Shah Rukh Khan talks about the role of courage in success, at AIMA

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Shah Rukh Khan attended the 40th national management convention at the All India Management Association (AIMA) in New Delhi today. SRK spoke of 'Courage in Uncertainty' and how courage is crucial for success in life and career.

Here are some excerpts from SRK's speech:

"I wish you all a fair number of moderate failures. Failure is not an exterior force, it happens due to our own actions. Accept it. It's not the absence of failure that guarantees success, it's the response to failure."

"I am scared of losing. I am scared of coming second. I am scared of not making it big. So, I have such a fear of failure that I work harder when even I don't need to. I work longer when I don't have to. I never rest on my laurels because I feel that this will be taken away one day. I have this fear that if I don't work hard enough I will lose what I have attained and not be able to continue to do so. Failure also gets you to find who your real friends are. The true strength of your relationship gets tested in the phase of strong adversity. I lost lots of friends post 'Ra.One', apart from losing a lot of audience too. And after 'Chennai Express', I haven't made any new friends but I have a whole new set of enemies now. When I look at a project, I feel I don't know anything and I begin the film as a newcomer. I take it as my last project and give all my efforts to make it big so that I don't repent later."

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Respect and love!

@Bollywood Lover i do say , what i feel is right. :-)

well said. he is my darling...

i love this man. he is my hero. love him on screen and off screen.

Respect and love this man. He speaks brilliantly yet you feel as an average person like he is speaking like you. Very educated smart and honest. His values never changed.

For years I used to admire his acting and work without knowing or reading his interviews and few years ago I came across his talks outside his films and he never disappoint.

Perfect example for people to go forward and try to achieve things. God bless him.

Agree with hipsdontlie. Salman is the bigger and more secure star.

I don´t this speech. He takes himself so important. He´s an actor who got a ridiculous fee for every movie so it´s normal to work hard for it and that he works longer is a question of definition. Every director says he usually comes 2 or 3 hours too late. Other actors are working also hard and long for lesser and are able to get and hold friends so in this sense he´s saying about himself he´s got zero social competences. Who can not be the second is simple a poor thing. My respect for him becomes so less over the times.

the most insecure person in film industry.....what sort of arrogant person says that he is afraid of being second? So you are important if only you are first? Who's saying you are first anyway? Salman is a bigger star, AB and Aamir are better actors. It took him almost 4 years to break a record and he is bragging already.

I don't have friends, I'm making new enemies everyday. I made new enemies after CE. LIKE WHO?People really have a lives and they don't wake up everyday thinking how to mess up with SRK. Get over yourself already. There is new star born every Friday.

Salman khan and askshay kumar don't know to speak in english

vry vry good inspiring...peeps u up to do all da hard work.
his intelligence is sexy....
also I saw dis amazin tak on mahabharat....wer lord krishna says
dat u dnt hv to mk da goal ur life....but mk urself worthy of da goal.

actually m gonna start my new work / study jurny frm nxt all dese amazing things really inspire me to work hard:)

He is awesome!!! And what he said is awesome! And he looks awesome ad his hair is super awesome!!!

Loooooove u.

Aww Srk is the picture of success and being self made! His speech is ROCKING too!

Hope this stays here :)

@ Anon who wrote about his hair, that is not a bald spot, it is a blonde streak for his look in Happy New Year.

@ Anon who wrote about Juhi Chawla, no he doesn't mean Juhi. Him and Juhi never had any problems. SRK-Gauri and Juhi-Jay were and are great friends and also business partners and co-owners of KKR. SRK is talking about some other people, who are fair-weather friends.

He's losing hair

he is my strength to work hard in life. I always go back to him to feel better and work harder. he is not only a great actor but a wonderful speaker and example of hard work and dedication. and he is bloody sexy too;)

and again people with bald problems go away from here. the man has more hair than a bear! this is a blond fether for his role in HNY.

some people are just terribly silly!

Interesting SRK comments about losing friends post RaOne!!! Have they not come back to him??? Juhi and Arjun is he talking about??? Old friends are like gold and new ones silver, maybe he needs to take the first steps towards them they are not big enough to do it !!! He is though, come on SRK walk towards them and don't forget Salman too ( he already put out an olive branch to SRK)you can do it I saw it on your twitter page!!!

you are a true inspiration of many youngsters. Always stay that way KING KHAN and i love your wife tooo...

@ Being_subh, it is very refreshing and wonderful to see a Salman Khan fan praise SRK :)

Very true , its courage that make man to overcome all hurdles and take challenge without thinking of consequence..........Half the battle you win IF YOU ARE FEARLESS!!!!

omygosh what happened is he loosing hair??

no,don't worry....It's because his new movie Happy New Year

You are my man srk! Love you and respect you.

And you look super fine in that event. Blesses

He is spot on, you can have all the talent, brains, beauty, education but if you are not fearless you will not succeed in your career or personal life.

Do agree with each and every words of srk about how courage is must for success in life nd career.:-)
Have to admit that he is a self made megastar , who without any source became such a big star of indian cinema. :-)

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