Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani: The big Christmas 2015 battle!

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We know that Sanjay Leela Bhansali was all excited about his big time movie 'Bajirao Mastani', starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, making it to the big Christmas 2015 release.

However, it seems that another determined player has entered the field, to the shocking surprise of SLB. It is none other than Sajid Nadiadwala, who is all set to release his Ranbir - Deepika starrer 'Tamasha' in Christmas, 2015.

A source reported to Mumbai Mirror, "Tamasha will be completed by October 2015 which will give Sajid plenty of time to plan a big release for Christmnas. He refuses to think of competition from films which are yet to take shape and form."

Well, do you think SLB has reason to worry? BTW a Deepika - Ranbir starrer and a Deepika - Ranveer starrer to release on the same day. Can it get any more interesting?


Bajirao Mastani for me.

Even if Tamasha doesn't release on Christmas there's just no way Bhansali is getting Christmas all to himself. Somebody will bring some competition. This isn't a Khan starrer which is going to make people let go of the best release date of the year. Ranveer & Bhansali aren't scaring anyone.

That is exactly what needs to change. Why should all of Bollywood continue to be intimidated by the Khans? Why should there be a Khan oligopoly for Diwali-Eid-Christmas? If the Khans are that popular, why not release their movie on any normal date and then talk about openings and multi-crore records? I'm not supporting any camp but Bollywood and its audience will definitely benefit from a more balanced release date scenario rather than the power wanking that we see today.

I want both movies to be ATBB! love Veeru, Biru, DP & PC!! I hope both movies get a good release! Can't wait!!!!

Bajirao Mastani for me for sure...I don't like Imitiaz Ranbir combination...Rockstar was a nightmare to me...i don't like that movie at all..Actually i watch only half of the movie....i got bored in first 20 min but continue to watch it until i started to hate Ranbir and then stopped...

This post is a waste. Because Shuddhi is not releasing next year. They haven't finalized the leading actress and most of the supporting cast. Plus, a BIG BUDGET movie like that will take at least 5 months to make. No dates have been finalized. Also, since Aamir is shooting his wrestling movie Dhangal next year, even if he asks the distributors at the last second to exclusively give him the Christmas 2015 release and block 2 weeks dates and all screens for him, they are not foolish to say no to him. That's what is most likely to happen so Tamasha and BM will have to find a new release date.

Oh wow! So many are gang up against slb it seems? If this is true then Deepika is not doing BM it seems. Probably she will do Shuddhi.

this is not happening since deepika in both of those movies. But i guess Tamasha will release before bajirao Mastani. and they should really change their title 'tamasha'. it sounds ridiculous. :P

Only way for SLB is change your casting with Devdas's casting, this way it will be winning score for him otherwise if both movies releases on the same date with Deepika in both them, then Ranbir Kapoor with Imtiaz maybe Madhuri's item number too, Tamaasha will be the winners

Youth loves Ranveer more than Ranbir.

Not going to happen. 0% chance

i think this is not going to happen. DP will never allow thiss to happen as she can't promote two films at once. If this evere happens God luck Bajiro Mastani team..you can't ask a better film to release with you. Over ratted actor (RK) and overatted director (Imitiaz) Who 's going to watch that?????

Even if this is true, which movie would you prefer to watch? Another same old romantic comedy or a historic period film? If, like me, you would prefer to watch Bajirao Mastani, then thumbs up!

No way this is gonna happen. Nadiadwaala considers Sallu his brother and jussst sucessfully collaborated with KJO on 2 States. And, if that weren't enough, I think by now DP, RK and Imtiaz have enough clout to make sure their movie doesn't release with two of the year's biggest movies.

Since they've started shooting for Tamasha, I'm pretty sure it'll release earlier.

This totally seems PR news of RK just to for publicity. This will surely not happened. If it ever happened then BM is def for me.

when i saw that you have mentioned PR, my eyes suddenly went to your DP

RS-DP PR spreading this news

This is what I think will happen:
PRDP will release on the day of Diwali 2015, and either Tamasha or BM will release on Christmas, and which ever one doesn't will be pre-proned by a few weeks and release in late November (post-Diwali business is usually good too), and Warrior will be post-poned to January 2016 and become a republic day release.

