Making Of Dreamum Wakeuppam - Aiyyaa

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I can't believe this was a flop.

hahhahaha @ Haters and especially the dubest SpicyLia:P
She is a far better dancer than Vidya balan and her english is very nice.. she is not a ninth grade but a graduate.. so next time u comment get ur facts right or keep quiet


Mon, 2012-09-24 01:41 — Anonymous- "FOB"
you should focus on your grammar first! And 'english phd," who talks like that, only a fob.

OK, this provocatively disgusting!

Mon, 2012-09-24 01:41 — Anonymous-"grammar"
Apparently, hit a nerve with "FOB." And, before you tell others to "learn" grammar, maybe you should focus on yours first. And, spell out your words, hahha FOB.

This song should have been named "VULGARum"

Mon, 2012-09-24 01:41 — Anonymous-hey so called "grammar"
Maybe you should focus on your grammar first before criticizing others for run-on sentences on an entertainment forum considering you can't even construct your own sentence well enough.

In Aiya, if Rani wanted to be South indian's wife, she should have dreamt a more appropriate dream. lol... This was obviously done just to excite/entertain audience and just for fun. Normal South indian bahu has a very family oriented life though everybody is ultra modern these days. That's more like being a south indian item dancer or somebody other than a wife/sister/girl friend.

yea, the silver outfit and hairstyle is like Zeenat's in one of her films, but what a body Zeenat had, big bazookas, curves galore, wide hips with big ass...nothing like the midget rani

Mon, 2012-09-24 01:41 — Anonymous-hey fob
It's ONLY a run-on sentence for you if you can't DISTINGUISH between the points. Isn't this an an entertainment forum you FOB? You are the one who needs to learn some grammar first! HAHAHHA, "run on," next time try to get your grammar right!

Vidya Balan is overrated. Rani is the best! And she has a track record to prove it.

Trust me, Rani is going to rock this film.

Calm down people, it's suppose to be an outrageous dream sequence in the movie.

Look girls! the problem is her COSTUME. If she had wore half SAree the way we girls wear in south, the dance would look more fun, and decent enough. Her clothes are tacky and kind of dirty picture like. I hope you get what I am saying. Lyric are FUN, Dance is good but clothes could have been more real like what real life/decent girls usually wear..

isnt that silver outfit inspired by zeenat amans satyam shivum sundharam?

I have always thought that Rakhi Sawant was the perfect fit for this role!
this film is going to degrade Rani majorly....

Can't help but burst out laughing at this song! Actor looks a lot like Jas Arora. Lyrics choreography mental! :)

Not even one mention of the south indian actor Prithviraj by Rani or Vaibhavi, tsk tsk... He did superb dancing, great energy and dance, hope he gets his due too.

yuck she looks horrible....her body is like jelly...all wobbly!!!

Sun, 2012-09-23 22:01 — Anonymous -- hey english phd

She is a public person at least she can do is learn proper English if she is going to be talking on the camera.------This is a run on. How about u go and learn some proper grammar before calling people fob??

You guys really love comparing two actresses with each other and bashing the other,don't you'll? I literally believe that people come to this to create a fight between 2 actresses.All the time its just-Kareena vs Priyanka, Madhuri vs Sridevi,Deepika vs Katrina,Sonam vs Sonakshi,Aishwarya vs all actresses,and now recently Vidya vs Rani. George Lucas should consider making a "Star Wars"sequel with you guys. Anyways atleast according to me Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan are both the finest actresses in Bollywood today save Tabu,Koko and Nandana Sen,and I love both of them. I wouldn't even try to compare because their talent is so huge in their own spheres,that by comparing them you'll only lose out. And yes this song is awesomeum,me playum repeatum.

Vidya Balan is so overrated. She can act, sure, but she definitely can't dance. Everyone knows this. Rani is on a league of her own. Has anyone seen Black? Rani gives a legendary performance. Her career may not be on fire right now but she's more talented than Vidya.

laughing at the 'star-wars'!!
...and why can't one love both Vidya & Rani? what stops you?
...both of them are such natural actors who look like real woman...!!

but let's get real, neither Rani is the best dancer around, nor Vidya can dance like Rani.
but be glad we have them both. :) chilax!

seems they had real fun!

Spicylia.. At least Rani speaks in English better than your Budhi hag Aishwarya Rai. You always seem to put down Rani for nothing, jealous much since you are a failure and loser sitting behind computers bashing talented people. Feel bad for your fat ass. Sorry!

Sun, 2012-09-23 22:01 — Anonymous
I guess, you are another fob who also needs to learn English...LOL..She is a public person at least she can do is learn proper English if she is going to be talking on the camera...and she made it all the way because of Yash Chopra, which doesn't require English, get that..

@spicylia - haha .. joke of the day!! difficult to appreciate someone's talent .. huh?? in case u dint know - rani is a trained odissi dancer.. and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee vidya CANNOT dance to save her life !! Its ok to be biased, but bashing someone for stupid reasons is nonsense!!

Sun, 2012-09-23 18:08 — Anonymous
rani just finished 9th grade but she still speaks good english! if she made it all the way here with her english, who r u to tell her to go learn english???

I too agree... vidya doing a silk is no big deal since she is a south indian herself.. but for rani to do it and do it better than vidya just shows she is a super talented actress and well she can do a tina (KKHH), bunty or babli, black and this all with ease..

Why does everybody think That other actresses are copying Vidya? ridiculous. Is Vidya only one who can do Women centric movies and do vulgar scenes and dance to south Indian songs or what? She also copied . seriously?? People were bashing Kareena now Rani??

100% agree with you MakeUp Critic :)

God, Rani is a true ghetto...she needs to learn some English first, and the other choreographer lady also needs to learn to speak English and I hate their!

no way ..she can't even come close to Vidya Balan ....her dancing is pathetic and it seems like she is currently undergoing midlife crisis or something...and she tries too hard unlike Vidya who has such a spontaneous emotions and can dance actually with grace..

I just love that Rani Mukerjee has a gut in this song. Small though it maybe, the south Indian actresses I remember from childhood all had a bit of a belly sticking out (some more than a bit). If this was a deliberate move, its awesome.

Rani can DANCE and ACT, Vidya can only act! Vidya can never match Rani's range and career graph. Rani doesn't need to be Vidya Balan. In fact Vidya has copied Rani's style so much that people like anon below think that Vidya was the one who started it! Guess if anyone else does a "marathi style" dance they will all be denounced as "wanna be vidya balan or what"? Why would anyone want to Vidya Balan I ask?

lol rani trying to be like vidya? seriously?..rani was a star when vidya came.. and.. vidya's expressions are not as good as rani's..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are her expressions SUPPOSED to be ott, coz that's what am feeling looking at her and that's unlike rani. her moves are amazing but expressions are going a bit beyond unbelievability where it's looking like it's acting. maybe a little toning down in expression might have been more real. but then I don't know the purpose for (state of mind) in this song so maybe it is all for a reason.

vidya def LOOKS BETTER doing this but rani is 100X funnier :)

wow didn't think Rani could look any worse. with her in the song, unfortunately, it does end up spoofing the south indian cinema.

Sun, 2012-09-23 04:53 — Anonymous
Not really. Rani is imitating South Indian girls in the item numbers. Vidya was also doing that. Vidya didn't create the concept. Wish people would understand that and GET OVER IT.

Rani does it 10x better than Vidya anyway.

Wanna be vidya balan or what?:)

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