Here's Shraddha Kapoor's new look!

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Aashiqui 2 star Shraddha Kapoor posted a latest picture of hers from the sets of ABCD 2. She's shooting for this dance based movie in Vegas along with Varun Dhawan.

ABCD 2 is directed by Remo D'souza and will also star dance maestro Prabhu Deva.

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All the jealous girls : you just write bad things bcpz you guys are jealous and have moat probably a crush on adi . But adi and shraddha re really happy. She is not someone like alia who is hooking up with everyone. Shahid had a crush on her and he even cnnt hear adis name which you see in the interviews but shraddhha was faithful bcoz she loves adi

How can u guys forget aashiqui 2 her acting was beyond perfection

it's really not fair that she's still getting movies…she can't act…very pretty but cannot act

She looks soo pretty ... i have no idea why ppl like alia more than shraddha ..

Because not only can Alia act and Shraddha can't act, she's also cute, pretty, beautiful all rolled up in one and she's natural, not show off like Shraddha.

you know what Alia is raised in fame because Karan Johar without him she wouldnt be anything and even her acting tips given from KJO
Shraddha is natural she goes on hunting for good role .. And as for highway KJO requested imtiaz ali

but alia can actually act despite how she gets her films…shraddha only gets films via connections as well and she hasn't acted well in any of them

because alia can act and shraddha can't

And who would want to see that baby face of alia on screen anyway

a lot of people considering her growing popularity

you know what shraddha's acting is much more realistic then alia

that's a joke right? have u seen highway?

People actually like shraddha more over alia

highly doubt that...

its nice.

cutie pie shraddha

I don't get it, what's the "new" look?

that's a very Karishma kapoor look from hairstyling to stuff

so pretty shraddha . she is the next big thing.


She looks like a Barbie doll....barbie doll Shraddha

Although i hate her acting skills.. she looks super cute here ;)

I agree with you
she's cannot act, didn't like her in Ek villain
But she's very pretty

shraddha has the e potential to act very well.her acting in aashiqui2 is super!!!

yeah super bad everything else about ashiqui 2 was so good though that it hardly mattered that she wasn't great

she's hooking up with varun...look at the pics the fans post online!

what nonsense! they have no chemistry!

i agree they look like siblings to me

bro isn't she dating Sid? why would she hook up with his friend varun?

Babes this is Bollywood,,,,,,,,anything can haappen

varun already has a girlfriend natasha dalal.He admitted to that on Koffee with Karan and Sid is dating Alia.Shradhha is loyal to Aditya.

As if! If she was loyal to aditya she's be spending time with him for New Years rather than with varun who clearly has a gf. I don't get why aditya allows this girl to drag him thru her PR mess.

don't think that sid are actually dating it all looks to planted to me think sid's dating that isabelle chick…but don't think shraddha is loyal to aditya

she is not dating aditya! She's USING aditya for UTV movies.

exactly how else would she get a film a film like haider and then get abcd2 when she was dropped from mad about dance…utv favouring this girl too much

i wish utv started supporting aditya more than shraddha…he can actually act unlike shraddha

i agree that's she's using aditya for his connections…and for pr considering their link-up is the only thing that keeps her in the news…she makes no noise with her movies cause she can't act

shraddha is anything but loyal. She is not loyal to aditya. She hooked up with Sid behind his back, now varun. She tried with shahid but that failed. She and aditya have broken up long back, why are they even linked now. He deserves beter than this boy crazy girl

omg she didnt even hook up with any1

yes she did! she's playing aditya for a fool. That guy does not need that or this girl in his life

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