Haha... Deepika for the win I guess either way. Ranbir is a bigger star but india is all too familiar with SLB, so it could really depend. But without a doubt one cop out as both stars DPad. Better yet, if either of the khans annouce their movie between now and then, they will both move ;p

Bajiroa Mastani for me, Ranbir is overrated I feel

Even if both movies release on the same day, Deepika is going to win anyway.

I will go where Ranveer Singh goes, just for him.

If its true then Sajid Nadiadwala is in for a true blue flop. God bless the Bajiraomastani team.

This takes me back to 2007, when SLB's Saawariya and SRK/Farah Khan/KJo-type movie Om Shanti Om released on the same day and Imtiaz Ali's Jab We Met released a few weeks earlier. Saawariya was a flop and Om Shanti Om raked in all the money, but it was Jab We Met that ended up touching everyone's hearts. It will be interesting to see how history repeats itself in December 2015 and which film ends up where. Coincidentally, another common thread here is Deepika, who debuted in OSO against SLB's Saawariya in 2007, and will now be the biggest star in SLB's Bajirao Mastani in 2015. In all likelihood, none of the three films will release on the same day but they might be a few weeks apart (unless Karan aunty wants to continue with his/her vile ways). Wishing teams Bajirao-Mastani, Tamasha, and Warrior the best. Hope they turn out to be great movies.

warrior is gonna release on august 15 may be. I think karan is gonna release Suddhi on christmas

Warrior who??

It's Bajirao Mastani all the way

Im so excited to see Bajirao Mastani

more excited for Bajirao mastani bcoz of priyanka n ranveer

Noooo man!!!! BM & Tamasha both films are produced by eros ! Both have deepika in the female lead! Both are big projects! It will effect deepika if they clashed her own movies with each other! This is not going to happen... I hope SLB or Imtiaz change the release dates of their films ! :(

It's not happening. Like ke le lo.

Oh man I m a Dp fan and this is bad news. One of them should move. I heard that Tamasha is also planned like a big budget release. Its an classic bollywood entertainer from Imtiaz and the production team is working for a blockbuster status. Two big movies on same day is not good and it will affect both the films even if they are both very good films. If this happens, I m really worried for DP. Not only will it affect the Box-office, but also the media will have a field day torturing DP with their nonsensical questions about Ranbir-Ranveer during the film promotions. Hoping for the best and pray that one of them should move their date for their own good.

Warrior is also releasing on the same date.

warrior?? Who are the lead pair??

Akshay kumar and siddharth malhotra

Bajirao Mastani is the film I am going to watch on Dec 2015. I don't care whichever movie is releasing with it.

Kjo is one vindictive guy and announced his date just to spite SLB , I hope all of Karan's movies flop he is super annoying and arrogant

SLB fought so much for this date that I'd be surprised to see him move it for anyone, remember the OSO-Saawariya clash? KJO will probably release Shuddhi in 2016, Salman is pretty busy for the next couple of years. Too early to predict Tamasha's dates, but I think they will probably move it a couple of weeks early or late, simply because SLB would declare nuclear war if there was a clash :)

It's almost a year away and nobody wants their film up against another big film. One of them will move and I'm pretty sure it'll be Tamasha, which will be brought forward.

Agree , so many movies vying for a holiday release , in the end it doesnt matter, if its good it will work on non-holiday weekend too. Tamasha may be moved to Diwali but thats another hot time for contention with Prem ratan movie and another SRK movie clashing

Give it to Imtiaz. I am sick of KJo and SLB bickering like an old married couple, whatever issue that they have with each other needs to stay between the two of them and not in the media.

Karan needs to stop trolling, Salman will not be able to complete Shuddhi by late 2015. That's probably when he'll have the dates to shoot.

Somewhere in the world Bhansali is kicking and breaking equipments on the sets


Tamasha or Bajirao Mastani , a treat for DP fans either way

Shuddhi is not releasing on Christmas 2015 but 2016 , it is Kjo's Warrior coming out on that day , Karan wont pit 2 of his own productions against each other .

nonsesnse, the only Titan there is Shuddhi,unless salman is no longer in the movie

2 movies of DP. Awesome!! So in this case she obviously cant do Shuddhi! It has to Kangana with Salman then.

peecee in shuddhi

Kangana and Salman? Meh . It has to be PC or Kareena

Kangna and Salman will be interesting. If not PC may be. As kareena is already doing BB.

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