Shahrukh Khan & Hrithik Roshan at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

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Shahrukh Khan & Hrithik Roshan are seen walking the red carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

SRK won the best actor award at the ceremony.

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And at the same time SRK bought the award for the best actress for his mistress. I bet he has handed over her the award in the same night :p

SRK looks handsome and healthy and i love his posing. SEXY man.

It is so sad that people can easily judge the life of an actor and his relationships but have you judge yourself first? get a life people..

I agree to the below comment of don't compare Gauri and Suzanne...
Gauri has never been a regular to all shows with Shahrukh ...But she attends every important ones...
Suzanne is totally different...she wud attend a inauguration of a marriage website...forget abt award functions...She was always glued to Hrithik wherever he went...I guess she is bored by now...left him for sure...

SRK & Hrithik...The best actors in Bollywood.
Hot handsome with Act! mwaahhh!!!

Anonymous's picture

No more Gauri or Suzanne, I believe the blind items. SRK looks grim.
Yes, ure right, here u can see two guys whose marriages have failed. Sad!

Don't mix up news of one with another. Stop writing rubbish around without hearing the truth. gauri never was regular in her appearance with SRK and that is since 1991! She chooses some shows to go to and that's it! And we have saw her with her husband in a birthday party trecently and went out with him for a wedding in Paris and again in AB's Diwali party. And she is very much living with him in their home. So which gauri you are talking about!!!!!

Have some manners and stop spreading your cars here.

Back to the pictures.....SRK look fantastic and sexy.

Open your eyes, he looks horrible!
He`s sick with longing for Priyanka. This will completely destroy him soon. And Gauri is only presented to the media and fans to maintain his image as a "family man". Ridiculous!

^my eye is wide open and he looks extremely sexy and healthy. He just not in a good mood to smile. simple.

keep your trash comments to yourself. by the way i don't love him and find him sexy because of his personal life and what he does! He is free to do whatever. it is none of somone business. having said that. I think you should stop creating nonsense about him and another woman without even having proofs.

Really have a life of your own.

Oh, you admit something is wrong in his personal life :p
Btw I could give you twenty proof at least. But dream on in your lovely "SRK-Gauri-all-is-well-world" ..hehehe

Oh man!!!! SRK looks so handsome and hot! Love his suit.


LOL SRKs acting is enough to win such an award. That´s justice. And as usually Hrithik has no sense for style but at this award he´s at the right event.

he would have won this award 10-15 years ago too! Class is permanent!

Kids Choice Best Actor award, yay! :)

Faridoon Shahryar had tweeted tat hrithik and suzanne roshan were expected to be present...but as usual just Hrithik..its ok...thank GOD he did not get Farah Ali Khan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol that would be over kill. I seriously don't understand what is going on. If he is separating why is he eternally hanging out with the in laws ? If not where is Sussanne?

From wat it looks like...suzanne is not ready to reconcile..Hrithik is trying or I must say showing the media tat he loves his wifey very much..He is using in-laws for the cover up job..after all farah has her business of Krrish merchandise too..
I guess he is waiting for a closure to krrish 3 ...have a bash of the century ...then go to foreign location for bang bang shoot...his parents take a long holiday as rakesh roshan has already mentioned...his PR will spill the news in the paper...none of the roshans will be here to comment...

hrithik looks cool !

No more Gauri or Suzanne, I believe the blind items. SRK looks grim.

srk looks tired/sleepy

Srk looks amazing.

Shah Rukh Khan:"très très class" (translate in french dictionnary please!)

Hrithik looks likes he's wearing doctor's scrubs

It almost looked like Hrithik was wearing scrubs. Lol. Looking as dashing as ever, though.

SRK looks hot hot hot!!!!! This man is just too bloody sexy.

Love the suite as well.

SRK always looks awesome in black ...and with beard ! To Hot !
Hrithik is very nice too

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement