Shraddha wants dad Shakti to be Guinness World Record holder

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Actress Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor, roots for a certificate from Guinness World Records for her father as she feels he has done over 700 films, which in itself is "unusual" and "worthy" of being lauded.

"My father has done more than 700 films so actually he should get a place in Guinness World Records. I think I should speak to their officials about it," Shraddha said here at an event.

"My father has done 700 plus films. It is very unusual. He should definitely get a certificate from Guinness World Records," she added.

Shakti, 56, is known for his villainous as well as comical roles in Hindi filmdom, of which he has been part of for over three decades.

He's one of the few Bollywood actors who played the stereotype Bollywood negative roles with a comic touch with equal finesse.


First time im seeing shraddha being referred to as shakti kapoors daughter! No need to make him even more famous shraddha he is already infamous!

U certainly have not heard of Manorama Aachi, my love! It's a good intention to have ur dad awarded but u should get ur facts right first

Really? It's not unusual and I thought he has acted in just over 600 films. Manorama has acted in over 1000 films, Jagathy has acted in more than 1500 films and Sukumari has acted in over 2500 films. Anyway, Brahmanandam holds that particular record.

Yeah, you're right. Brahmanandam has his name in the Guinness records already

so what .There are legends who have done above 1000 films .

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