Muslim Personal Law Board demands censor ban on PK

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Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer PK has been appreciated a lot by all sections of the society. But looks like this film has upset
certain members of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB).

This board is demanding to remove some scenes to ensure that communal harmony is not disturbed.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali was quoted, “It has come to notice that some scenes of film PK hurt religious sentiments. If it is so, it is not good. Freedom of expression does not mean hurting someone’s sentiments. If there are such scenes, the Censor Board should remove them so that communal harmony is not disturbed.”

He further added,“The way atmosphere of the country and UP was vitiated, small matters are blown out of proportion and issues like ‘Love Jihad’ and conversion were being raised, it is the need of the hour to take precautions while making films.”

Not only that, the Maulana said,“If a movie had material that hurt religious sentiments, especially when it is acted by a Muslim Aamir Khan, who played a Hindu character, it could be taken otherwise.”

Apart from the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, even right-wing group Hindu Janajagruti Samiti feels that PK has hurt the sentiments of the majority community.

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I only found one scene in the entire movie which could be thought of as insulting is when Aamir khan throws all the chains and tavees.
It had Allah written on it and the names of many different Hindu gods, also Christ. If we leave the entire scene out which is hardly of 30 seconds, there wasnt any thing that any one should object against

in the movie, Amir khan is an Alien !! not hindu /muslim/christian ..its all an Alien point of view on our religion n few blind beliefs ,,,so stop this boycott etc etc..

Thankfully it released in Pakistan and I haven't heard of any uproar here. Entertaining film with a strong msg...OMG! :D

I am a muslim and my sentiments are hurt because instead of focusing on issues that are of greater importance are ignored and time is devoted to nitpicking plots of movies! Aamir's character does not have a religious affiliation and as a Indian Muslim let me remind you we do not feel that secularism is a threat to our muslim identity! We do need to raise questions about God to rid ourselves of evil 'thekedaars' of Religion

I am Muslim watched the movie today I honestly I didn't find anything which could hurt our sentiments or religious beliefs. It's gives a nice message to all regardless of any community or religion. In fact it's true many stupid extremists misguide people ( being a Muslim I know many movies who teaches something else n do something else). I loved the movie it didn't say to question your god or religion but follow religion wisely n use brain. I am not a amir khan fan but love him in this movie

molvis not movies

The AIMPLB is more concerned for the safety and communal harmony of all religions, especially their own considering how the movie has not been accepted by the hindu community and they fear any violence breaking out as a result of this on minority groups

Clearly they haven't watched the movie. Aamir does not play a Hindu character, he plays an alien who dabbles in all religions indiscriminately. And it is just as much a critique of Hindu self-proclaimed godmen, as it is of Muslim fundamentalists.

loved pk , keep rocking

"Freedom of expression does not mean hurting someone’s sentiments." -- No, it does. Freedom of expression is the right to speak or express an idea without the fear of retribution and suppression. I am a Hindu and my religious sentiments ARE hurt. But that is exactly what the word "Freedom" signifies! What good is the freedom if one has to be scared of hurting others' sentiments in process of exercising it and cannot exercise it according to his own will? Voltaire is rumoured to have once said to one of his opponents, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend TO THE DEATH your right to say it." This is what freedom means.

Ffs, it's a film! Don't watch it if you don't like it! Simple as that!


Oye chup kar. Wrong number lagane waale. The reactions to the movie prove how relevant it is, necessary even.

I'm a Muslim and I've studied religion in much detail and I found nothing in the movie which hurts Muslim sentiments. Absolutely loved PK

is there anything extremist ( I would not say muslims since that would be stereotyping) muslims that are not upset about.

They should all grow a pair!


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