Fugly Screening: Sonam, Rhea and Anshula support cousin Mohit

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Mohit Marwah who debuts in Bollywood with Kabir Sadanand's 'Fugly' held a special screening of the movie for his family and loved ones.

In attendance at the do were his cousins - Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. The three sisters have also been very supportive of their cousin on Twitter. Mohit's friends - Siddhant Kapoor, Kunal Rawal also made it to the screening.

'Fugly' also marks the debut of Kiara Advani and boxer Vijendar Singh.The movie hits screens this Friday.

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Dhina dhin dha, nepotism badha!

Anshula is so tall. If she lost weight, that midsection, she would be a beautiful girl but loosing weight isn't easy. Sonam just looks so pretty and sweet with that smile!!!!

anshula will look just like khushi if she loses weight

Damn, how does sonam do it every single time? She looks amazing

Nepotism galore! Arman Jain and now this one!!! Hope they have some potential!

Well to be fair, this movie launched 3 non star kid and one relative of star kid ;)

Mohit is cute.

mohit kinda looks like harshvardhan..

Seriously is there anyone debuting in Bollywood these days besides relatives of other's already established?

Sonam looks super stylish!

Oh joy. More nepotism.

He doesn't look like a hero.

Mohit is so good looking! He doesn't seem to be sonam's cousin who is something else then good looking loooolllll

OMG how young Sonam looks!! she looks barely 23 lol..such a treat her beauty is to the eyes!!

Anshula is very pretty.

Huh? , definition of pretty must have changed now

Thats a very mean thing to say, she's a simple girl who doesn't seem to pay a lot of attention to her looks unlike her sister Jhanvi and cousins who always over dress and wear make-up. Nor does she act like she's all that. She looks pretty and normal to me.

Anshula is very cute.. I just love Arjun Anshula relationship... arjun is a wonderful brother and Anshula is the cutest baby sister :)

Hmm, guess Sonam forgot to remove her napkin from her shirt collar after dinner.

Jokes aside, she look great.

Curious Case of Sonam Kapoor is all I can say. This lady appears to be aging backwards with each passing year.

Love U' Sonam.. Btw anyone here has d news of her doing raees and mohanjodora? Plz reply

She said in an interview that she wasn't even approached for Raees.

Sonam looks really good, in high spirit and looking really young. Rhea also looks nice here for a change!!

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