bored of these gori chitti mems who doesn't know acting, expressionless, no hindi speaking just skin show of gori skin. We want some indian looking gals with beautiful facial features not them.

There is a good news for Salman Khan fans Salman is now dating An woman named Olia. She is from Dubai. She is very much accepted by Salman's family. She is now staying at Taj Lands Hotel in Bandra and Salman is visiting her there. During Mental's shooting Salman and his family spent enough time with this girl.

what a sore looser.

Another Kaif???!! what's Salman smoking nowadays!!!!

So, it begins *sob*

Lol i agree with miah freak and moimee

One Kat is more than enough. I want more Indian looking women in cinema like Vidya Balan, Priyanka, Deepika. Not these lifeless fair coloured women. What is wrong with Salman?

Looks like salman will not rest untill he settles each Kaif in their life!!!

One more 'expressionless firangi' lol

Oh man one Kaif is more than enough.

She's the most unexciting Bollywood actress.

I hope she doesn't end up being a bore like Katrina.

Surely there are other women in India who are more deserving?????

i hate salman for bringing katrina "kaif" in bwood..n thnx salman for doing d same fr kat part 2.its pass d parcel i around as long as u can..

can i punch salman khan now or shud i wait after he launches some other members from dis kaif/turcotte or watever they are clan..coz dat man seriously needs to stop promoting these if one wasnt enuff we will have to tolerate the 2nd one also...

kat plz be human n go bk to london n never come bak.....plzzzzzzz.....

whom shud i hate more?katrina for still using salman or salman for still letting katrina use him..which one...i love salman but he needs to put a brake on dis being human concept.enough is enough now!

plz ranbir marry katrina asap...its a request..i really want to get katrina out of salmans life for good...if sallu wont do it only a rankat marriage can do it...god plzzzzz get dis rankat married so we dnt hv to c katrina anymore..:((((( she cn be neetus good DIL n cut ranbirs toe nails n just leave sallu alone....ufff i hate salman khan now.has he lost it....y is he doing dis...breaks my heart...y????he is annoying d freak out of me now...1st he did a movie wid her n now much more salman????wen will u stop..?

katrina makes ash look like a much more is she going to take from salman...she has enuff money to fund her sisters career..y take the help of salman wen she famously used n threw him away...y??wasnt milking his connections n power fr seven yrs enuf dat she shamelessly wants more..y didnt she ask her bf ranbir n his bestie ayan to launch her..i guess ranbir is co-producing bombay velvet so cudnt he do something for his Gfs sister...or is ranbir only for gud tyms n fr fun n salman is dat backup she goes crying to every tym she has a breakup.......

as for salman i mean its point in commenting...i hv given up on salman...he will do anything n everything for katrina n her family.d irony is her fans will still hate him not dat i m surprised.i love salman but dis thing makes me feel like beating d daylights out of him....y salman yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????somebody punch him from my side..huh...find a gud gal n settle down instead of settling d turcotte family or else u will seriously be baby sitting katrinas kids from her 3rd husband n helping isabelles 5th husband to get a job somewhere while being a bachelor all ur life!!!!

Eh she looks like a witch in the pic , miah posted..eww yuckk

Q:Why do katrina fans hate salman?
A:Because they are as heartless as their idol n only believe in loving something when it suits them.loyalty is not kats forte she excels in being selfish n her fans support dat..

Okay , people ..this is a pic from the sets ;) Enjoyyy ;)

@Moimeme... Yea Exactly ..I don't know why Katrina fans are so against Salman ? I mean he is the man who gave break to Katrina (when no one knew her ) , he gave her ETT ..The 2nd biggest grosser of Indian Cinema till date. (Al though , people went to watch salman only ) but katrina fans keep denying the fact that Salman is the man why katrina is in Bollywood. Yes i know , She is a hard working woman and Self independent but seriously , why so much hate for Salman ? when ur idol her self cannot get over the fact that salman is her God father ?
and now Salman is launching her sister ? WHY ? ? Salman U really need to answer this!!

if salman is giving chances to actors, he should atleast choose people actually worthy if a chance. smh -.-

she looks mid east plus caucasian to me. just another girl of mixed heritage living in uk. argh those scouse brows !!!

Hahaha u never know if this girl will be ranbir's next girl friend :D

Hahhahah agreed with moimeme :P

Kat & her teen fans -_-

NEXT BIG NEWS Salman is Producing a film for Katrina And Ranbir's Daughter....hahahahahaha.
ur being funny..not abt d salman part but d part of ranbir marrying katrina...dat part cracked me up...neways i think dis news hasnt gone down well wid d fanatic fans of either salman or katrina..the only ppl hvng fun r the fans of other actors/actresses who hate salman/katrina.

d biggest mystery in bwood.d love hate relation of salman n katrina does their fans epic wars...

