Katrina Kaif has a chat with Salman and Alvira Khan

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Mehboob Studios was buzzing with stars last night.

Salman Khan was at the studio to launch the first look of his brother-in-law's movie, O Teri and for Jai Ho promotions. Katrina Kaif too was at the studio albeit for a different reason. She was on the sets of a photoshoot for a commercial.

It seems their paths crossed and Katrina is seen here chatting up with Salman's sister Alvira Khan(Alvira's husband Atul Agnihotri is directing O Teri). We can also spot Salman and Katrina's business manager, Reshma Shetty in one of the photos.

As per Mumbai Mirror,"Salman gave her a warm hug before leaving for another event. She stayed back to shoot her commercial."

Going by the photos, Katrina does look a wee bit morose. We wonder if it the breakup rumors of her and beau Ranbir Kapoor that is getting to her.

Thoughts ?

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Like K here. I like Katrina in Indian attire, she looks reallllly beautiful.
I somehow find those small dresses do not suit her body type. Given her kind of shoulders and hips.
Hrithik and Katrina = HOT!

I hope she marries Hrithik Roshan. PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

i want katrina-hrithik affair to be 100 % TRUE!!!!AND I KNOW IT IS!!JUST LOOK AT THESE 2!!!!!!!HOW HOT N LOVELY THEY DO LOOK 2GETHER:):)

i agree

Kat looks very unflattering from the side of her face!!!

OMG....How can someone be that good looking, Katrina's smashing it these days

Her news about Hrithik comes out, She puts her PR back to work and puts a news out that she is back with Ranbir, while she is socializing with Salman. Really, get a grip.

I have noticed whenever there is a post of Katrina along with Salman, there is suddenly all beautiful and praiseworthy comments that keep pouring about her.
But when her name is on a post with Ranbir people just hate her and express how wrongly has she chosen.
Its weird that way. lol not that i don't agree about choosing wrongly. but u know.

Why does she poses with Salman and his family member, on a day and at a venue when and where Ranbir was also there. I see no pic of her with Ranbir. She also did not attend Filmfare awards today where Ranbir was hosting. She is strange.

Its still a mystery what happened between Salman and Katrina suddenly post November 2012 after Jab Tak Hai Jaan premier. They were together until then, Salman attended the premier too. They suddenly left each other it seems and April 2013 onward u could hear Ranbir and Kat stories.
Weird these people are. Too much ego that they can't even sit and sort there differences out and leave a loving relationship of 10 years just like that. SAD.

Kat looks gorgeous.

Any woman would look gorgeous with salman.
Jai ho

Goodness gracious, she is gorgeous.

Salman, then Ranbir, then Hrithik, ranbir, then to Salman, God knows what more. This girl needs to really sort herself out.

Salman didn't meet her, only Alvira. Stop spreading rumor.

OMG how many of u guys think that katrina can use salman for her publicity? I am sure salman knows who uses him and who are his friends he will never support her for pr points

Yes he knows who is using him and who is not.
But if someone comes to him in need, Salman would be the first to help them out of their problems. and that's Salman's greatest quality and unfortunately also his weakest.

Katrina did not go for help if she would have gone to him it would not have been in public eye atleast. Salman is a grown up man and very egoistic so he will help her but he will think twice before doing that. plus as per saying of deepika fans ex can be friends so point fingers at katrina

kat u are so pretty i can die

She is unbelievably pretty. I want to be Katrina in my next life

She got engaged yesterday... There are pics from kareena and Saif dressed up... It was a secret

I so wished to see Salman-Katrina as a REAL LIFE couple..

Katty is looking really sexy........we all know only katty can bear salman's unpredictable behaviour.

thts y she is still close to his family................love her so much.

I love Kat sari,she really looks gorgeous here. Why are people surprised that Kat and Salman get along, Salman is friendly with all his exes besides one of his ex and we all know who.

She looks really nice. And I don't think this is a PR thing (shocking, I know), all Salman's family is still good to her, his sisters are her friends and he's said he is too. They're not stupid, I'm sure they'd show her the door if she was using them for PR. His family seem to be some of the few friends she actually has in the industry.

Katrina is looking gorgeous......look at her bomb fig.She is jist too hot leave ranbir katrina .....look somewhere else.....thr r lot of guys outside.

Salman looks so hot, man he is so effortlessly hot, pulkit is good also

now she use Salman for publicity and stay in media?

whose movie is releasing recently??? katrina doesn't need anyone for promotions her sucess is 100% after boom.

can't you see, she is posing in front of the camera, while Slaman was on his way to car, it ws her to call paparazi to click her next to Alvira, it is nice that there is no pic of Slmaan hugging her, i am sure it is her PR making this news, and out of everything her pr made katrina as biggest joke

Reshma shetty works very hard

looking good at this age...bravo

I never liked her as an actress but seriously why people always try to label her as a whore. it is really disgusting. she just spotted with her friend's sister. Salman himself always says she is her friend now. if she played with him why would he call her his friend? do you know her personally? The only relationships she has had were with Ranbir and Salman (alleged). you praise actresses who are at her age but had more than 10 relationships, you praise actresses who are only linked with married men, if nothing wrong about their relationships why you bash her for just 2 relationships? she is terrible actress but you don't know her personally why do you play with her reputation? just because she is dating a young man who used to date your fav? it is really sad. I feel sad for her.

i agree with u our people dont think before speak about her i also feel verrrry sad about her

She keeps tossing ranbir & salman acc to her convinience and when gets bored with that, she calls hrithik. Cant believe but sadly three of the most handsome actors of bw are her toys

Shes gorgeous

Katrina always seems so relaxed and peaceful around Salman and his family. They knew her when she started off and saw her grow into the superstar that she is now. But they treat her as the simple girl they knew a decade ago. I know Ranbir is a huge catch. Any girl would sway. And katrina is damn pretty any typical playboy/flirt would hit on her. RanKat was a fling that should've stayed that way. Deepika n Ranbir are better off without each other. But Katrina should have married Salman. Ranbir doesn't even introduce her to his family. And here salman's entire family love her as a part of the family.

