SRK, Madhuri, Rani spotted in Auckland for Temptation Reloaded

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Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, and Jacqueline Fernandez are all set to begin their concert 'Temptation Reloaded'. They were spotted in Auckland rehearsing, site seeing, settling in, and well, just having fun.

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Madhuri has a stunning and a very delicate face :)

Madhuri should not even try Western. Looks laughable on her.

Rani looks beautiful.

Rani rocks. Madhuri looks old.

The girls in the last pic are Meiyang Chang's family in NZ.

Rani the Queen.

SRK looks badddddddd

Shahrukh really looks like an uncle 9w !

biggest joke of the day >>> 'Madhuri doesn't have the star power like Rani does.'

are you kidding? :D

Rani, why are you so damn beautiful?? She looks gorgeous! Jacqueline's pic... Lol she seems funny. Madhuri looks lovely in the first pic. Shahrukh looks like a moron in the last one.

Jade M. Thadal: to — Anonymous
"why isn't anybody talking about Rani's mangalsutra and the ring on her finger???"

Because we all already know that Rani Mukherjee the Queen of Heart is engage to be married soon, therefore why we need to keep gassyping about it, lets wait until Rani says the date and time of her wedding; now its all about TEMPTATION RELOADED, ok darling?!. xoxoxo

And the show was sold out and packed as expected! SRK is truly our global star! Amazing.

He deserve all the love as he is extremely gentle and respectful actor. Very caring to his fans.

Way to go king...

I'm not a Rani fan, but I have noticed that Madhuri doesn't have the star power like Rani does. Her photos are tacky, her style is tacky. She is a hot mess, all over the place.

why didnt he take Juhi?

SRK-Madhuri -Rani that is awesome!

wow rani

oh..Is that madhuri who is in srk in that training session photo?
She looks so slim and young there.How old is she now?

Raniii. My goodness you are beauty personified!!

why isn't anybody talking about Rani's mangalsutra and the ring on her finger???

First pic. of Rani, Madhuri and Shah Rukh where u could see Harshida KP tag.. that pic. was tagged and posted by me on Twitter ;)
You may cheq on twitter it's Harshida_KP ;)

By the way lol.. thnx. PV for posting this pic. here on Pinkvilla :) ;)

@ bollywood-masala, true, I hear 600 NZ dollars only for the so so seats, that is how much in demand SRK is.

I guess by next year or so they will have the new one which include deepika. but really happy for fans! they have been wanting temptation for years in those countries and wanting to see SRK so badly!

Pray he will come to Canada soon! I would spend all my savings to see him again!!!!LOVE him.

@ Voiceswriter, as many times as people worldwide would want him to reload it and as long as the tickets continue to sell like hot cakes! :)

srk is in such high demand in the aux. tickets have sold out and they are so expensive. and ppl have been making videos about wanting to meet him

Wow! How many times is SRK gonna reload this concert series?

only madhuri is worth watching!

Hey Srk come to USA for a concert and please bring along HR and Shahid!

Rani looks gorgeous! :D

Mads, Rani & Jacqueline, on stage, all great dancers (obviously Jackie isn't as good as the other two but still). Should be good.


Rani :*

LOL Jacqueline's funny. :)

Raaaaaniiiiiiiii! Damn, I love that woman.

Why.......Whyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,WHYYYYYYYYYY honey singh

Why is SRK getting so thinner? Is he well?

Priyanka is also there! Secretly!

aren't you tired of writing the same nonsense in every post! go and do something good for yourself.

anyway...SRK looks cool and so does the girls.

Srk with all the chinkis in the first pic. Hilarious!!!

Priyanka is also there! Secretly!

Love madhuri what a beauty!

LEGENDSSSS....expect for honey singh and jackie (although damn that waste is tiny)

Rani has this aura that says " The Queen has Arrived." Pure diva style!

I think both SRK and Mads both have a secret crush for each other inside them but they did not open up on that... I see that special spark and blush in both SRK and Mads face each time they come face to face..
def not best friends type like u don't see it with SRK Rani, SRK Priety or Mads with any other hero


Clearer pics please!

i love how normal are these pics! like any of us going out or something! and seeing a new place! SRK is my for ever darling...he never say no for pictures. so cool he is.

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