NEXT BIG NEWS Salman is Producing a film for Katrina And Ranbir's Daughter....hahahahahaha. Sallu khan is Ullu, Lallu Khan.

wait for Kaif's teenage blind fans to come over and claim that Salman did nothing for Katrina..We all know what Katrina must have done for her sister to get a launch in Salman's movie (Ek Tha Tiger + tolerating salman through all of ETT promotion)..she even had to pretend to audition for it!
hahaha...i agree her teen fans r super weird..they praise d philanderer ranbir n pray dat she marries him n hate salman who is alwaz helping kat..but i dnt think katrina "sacrificed" by doing ek tha tiger...dats cynical...i mean it was a big project n any heroine in todays tym wud hv loved to b a part of d u shud c d making of d movie to know she wasnt tolerating him..these two get along fine..its alwaz in d interviews where they act awkward coz of d questions put to them..after d movies release i saw snippets of their short interviews talking of d films success to tv channels n they were pretty norml n chilled out unlike in the interviews bfr the movie released where they were behaving as strangers n maintaining one hand distance.

wait for Kaif's teenage blind fans to come over and claim that Salman did nothing for Katrina..We all know what Katrina must have done for her sister to get a launch in Salman's movie (Ek Tha Tiger + tolerating salman through all of ETT promotion)..she even had to pretend to audition for it!

I pray for the day that the current Kaif sister GOES AWAY, I cannot, just CANNOT tolerate another frozen-faced-ice-queen-with-no-heart-or-respect-for-others-ex-pornstar ....please, salman you can do better and award better people than these pornstars.

y is everyone writing not cool n all.hw can we know she is undeserving bfr we see her.just bcz katrina is her sister?dats bit too harsh.n is he some messiah who has to help every one?he helps ppl he knows plus ppl he who he thinks hv potential.y every1 thinks he is d head of a talent search company who shud go out n take audition n find talent.his money his life.he aint a toddler who needs to be spoonfed.

Is she an extra? She is not mentioned among the main cast.
no she is cast opposite kunal nayyar so cnt be extra..she is d 2nd lead i guess.her role may be small..


One Kaif is enough.


Voice writer is a one of those closet fan of kaif family

She looks prettier than half the indian heroines right now!

Um this is not cool but half of the industry is filled with talentless star kids which is kool???

The deepika lovers and ash lovers are out in full force here...

And if u r not happy then dont click on the post and dont watch the film.

And its not a bwood film so y r u getting ur knicjers in a twist!

i hv lost count of how many people he has helped launch since i hv started following bwood...i mean he seems like a godfather to almost half of dis industry in some way or d odr.

This is why salman khan is involved with this film, just because of katrinas sister!

This is why salman khan is involved with this film, just because of katrinas sister!

i dnt think d logic dat katrina is using salman can be applied anymore.its too late to use dat one..i mean they hv broken up,she has apparently moved on so she cnt still b using him until he's retarded n plain stupid.his fans shud stop potraying him as a 5 yr old who dsnt knw nethng...but i dnt get hw kat tames d tiger wen she clearly looks submissive in front of him all d tym.i dnt get these two n their stories..

Not cool Salman. I am loosing respect for him. There are so many deserving struggler are there. Anyway it's his money.

she is not even famous, only got there cos of her sister, on the other hand it would make more sense to report that the amazing and talented Lily Singh aka IISuperwomanII is a part of this movie too!

One Kaif is enough.

Funny how our Bollywood heroes never found a dark skinned African girl to promote and offer movies to. racist fools.

I dont understand why her last name is kaif? Doesnt she have a different father from kat? I dont understand their family dynamic at all....

oh well she can never be successful as kareena tho..kapoor sisters rocks baby no can replace them:))


Sun, 2013-05-05 10:19 — unthinkable

SAlman loves the kaifs!

you mean turcottes?

Salman . . . please stop.

oh gawd!!!!!!!!!

not cool Salman. not cool.


is he going to launch katrinas daughter from ranbir also?("IF" HYPOTHETICALLY katbir marry)i mean i dnt get it.

plz dont tell me dat salman is dat big hearted to let a ex gf take him for a ride like dis wen she has cheated on all his previous relations he was d one who cheated on d gals so its easy to be friends.sangeeta bijlani had given an angry interview in which she told abt salman cheating on her wd somy n called salman names..n wen somy found abt ash she left him n went bk to usa...n ash had angrily ranted in media wen she felt salman cheated on her...i am guessing a man like salman shud react more badly wen a woman cheats on him n dumps him for another guy after a long relationship....y has he been behaving as such a pussy n being so generous...even d most generous man on earth wont b doing dis fr a gal who uses n dumps him later...wats d thing?in his interviews wd katrina he looked more dominant than katrina but his actions seem to suggest d opposite.

wats going on in katrina kaifs life...since a long tym i have been reading about katrina ranbir stories everywhere.but then wat i see is salman working with katrina in a movie,katrina rejecting movies wid ranbir for salman,salman celebrating katrinas bday n gifting her car,salman n katrina doing PDA on dance show,katrina resting on salmans shoulders,salman coming for her movies premiere inspite of srk being in d movie n now dis...wat sort of a relationship is dis..:o..n where does ranbir fit in???how does he tolerate all dis...i m bloody confused.....

