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Sonakshi, Kalki clicked

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Sonakshi Sinha and Kalki Koechlin were clicked in Bandra on Thursday. It seems the two actresses were coming from a party.

They both looked good.

Kalki sported a white t-shirt with blue jeans. A sling bag, black sandals, open hair and an orange lip completed her look.

It seems Sonakshi went there after attending the song launch from her forthcoming movie “Action Jackson”. She was sporting a white vest with a matching shrug and blue denim.

Both the actresses are gearing up for their next release. While Kalki will be seen on-screen in “Happy Ending”, which will hit the screens on November 21, Sonakshi’s “Action Jackson” will release on December 5.

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What did salman see in her...

These set of pics do not flatter sonakshi at all. I guess one of the not so great things about being a celeb.

Sonakshi would have never made it in Bollywood if she wasn't a starkid.

Sona pls pls pls I beg of u don't wear white!!!!!! It's hard color for anyone to pull off n given ur body type it makes u look much bigger than u r! Not tryin to hate! I am a big fan;) peace !

Sonakshi Sinha is the BIGGEST female actor in Bollywood - literally! :p

Sonakshi is bigger than the bouncer!

is Kalki engaged?? she has a huge rock on the ring finger! ;)

Okay, I'm so tired of reading so many negative comments about actresses bodies. And yes, ever since Sona started dating Arjun, Shahid fans seem to have attacked both of their posts and filled it with crap comments. So stupid

Sonakshi this is what happens when your ideal is Tall ...not fit ...when its AK and not SK...she's looking so heavy and terrible these days ...no glow on her face and only loads of attitude ...lost her charm

Ohhh. So it's Shahid fans that are bringing so much negativity into Sona's posts now. Got it!

Please explain, why Shahid's fans hate on Sonakshi?

sonakshi is pretty but she needs to tone her arms and shoulders...i am sure with all the money and required help she can do it.

Boy, does Sonakshi look bad in these pics.! Did she go on the tanning bed or something? She looks a total mess while Kalki is elegant as always. Question: Why is Sonakshi looking so distressed?

Kalki looks so effortlessly chic and hot! Tres bella

Jeez, the girl is getting swarmed and still getting hate.

gosh, i thought tht's Sonakshi's old pic before the weight loss... lol

My brother was absolutely right about her. It seems like women's face on man's body & yes she does look like bald and bad even after with pounds of make up on her face.

Seems that u bro sis duo r perfect

Kalki basking in Sonakshi's Paparazzi.

I guess you are a Rowdy Rathore type of movie buff if not you would not be making such ridiculous statements. Kalki is an actress par excellence. Please watch sensible movies too so you get to know great actresses like Kalki too.

Sona stresses, kalki pretty!

For someone who is criticized for her weight issues, Sonakshi sure does have dollops of attitude. But her casual appearance here looks so deliberate and trying-to-hard. There is something too 80s heroine about her that makes her a misfit in these casual youth wear. As opposed to Kalki who pulls it like casuals are meant to.

Actually Filmfare posted pictures taken from this time too, and Sonakshi was surrounded by paparazzi, whereas Kalki was not.

Sonakshi'a weight is fluctuating from pic to pic. Kalki looks so chic.

I really want Sonakshi to tone down her arms and legs. She has the same body type as Katrina (with curves in all the right places), just needs to tone up!

Looks like they got swarmed

has she put on more weight???

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