Vivek Oberoi & Sameera Reddy at IIFA Awards 2014

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Vivek Oberoi and Sameera Reddy were seen at the IIFA Awards 2014 held in Florida, USA. Both of them entered with their respective partners. Vivek came with wife Priyanka Alva and Sameera came with husband Akshai Varde.

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What is up with VO's Beiber-ish hairstyle. You're a grown man, get with it dude.

I never liked Vivek oberoi, but his wife, OMG. She seems very comfortable in her own skin, spirituality and self confidence radiates from her eyes. Whatever she wears, even though its different, she carries off with confident grace. VO did get lucky with her which makes him a winner on a personal front. Hope her wisdom rubs off on him someday, so he learns to keep his funny quotes in check.

Anonymous, there is no need to pretend Priyanka Alva is better looking than she really is because she is a lovely woman who exudes class, something her husband never did. As a non Indian I can honestly say that Indian women are gorgeous and part of what makes them so is their beautiful Indian clothing. This is why Priyanka stands out among all the other women because she chose to dress in a simple but elegant and classic sari. I don't understand all the other actresses wearing European clothing when their own is so exquisite and a huge part of what makes them unique.

There is something pure n warm in her smile and eyes.

That hairstyle only suited Vivek in his early acting career. It now looks out dated. Both ladies could have worn better outfits and left hair open with loose curls

Sameera is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pv please post.

It's funny that Mrs Vivek Oberoi was the one who stood out at the IFFA red carpet because she looked unique and elegant in a sari compared to all the Hollywood Wannabes.

She looks so elegant and classy compared to all the Western Wannabes of IFFA red carpet. Kareena was the only lady who owned the look in Armani black dress. She looked typical Bollywood OTT in her other outfits.

Priyanka Alva is an exquisite looking woman of class, breeding and accomplishment, Vivek won the lottery when he married her. Her Indian attire here is classic and elegant, I love it. Perhaps his reluctance to cut his hair covers the fact that he is receding.

does it make people feel better to pretend vivek's wife is more of a looker than she really is?

Cute couples.

Cute couple.

Priyanka Alva Oberoi hails from a very very rich family, she is top notch in everything, she went to a very reputed school in UK, an awsome mom, loving DIL and the wife who keeps VO in check. I have been to her house in Bengaluru and her inlaws place too. wow is the only word for this graceful human. She is involved in a lot of charities too..
Ha ha their home is equipped with a lift :-)

Wish Shahid Kapoor finds someone like Vivek's Priyanka! Enough of running after all this bolly girls.

Vivek's Priyanka looks very beautiful and gracious! Glad that he settled for a simple, non-celeb beauty.

it was for money...

Vivek badly needs a new hairstyle. Also, he needs to do another romantic film like Saathiya

So true, badly need Bolly directors and producers to let go Sallu Bhai grudge camps and start working with cute actors like Vivek. Saathiya was an awesome cute romantic story.

Vivek is a very talented and handsome man. Why so unlucky career, he deserves more.

Vivek should get a good haircut . Sameera's husband is very attractive.

vivek's wife is just so beautiful, understated and so earthy

Sam's hubby is a hottie....:)

More movies Vivek and Sameera

The shaggy hair doesn't suit Vivek so much

Sameera reddy has put on weight after marriage

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