Kat's sister looks wioden like Kaif
PV post this

aah now the puzzle is solved...i really was wondering why is salman khan suddenly interested in producing a canadian movie of all things...but wat i dnt get is how katrina manages to do all does she cheat/breaks up/two times n yet manages to get salman to launch his wat abt ranbir...does he love dat his gf still seeks all sorts of favor from her ex...

They are in the same category as Sunny Leone right? But only Sunny keeps getting criticized!

Oh Lord,spare me the horror.Why Salman why?

She is playing a supporting role in the movie. Eros international has confirmed that she did give audition for the role. Ranbir kapoor did a cameo in Salman's film Chillar party in 2011 then why not Isabella?
............................. DUDE salman khan decided to co-produce chillar party after he watched d movie...infact UTV production didnt want to let go of d movie so salman said he cud only hv 50% share n thus was co-producer.plz dont think ranbir kapoor was approached by salman khan...infact he was asked in an i/v whether he had wanted to delete d song n he said no its ok i dont hv any problems wid it..plz get out of ur fantasy dat ranbir kapoor ever helped salman khan or was asked by salman khan to help him..its only gracious dat salman didnt kick dat ranbirs butt n included dat song.

She is playing a supporting role in the movie. Eros international has confirmed that she did give audition for the role. Ranbir kapoor did a cameo in Salman's film Chillar party in 2011 then why not Isabella?
so u r dat naive to believe think eros distributors wud say no isabella was taken bcz of salman khan..even salman in an interview during ett said katrina was chosen by david dhawan n not him for mpkk...shud we believe dat also...n also dat its a coincidence dat salman is suddenly interested in producing canadian movies...
n i m not entirely sure abt bringing ranbir kapoor into dis but to clear ur confusion salman was roped in as co-producer very late n ranbir kapoor item number was done bfr dat...salman himself had said dat in his interview dat it wasnt his decision to take ranbir kapoor as he came in later n ranbir kapoor was already approached fr d item by d utv production..sallu wudnt be asking n more importantly wudnt be needing ranbir kapoor atleast to promote a movie wen he is himself in it...
n i really dnt get y is he helping kats sister now.....i dnt hate kat but her fans annoy d f^^&^ out of me...ranbir kapoor flirts wid odr gals,fails to acknowledge kat as anything except a co-star friend n these fans love him n hate sallu...i mean isnt she d one who cheated sallu n sallu still did a movie wid her n now is helping even her sister....d irony...

I love Salman but if this continues, I'm gonna end up hating him. He needs to stop helping talentless hack's and allowing them to ruin films. I don't wanna see her equally useless sister. I am sick to death of this nepotism. And Katrina is only in this industry cuz of Salman. He gave roles, introduced her to film makers, provided her with security. People accepted her cuz she was Salman's gf. And that makes me so angry. This. Has. To. Stop. Otherwise R.I.P Hindi "cinema".

Who knows , maybe she will be the next girl friend of RANBIR KAPOOR lolss

Oh not again..another , talentless , expression less bimbo -_- oh lord save us!!


LOL. and i hope shes not talentless as katrina.

SAlman loves the kaifs!



She is playing a supporting role in the movie. Eros international has confirmed that she did give audition for the role. Ranbir kapoor did a cameo in Salman's film Chillar party in 2011 then why not Isabella?

Salman hekped katrina and her sister isabella. Salman I true godfather of bollywood. He has helped many many people in bollywood. He has turning nothing into gold. He deserves an award for being the godfather of bollywood.

I Love Salman Khan but plzzz this has to stop . He needs to cast real talented people... Too much of Katrina and her bimbo sisters.

NO WONDER HE'S PRODUCING IT THEN. looks like katrina's still got him wrapped around her little finger...

Is she an extra? She is not mentioned among the main cast.

cool...wud love to c kunal nayyar as i loved him in big bang theory..n i hope dis can help put to rest d rumors of sallu ignoring/snubbing/hating kat....just bcz these two dnt talk a lot abt their equation d media has alwaz been harsh n projected their relationship in a bad way...


sooow..who cares?????

i'm looking forward to watch izabella's movie
i have a feeling that i may be positively surprised by her talent
you can never know right?

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