If they click these pic then why they did not take any photo of kat and Salman together,Katrina and her pr are big lier,her pr is doing over now.

For your information there is a photo of Salman and Katrina which came today in the Mumbai Mirror in that pic Salman and Katrina are walking in or out together of some place. Pinkvilla please post this,

Can u share the pic here plz!

No it was on paper today not on the net that i can show you!

SUDDENLY there are all these Katrina break-up an make-up stories going around. i'll tell you what, it's her PR on her orders because she got jealious that DP was being talked about non-stop in the media-- not just for who she is dating but most importantly for her work. Sadly, katrina can't act to save her life. So she has to stay in the news with these stories. Enough already. Get married, dont get married. just dont keep putting these stories out. it's damn irritating for me as an audience to keep reading one thing today and complete opposite tomorrow. public ko maamu samajhte ho kya?

these pictures make Katrina look really bad..breakup the day before and pics with Salman's sister the day after...I spot Reshma Shetty's spaghetti hair in one of these pics, maybe she's the reason these pictures happened...

I've noticed that you only comment on Katrina and Ranbir's posts and you have so much information about them. information that they don't have themselves. in all of your comments you try to show Katrina as a wh... and Ranbir as a womanizer. don't you get tired? it is really disgusting. I am sure you are member of another star's PR.

This Momemiu is an awesome person. She knows about Katrina wayyy more than she knows about herself. She also knows Ranbir more than anyone. She even knows Salman more than Salman himself lol! I think she has some super natural powers :P She makes her own assumptions & judgements on these people's lives. Until she spew her hate on them, she can't breath. I think she has some genetic problem.

She & Ranbir didn't break up. It was all baseless rumor. Stop hating her for every single thing. Get a Life!!

Dont waste your breath, let them hate.they just make her more popular.

She and ranbir indeed break up there back together is also a baseless rumor stop getting crazy for rankat!

Katrina is looking RAVISHING

Which ad is this, anyway? Any jewelry ad?

Trying to hide her belly bulge. Looking g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s though.

She looks very pretty! Love her hair and skin!

After using salman and his family it's nice she has time to "chat". User

i know .. I completely agree !

Katty is not sad, she is smiling but Ranbir is looking pensive in his recent pictures. Hmm, Kat actually looks like she's got the upper hand this time.

she looks beautiful in that dress

Gosh!!! she's so beautiful. so beautiful.


So salman met katrina?....eeesshh.


Katrina is shooting with Ranbir for Jagga Jasoos and they are going to Bangkok for the next schedule. I don't know anything about Katrina Hrithik fling but yes some websites are discussing about it.

Jagga Jasoos shooting has not even started yet. She is shooting Phantam with Kabir Khan and then will finish BANG bANG with Hrithik. Ranbir will start shooting for Imitaz film from May 2014. right now he is shooting Bhoothnath 2. I don't think this Jagga Jasoos will be shot before end of this year.

They could take all the other pictures but they couldn't take any of them hugging? I call BS!

katrinas pr making her biggest joke in the bollywood and sadly ranbir is part of it

If she has a tiff with Ranbir,... she goes running back to Salman . Way to keep your career afloat.

they are just friends....chill out people.

Katrina does indeed look morose. The morose look seems to be stuck on her face permanently these days!

It's been a day since her breakup with Ranbir and she's back to Salman's family LOL.

they're still together. that was just a pr overdrive

Ranbir is not with Katrina
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

No they are not!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

What exactly did they do? Did they tell the media to speculate on their status? People are just too inquisitive. Kat has always maintained she would never speak about her private life( who she's dating) till she's married. And she has the right to do that. So if people want to make up stories just to get a reaction out of them, then please tell how is it their fault?

Does she really have to speak, when there is millions of picture since last 10 years, whom she has been dating and when. Public ain't stupid, don't try to make urself look ignorant. These stars use exactly that to make money out of u.

Katrina and Salman secretly got married last night hence why she is in a bridal outfit. Only family and a few friends were there. Kareena and Saif were there to wish the couple and were dressed up for the occasion too...............ha.......just kidding guys before I start world war 3!!!!! lol :-p

lol hilarious:P
your comment made my day:)) 'world war 3' lol I can imagine that:P

She looks fine to me. I see no sadness

"morose"?? I think she looks gorgeous in that lehenga!

Um, i didn't know smiling is being called morose? Lol she clearly looks fine.

At a point i used to love katrina. but this whole pr thing is crazy. i thought deepika had a crazy pr but man this is worse! Why would she and ranbir cheapen their relationship like this? is it worth it?

Is Katrina responsible for Hrithik - Suzane divorce? What happened during outdoor shooting of Bang Bang in Thailand? Bollywood Mantra,Emirates 24/7 , TOI and other websites are suggesting that Katrina kaif and Hrithik roshan are more than friends. Are they couple now?

Reshma Shetty creates pictures. I want to know about Katrina and Hrithik roshan rumor.Is that true that Katrina and hrithik are couple. Some of the websites are discussing about that.

I hate alvira for being a traitor of her own brother!!

how? what happened?

And how exactly is she a traitor? Salman himself is still on good terms with Katrina....if he's not affected don't know why you're getting so emotional about it lol

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