Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor launch Oppo mobiles

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Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, who have featured in the Oppo mobile TVC, are seen here launching the mobile phone. The new brand ambassadors "will feature in TV commercials and prints advertisements", said Oppo Chief Executive Tom Lu.

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No replacement for Sonam Kapoor as OPPO Ambassador.

Thank god Sonam Kapoor and Hritik Roshan as OPPO Ambassador.

now they make a most good-looking couple!

Well I love the dress and the colour is lovely on Sonam. The problem is the only way for the outfit to look "normal" as some of you so diplomatically put it, would have been if Hrithik was wearing a suit. He looks way too casual and his wrinkly jeans look does nothing for him when Sonam (and I have to admit I am normally not a fan) is looking so elegant. As for the pregnancy jibes, it is a swing dress and is supposed to look like that. Perhaps Hrithik is missing Sussane in more ways than one. He always looked well turned out when they were together because it doesn't look like his stylist's work here. Maybe the organisers of the event should have had some more constructive input into what the two of them were to wear so that they were more appropriately matched. Mind you I think Hrithik would look good in a sack cloth and even better without it, hehe :-)

"Mind you I think Hrithik would look good in a sack cloth and even better without it, hehe :-)"
& For this alone, you win the comment of the week!:p
I don´t see what is here to disagree with, but again jeans are seen in India as dressing up. smh.

Cheers for that and I don't mind jeans and I know Hrithik loves them and likes to be comfortable it's just that I don't think the outfit is dressy enough to go with Sonam's.

Sonam and Hritik look great, they have to do movie

awful dress and make up

Sonam's face looks like a pan-cake... such disgusting makeup... & her dress looks like an 80's petticoat !!!


she looks fab! It's so refreshing to have sonam do something different. She tries different looks, both hair and outfit. OTherwise, other actresses are like clones.

Sonam looks beautiful.

She looks pregnant in the dress.

Oh, dear, that's a pretty dress, but it makes Sonam look pregnant. What was she thinking wearing a loose waisted dress? Hrithik looks too casual in comparison.

Is she on maternity live?

they make a nice pair love!

I get that Sonam is the Bollywood fashionista, but sometimes she tries too hard. People can be stylish by being simple too. Dia Mirza for example, always gets it right.

She is sooo royal, she is queen

Am i the only one who does not get her 'style' !? She's got great features :)

yup :P I think to pull of this dress isn't easy, but also as a sewing enthusiast, I can tell how much effort and skill goes into churning out a dress like this.

I think she looks amazing and that they look cute together.

Maternity dress alert

This is not cannes darling....cant you dress normal for once!! ;)

Can they do a film together. They look great

Sonam face is so thin but her body is so huge.

Love the dress, but it's making her look pregnant.

she looks pregnant!

That a preggy woman's dress

The dress makes her look pretty much preggo !!! Sonam that is why we say " dont always try so hard to be a fashionista" it always comes naturally . But hey I must say pernia has groomed u well !!! Hatss off to PQ !

I like that dress is very glamorous! notice how many envy her or they are blind because the other actresses who dress badly, they write lovely comments

Sonam looks in her last trimester !

She looks beautifully pregnant. And she had every right to look whatever she wants to look like! :-)

Hrithik looks out of place...sonam as usual looks cheerful but not her best dress though...its good to see that she takes a effort to dress up...not everyone is like her...many are lazy n put on anything n still paid hefty amounts to attend the event...

the very true meaning of a 'fashionista'. love her.

is Sonam pregnant?? Nobody told!

Yea, to me that dress would look better on a pregnant woman.
When I first saw that pic I was like, WTF...Sonam is preggos?!?

sonam looks gorg! but I hope they son't work together bcuz they look bad together.

Sonam looks preggo...

What is she the process of looking different she has made a joke out of her...

That dress looks like maternity wear.

Sonam: just too much, like her dress, but everything is OTT..Wonder why she can not be normal for once, evereytime you do not have to show you know fashion, We all know, and we get that, please tone down.. HR looking good.

sonam always looks sooo gud!!!

Sonam is so beautiful!

poor hrithik ....he looks so tired, haggard and puffy. ms. muffett is over the top as usual.

Despite hrithik having the most mesmerising eyes, a chiseled face and a sculpted six pack, there is something that never really attracted me towards his charm and Greek god looks. I don't know. Maybe he's too good to be true. But seriously, although he's hot, I never really found him attractive. And I know I'm in the minority but it's just an opinion.

same here. I knowwww what exactly you're saying. you're not alone in this:)

No u r not in the minority. I myself never found him attractive. Even though he has a chiselled face, perfect body and reasonably nice personality. He somehow never appealed to me. And I know many who felt the same way. There are more people who like real looking men like Shah Rukh, Ranbir, Amitabh. Unreal good looks actually take away from the masculine appeal. My opinion. Others may disagree.

Masculine appeal? Seriously, so are you getting into the whole dichotomy of Tall, dark and handsome and else not masculine? That's such a cliche! either postcolonial mentality or colonial guilt driven comment!

nice !!!

aww poor hrithik, he has aged overnight! stay strong...xxxx

I want sonam kapoor opposite Hrithik in Suddhi. They are looking perfect.

Not the best dress Sonam has worn..but she still manages to pull it off.

what is this oppo mobile??

Why doesn't Sonam relax with the dressing up once in a while? She goes overboard with the fashion, the makeup, the jewellery, the retro hairstyles. It's too much at once. And it takes away from the awesome inner Sonam that should shine out bright. It would be refreshing to see her in jeans and a tee or a monochromatic bodycon dress. Just change it up and dress normal once in a while. That would actually surprise us!


sonam looks pretty and peggers....he look like some old man

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement