Arjun and Sonakshi's secret Istanbul holiday

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Love birds Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha may not want to talk about their budding romance as yet, but in this day and age of social media, things hardly stay a secret.

This is just what happened when an onlooker tweeted about Arjun and Soankshi's secret Istanbul vacation.

As per his tweets, Arjun and Sonakshi were spotted at the Istanbul airport on September 26th waiting to board the flight that was Mumbai bound. While Arjun was cool as a cucumber, Sonakshi did not want to be spotted and she tried hiding behind a cap.

Arjun tweeted while he was in Istanbul saying, "Istanbul u beauty...loved every minute of it...can't wait to be back...".

Here are the tweets.

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i luv arjun sona .......match made in heaven....

people who are saying that this is for promotions like what happened with shahid in r rajkumar. I want to refresh your memory :)>>>the sona shahid rumor started at the end of last year after the releasing of the movie by more than a month I was their during the awards season, so don't jump into conclusions depending on this wrong fact :).

they are both just adorable people, really noble and gentle, just wait and see, they look perfect with eachother, although i love Sonakshi with Salman most

Rumors of Shahid-Sonakshi floated when RRajkumar was about to release and now that Tevar is all set to go, Arjun-Sonakshi are a "secret" pair? Oh PR teams! Teri mahima apaar!

The name İstanbul not instanbul! And it is the most beautiful city i have ever seen

Nice pair. They're both really grounded and real. As much as I like Sasha and sonas chemistry on and off screen Arjun looks more suited. Sasha is a bit weird in a relationship it seems. Arjun seems the kind of guy who's good to get committed. Alia toooo young for a permanent relationship with anyone. It's her age to grow up, work hard and have fun. Sasha should find a non actress for himself. Lol, and having said all that, lollll I feel silly. Love is blind :) hope they all happy wherever and wih whomever :D

oooh They make an interesting couple. Wishing them the best.

I like this jodi! They make a lot of sense!

Now Malaika arora and Akshay kumar should take a vacation together.

don't drag akshay here, he's never had anything with sonakshi!

In a recent interview, Arjun Kapoor claimed that though he wanted to go to for a break at some place but he had nobody to go along with. Similarly I think Sonakshi Sinha too had no company and she had not gone for a vacation for quite some time. And since Arjun and Sonakshi are childhood friends and get along together like buddies so they decided to go together for a holiday together. I DONT THINK these two have anything between them. No chemistry at all. Instead they bond like a brother and sister in a buddy way. Just because they went for a holiday together doesnt mean they are a couple. On a sad note, I feel bad for both Arjun and Sonakshi because they dont have partners therefore they have nobody to go out with! :-(( And on a humorous note Malaika Arora Khan has Arbaaz Khan to go out with and Akshay Kumar too has Twinkle Khanna to go out with! ;-)

Wow. You sure have put a lot of thought into why they aren't dating. Including a brother/sister angle! What jokes!

Celebs lie all the time. I dont why people believe every word they say. I remember Ranveer doing an interview saying he is single etc etc later to come out he is dating Deepika. Is it a coincidence Sonakshi and Arjun went to the same place, at the same time to have a holiday and on lookers saw them together and we supposed to believe they are just friends. If you believe that I got a bridge to sell you.

WOW ! Did not see that coming ! But they're a good looking pair and both seem to have similar values, this may be for keeps !

even karan johar has alluded that there's another real couple on the block in his recent interview with miss malini. i guess this was it! they're honestly a PERFECT match for each other, in terms of looks and personality. good luck guys!

Lol! Publicity for Tevar started quite early, non?

I don't think this one is for publicity. If it was, they would have leaked the news through their PR. This was someone seeing them together.

Interesting! They'd make a nice couple. Hope it's for real.

That is sooo adorable! Seriously, these two are cute!

Months ago, when the first picture of these two together was posted on Pinkvilla, someone said that they looked so good together and Sonakshi should be Sonam's bhabi. Now these two are dating for real! I like it!

This is what he was talking about on Nirenjan's show! It's on one of the deleted scenes. He talked about how was ready for a real relationship, and to give something to another person. He was talking about Sonakshi. Very cute!

The fact that Sonakshi was undercover means it's not for publicity. Lovely couple I think!

I already knew this. The news was all over Twitter haha.

I like them both, so this sounds good to me. They can be each others gym buddies too lol.

Werent they shooting there for Tevar?

Nope. Tevar wrapped sometime in August.

Haha I saw these posts on Twitter. You can't say it's for publicity either, because Sonakshi was trying to hide. That means it's a legitimate relationship. And a nice jodi too!

Oh I really liked him with Alia.....I think it is publicity for tevar!

alia was too young for him and i don't think they suited

yay...think they suit each other nicely glad arjun has found someone seems like he's really wanted to be in a relationship

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